Role Play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

On the wings of Eagles

Chapter 10

Garov and the Lieutenant.

Writers – CharlotteCarrendar & KingFalthosHellbore

KingFalthoshellbore : – During the following morning, of which had welcomed the wary eyes of the kriegers from their cots. The night had been relatively quiet, almost unbelievibly peaceful for a planet about to be consumed by war. The proceeding hours of the morning daylight had produced an almost unbearable heat that beat down upon them, causing some of them to dress down to their trousers and boots, strapping little save for their armor onto their backs. Sweat beads dripped off of the paled features of Varon, reaching up to wipe away the dropletts with his gloved hand. He snorted a disgruntled noise as he said to no one in particular “Bloody damned heat…And to think I was starting to like the cold back at HQ.”

Garov had appeared, wearing nothing for his upper body, giving sight to a few of the skulled tattoo’s he had frescoed over his body. His flesh was dripping with sweat, he too seemed as though he was not enjoying it himself. He jumped down into the sand, making his way towards Varon as he said “Aye, I think I prefer the cold myself, Sarge.”

Accompanied by the remaining squads awakening from their sleep, the mulled about, occasionally going back and forth between the parked Salamander shield line, voxing back to HQ only to get static in reply.

“Seems our instruments are not handling this particular set of humidity..” sighed Karis as he set down the vox com handset, uttering a small litany, asking for forgiveness for whatever trespass they may have issued with the Machine spirit. Garen and Jurgen had set about to cleaning their weapons as to pass their stress and their day. It wasnt until midday that a roar was heard. Everyone had began to jump to their feet, jumping into the turrets as they aimed down the jungle line. The roar was heard now, closer, then the sound of metal grinding against metal, like a behemoth war engine was coming. It was then accompanied by the same noise, over and over again, as though the very enemy had crossed onto their doorstep. However, as jungle foliage collapsed, the giant treads of Gorgon Assault Transports roared up and over towards the far right of their flanks, seeming to easily crush the trees beneath their heavy treads. They came around their line, eight in total, each dropping their frontal assault ramps.

Each krieger had blinked, taking a moment to question the very meaning of this encounter, however suspicions were quickly dismissed when utility servitor’s descended in their ordered ranks, followed by the red robes of the Mechanicus. Amongst the formation of at least twelve techpriests, stood at almost Astartes height and bredth, Magos Xith. Xiths perimeter scans dictated this was a populated area, his targeting matrix lighting up his view with locks on both friendlies and unidentified personel. Xith approached Varon, towering over the Sergeant. His voice droned out in a monotonous, metallic rhasp “Sergeant Varon. I am Magos Xith. Lord General Constantine has sent me to oversee base construction here in the Loch. Your men have done well in securing the place, and will be recommended for a more important mission.”

“Thats it?”

“Confirmed. Tactical readouts show that Captains forces have retreated and have vanished. Lorewall is defenseless save for its own Military. Constantine hopes to begin siege within the next month.”

Varon could not beleive the words he was hearing. He took a moment to regard the adjusting lenses that composed the face of Xith, along with the hiss and wheeze of his respiration unit, of which he no doubt knows is apart of his body now.

“I shall not question the orders. However, I do beleive it would be strategically sound that we remain here, at least until the Base is established. We would maintain a security detail while your crews make preparations.”

“The notion is noted and logged. I would not see a reason as to why, being as the main brunt of the enemies forces have retreated. Nevertheless, It is not illogical to be well protected, in case that this is some ploy of ambush.”

“Then my men will remain here whilst your crews establish a base of operations here in the Loch.”


CharlotteCarrendar:- Avaera emerged from her hut, stretching and yawning, as she had quite the night before, when the Krieg had come and more or less taken control of the Loch island. The heat of the day was already intense, and she was dressed lightly. Khaki shorts and a tank top, her dog tags; which were her only real possession hanging around her neck. She had her hair tied up in a loose bun, that had whisps hanging down on the sides of her face. The insulated poncho that Garov had placed over her during the night, she had hung up carefully near his bunk, and she noticed that all the Krieg had been up, possibly for hours. Major Flint ambled out of her hut, and caught sight of Avaera.

“So, how’d it go?” She asked suggestively, thinking that Garov and the Lieutenant may have gotten closer during the night. Avaera looked at the Major oddly, then brushed her off.

“Nothing happened. He placed his poncho over me, I remember that much.” Avaera replied, trying to distile any suggestion that there was anything romantic going on. The Major just continued to grin, until both women heard the almighty roar of machinery, that appeared to be coming from the beach.

“Not more of them, surely.” The Major said, as she made a run for the beach, to see what exactly was coming up the beach. Avaera too was curious, and with none of the Krieg in camp she wanted to see what was going on.

As both women made their way through the jungle paths, that had been carved out over many years, the sight that befell them, was of massive tank like acquatic craft, that had landing drop down platforms at the front. They looked nothing like the Salamanders used by the Krieg. Perhaps this was another force, but still fighting under the banner of the Emperor.

Major Flint held back when she saw the new soldiers that were coming off the craft. These..beings were absolute giants, and spoke in a way that was almost mechanical. Avaera didn’t have the fear in her of the Major, and approached the Krieg. She was not hostile, not armed. She was simply curious as to why they were on the Loch, and what this meant for the Krieg’s operation.

Part of the conversation between the Krieg and the Techpriests did hit home. ~Captain’s forces had retreated.~ That meant that Lorewall was ripe for occupation. The whole balance of power would shift, the minute that the Capital fell. Avaera felt a wave of sickness hit her. Memories of those she had loved and left behind, now at the mercy of a full on war. Many parts of Lorewall contained vast numbers of civillians, the death toll from an invasion force would be emmense. She could not hide the concern that riddled her face, and she actually turned her head away a moment, tensing her body. It was all too hard to believe.


KingFalthoshellbore : – Xith’s head had turned beneath the hood, his multi-lensed face, glowing its erie yellow and green lights had whirred as they drank in the sight of the Lieutenant. Scans had silently proceeded over body, her health, her genetics, her body composition, her air intake, her heart rate, her pherimone levels as well as her recorded rank within the Nemeaun Military all registered in a long line of binary coding and data that filled Xith’s augmented mind in a wave of technological streams. He would speak towards her now “I sense you are distraught at this news, Lieutenant Avaera.” he droned out, his metallic arms moved in motion with his piston-like legs. He stopped short, seeming to move forward, almost bowing down to her to take a closer look into her eyes. “Your elevated heart-rate, increased blood pressure, as well as the adrenaline response of which is causing your pupils to dialate, suggests that you have loved ones in Lorewall. Are you, Afraid that they may not survive the onslaught?”

Varon noticed what the Tech-priest was doing. He moved to his side, his eyes scanning between the hulking Magos, and the frame of Avaera. Cautiously heeding the words exchanged. Garov had sat atop one of the Salamanders turrets, his body dripping with sweat as red patches began to form, showing signs of sun-burn. He would squint in the light, his eyes watching Avaera in a more inquisitive manner.

Servitors had began cutting down trees and trampling over some of the foliage, before moving to dig a rather wide area of land away, cutting it down deep enough to make a bunker system. These operations would take merely a week or two to complete, allowing the Kriegers to entrench here for a forward base of Operations, closely snug to Lorewall.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Avaera had kept her face turned away for a moment, till she heard the sound of the Techpriest actually approaching her. She moved slowly and with intent, as she gazed up at the colossal soldier. His multi lensed face appeared to be going over her form, like he was studying her, probably taking in everything there was about her. Course, when he addressed her, it was clear that that was exactly what he had been doing. Avaera held her place, refusing to move back, but hold firm as he told her he sensed her distress. She actually had to bite the inside of her cheek from spitting out the truth of how she felt. In the end, she knew that to bottle it up was no good either.

“Not all humans are soldiers, nor understand the code which we live and die by. I accept my place in the army, and I know that it is an honor to fight and die for my people, and my country.”- at this she paused a moment, feeling other eyes were on her. She swallowed, as the heat was causing her to make her throat dry. “You are correct, I do have family in Lorewall. I know, they won’t survive.” Avaera said locking onto the many lenses that assessed her.

The sound of the servitors cutting down the trees in behind the group would drown out further conversation, and the Lieutenant merely waited to be dismissed. She had answered honestly and truthfully. Her eyes darted over to Garov for a moment, the blue hues were glazed, from tears that she fought desperately to hold back, and she did.


KingFalthoshellbore : – Xith took a moment to consider her words. He had nodded thoughtfully before he issued a another drone of his metallic voice to her.

“Give me the names of each family member. I will make an inquiry with the General to spare your family from the onslaught. In payment, Im sure the Kriegers can figure someway to repay that price.”

Varons eyes perked in a questioning look. It was not often that Tech-priests showed compassion, let alone he had thought it was a foreign demenor for such a mechanical being such as Xith to possess that emotion still. He would not question it however.

Garov had seen that Avaera and the Tech-priest conversed, however what caught him off guard was when she had stared at him with not a look of courage and resolute faith in herself, but with sorrow filled eyes hallowed out by the pain she tried so hard to keep inside of her. He jumped down off the turret, making his way to the conversing pair. Choosing to stand opposite of Varon and Xith, and rather, stood on the side closest to Avaera, as more of an aural sense of support from him, without the physical acknowledgement of such.

Many of the Work teams had begun digging, first it was fifteen feet, then it proceeded to thirty feet, then fourty-five feet, digging deeper, whilst using the dirt and soil to make a wall at the Entrance, barricading it with a huge hill of the excess dirt. The work teams began assembling bunkers and defensive lines, however, the huge hole in the ground, was not filled, nor was it touched, save for the pouring of rockrete and the fabricating of piston based mechanisms that would raise the rockrete platform.

Two krieg squads had accompanied the detachment of techpriests, linking up with Viper squad and its two squads. It seemed now more of a Military installation rather than an indiginous gathering of locals.


CharlotteCarrendar: – “Thomas…and Geneive Relisaia. My parents.” Avaera said simply. They were now in retirement, and lived in a complex on the outskirts of Lorewall, a site that was bound to be one of the first casualities of the full on invasion forces. Avaera was an only child, and of course much of her pay that she got in the armed forces went to the care and keeping of her elderly parents. With her being cut off from the main army, she had no idea if her parents even knew if she was still alive. The Lieutenant was somewhat surprised by the offer put forward by the Techpriest. She had never known such negotiations were even possible, or if her parents could be saved. Either way, she was grateful and expressed it.

“I thank you.” Avaera said humbly, her head lowering slightly. It wasn’t till she suddenly felt the presense beside her of Garov, that she looked up. Something about the way he had approached them, and stood opposite Varon and Xith, yet closer to her. As she looked up at him, she felt a wave or sense of relief. It was hard to describe. When the Techpriest sized her up, she felt very alone. The Major was still holding back. Yet Garov was like this symbol of support. She didn’t want to make too much of it, especially in front of his superiors, but in the back of her mind, she hoped to speak to him later about this. Avaera had not let anyone truly come close to her, not in a long time. She was seen simply as Lieutenant by her troops, a sniper and an officer first…a woman last.

The site behind them was being worked on steadily, with the two krieg teams working along side the detatchment of the techpriests. They were making the island into a bunkered fortress, that would be able to stave off any form of hostile attack.


KingFalthoshellbore : -Garov had stood guard over her, almost as though he were her sworn guardian, or caretaker, or even just a presence she felt more at ease in. Xith had nodded in acknowledgement to her statement “Confirmed. Data and name entries logged and sent to Headquarters for the Generals Review. I would suggest that any family members of your defectee’s should be fronted to either myself of Sergeant Varon here for further comminque relay between Command and the Mechanicus. ” With that, he had walked off to oversee operations underway. Garov had placed a hand on Avaera’s shoulder moving to turn her towards him.

“Are you alright? You seemed distraught..”

Varon chose to not press further. He had other things to attend to, and would allow Garov to address the issue at hand. He walked off towards where Karis and a techpriest had began to bicker and argue over the vox relay that had malfunctioned.

Jurgen and Garen had finished cleaning their weapons. Jurgen pointed his scope out towards the treeline, sighting the weapon in. Garen had began to check the sleekness of his las-rifle, sliding the charge pack in and out of the reciever multiple times, making sure it would work when it needed to. He examined his weapon carefully, being sure he missed nothing.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Avaera felt the press of Garov’s hand down on her shoulder so that it would have her turn to face him. This was the closest that they had been in contact, and with the Techpriest having acknowledged her request and then moved on, she felt like she could speak freely. Her pupils were dilated, and she sniffed slightly, as she tried to regain her composure. The Lieutenant had been through worse things in her life, but when it came to the safety of her troops they always came first. It never dawned on her that the war would bare down on those that could not defend themselves. That was what set off her heart rate and elevated her breathing. Course now, she had calmed a bit somewhat, but she knew that he would have seen the sorrow in her eyes. At first her mouth opened and closed wordlessly, then she found her voice as she looked up at him.

“I’ve always been ready to die first. I uhm..just shocked that there is no one stationed on the front lines of Lorewall.” for a moment she dropped her gaze, almost ashamed of her own country. When she looked up again, he would be able to see the confusion in her eyes. “You must think I’ve gone soft.” Avaera said, still holding her gaze with him.

KingFalthoshellbore : – “Soft? Nah. I do not believe in soft. I beleive in Strength. I beleive you have a great feat of strength in order to hold what emotions you can from becoming a weakness. Stay resolute, keep vigil over those you love, and Im sure you will make a great commander.” Garov had said with an exhale. He would then say once more, looking out past her to Varon and then Xith’s forms “That’s what I think. I mean, I fight for my World every day. I fight for every human in the Imperium. I think, it strengthens one’s faith, when they know what they fight for. I know, I will die in time. But until that day, Im going to take down as many bastards as I can with me. Who know’s, I might even break a record.” He chuckled.


CharlotteCarrendar; – To have Garov speaking to the Lieutenant so candidly, almost casually put her at ease. She could actually feel the weight of the world start to slip from her shoulders, but he also still had his hand on her shoulder too. They were so alike in a lot of ways. She took up her position in the armed forces to fight day in day out, to protect those that she served. Avaera always believed she knew what she fought for, but with the news that the forces of Captain had..up and gone, it had made her wonder were they ever truly commited to keeping the planet’s sovereignty?

Avaera could not help but smile, when Garov announced that he was going to take down as many bastards as he could with him, when the time came. She was of the same ideal. Hearing the bickering that was going on behind them, Avaera glanced over her shoulder and found it somewhat comical. Looking back, Avaera said softly for only Garov to hear. “Thank you, Garov.” It was heartfelt and she placed her own hand over his.


KingFalthoshellbore: -He would smirk as he said “The least I could do, Avaera.” He responded. He overlapped his thumb onto her hand, giving it a nudge before he would place his hand on her head, giving her a sentimenal pat on the head as he said “Stay Strong. And if you need anything, I will be right beside you. Have faith in yourself, and I am sure you can achieve the impossible.”


CharlotteCarrendar:- It was almost hard to believe, that the Krieg and the Nemauen officer would be like kindred souls. The slightest touch of his thumb and then followed by a pat on the head, kinda made her feel…well special in a way. It’s not every day you get a pat. She actually curled her bottom lip in and then released it, nodding to his words that she should keep strong and have faith. She fell back, and then saluted at Garov, before turning back, and heading for the camp site. Major Flint just stood there a moment and then shook her hand and winked, before trailing off after the Lieutenant. “I knew it!” she exclaimed, trying to catch Avaera up. “Shut up.” Avaera said with an almost comical tone.