“The Dark Ages”

“Return of the hero”

Writers are: CharlotteCarrendar, ConanSilverfang aka TheGorya, ImayarukOdinGorya, and WatcherThorodan

ConanSilverfang:As everyone had slept Luna and Anya cuddling. It was truly a wonder friendship was that fact they all were there for each other. It was amazing that Luna had started to grow attached to Anya so quickly the last time she had gained a friend she ended up losing control and destroyed a entire city block. This time was different than before. It was time of peace at this time. However it was unknown of how much of The Dark Ages had just begun.

Mean while the sun was raising just above the mountains the morning had come. As Conan walked through down town Lorewall just right across the street from the apartments as he stood on the side of the road looking straight up at Charlotte’s pent house. He had just had a run in with his young student still upset about what had happened. He was waiting still pounding things that had happened in the past. His mind was clear that his own brother would come later after he figured things out. Conan Started to make his way to the door of the building as he walked straight up stairs getting looks as he walked by other people with his clothes still torn from each end form the small training he placed his disciple through not only hours ago. He didn’t even give them a reason to stare after he ignored people in the building. He made his way up to the top floor where he appeared to be at stand still thinking to himself for a moment. ‘well there is one thing to know about all this that whatever my brother did. It would have to be something rather dark.’ -he knocked on the door trying to see if anyone would answer he looked at the clock in the hallway it was already 10:23am someone should be up by now. He stood there in the hallway still in torn pants and destroyed shirt that was showing most of his stomach his jacket still in shreds. He wondered if the kids would answer or perhaps it would be Charlotte.-


CharlotteCarrendar: – All were asleep within the apartment, all…accept one. Li was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for the rest of the household and heard the knocking. He was letting his beloved get some good rest, and since he was usually always up at the crack of dawn, it made sense for him to find him in the kitchen. Setting down the knife, he wiped his hands on a cloth and approached the door, opening it only to see Conan.

“Welcome…Mister Conan. Many are sleeping. Do…come in.” He gestured and stood back allowing Conan to pass on through the door. Seven was asleep on the couch still and Charlotte could be heard snoring from upstairs.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan waited as he heard someone opened the door only to look to see Li open the door as he waved him in as he said to Li.- “good to see you again. Thought you would have bailed when you could.” -he walked through and into lounge as he could hear the little tike Seven sleeping himself away as he looked over into the kitchen as he could smell something.- “what are you cooking in there?” -he smelled something different about the place as he wondered it what it was. As if the body wasnt cleaned up from last night. Conan didn’t even realize that there was anything wrong. More or less he was still tired as he pulled off the shambles of his jacket looking at it thinking on how he was going to get new clothes after this.-


CharlotteCarrendar: – Wearing just black silken pants, Li smiled and pointed to the wok, smiling. “Special type of breakfast….you call it…eggs scrambled.” he said with a nod. Fancy food in the Carrendar household, that was for sure. “You wish coffee?” Li asked, holding up the pot. “It’s fresh.” Hard to imagine that Li was so chipper, especially after Anya’s explosive behaviour and one broken bed. Li noticed what Conan was wearing and said. “You see Charlotte for clothes? She might have some from old boyfriend. But be warned …she is very tired. Sleep like rock. Sound like frieght train.” Again smiling and nodding.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan watched as Li made food with in just his silk pant as he was wearing. He noticed the smell was eggs as he stuck his noise up at the food. The coffee that was different for him as he tilted his head as he said.- “coffee? Huh?” -totally confused the only thing that he could remember of the same color was Shadow’s famous wake up juice. Although what he thought of was not coffee as he asked.- “i hope its not like Shadow’s famous wake up juice. That stuff made me spin for days.” -Hearing Li talk about clothes Conan could feel the breeze with his clothes shredded he wasn’t sure how to go about that hearing Charlotte was asleep. He thought for a moment about going in and looking for clothes however it crossed his mind that disturbing a woman was not in his best interest. Conan looked at Li with a odd look as he said.- “you must think im crazy….”


CharlotteCarrendar:- “Hahaha not crazy no. She sleeps like rock. No one can wake her. On trek for long time. Just go up. She has big closet. Took up Lin and gave her many nice things. Like shop.” Li said as Lin came around the corner. The White haired asian beauty kissed Li’s lips and wrapped her arms around his waist, almost ignoring Conan. “Morning…I smell…mmm…eggs?” She said, peeking at the wok. Then she noticed Conan. “Hello.” she said, going back to nuzzle against her beloved. It was quite the morning, almost normal in the Carrendar apartment. The kids weren’t up yet though, which was odd.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan thought for a moment as he heard Li speak out to just enter he sighed as he stood up seeing the white haired woman from before during the trek. She had told him hello as he nodded walking towards the bedroom of where Charlotte slept as he said. -”morning” -he walked out of the lounge and into the hall as he came to Charlotte’s door seeing the door knob he grabbed hold of it slightly pushing forward on it hopping the woman wouldn’t wake up form him opening the door. As he noticed she was still asleep as he continued forward towards the closet slowly trying not to make a single sound still knowing that even she may sleep like a rock she could still wake up and start a rampage.-


CharlotteCarrendar:- The light snore that came beneath the lump of blankets and sheets, was relatively peaceful, as Conan entered her bedroom in search of clothes that would be more suited to him in her expansive closet. Sure, she kept male’s clothes in there, since often when she dated, she tended to rip them clean off her mates. The footfalls of Conan, who does weigh a considerable amount, had her stirring under the covers. “Nnnnyah.” the sound though muffled came from her bed, and you could see the lump beneath stretching and moving. Then it went on back to the soft snoring, followed by a light giggle, then….she was heard to say. “Oh….do that again….mmmm.”


ConanSilverfang:-Conan’s did weigh a lot in this sense sneaking around wouldn’t be easy without creating silence however that’s another mistake for Conan since sound vibrations create a weight for him. Keeping him ground without running out of control. He quietly made his way as sneaky as possible hearing a stir from the bed. Conan started to think he was going to wake the woman his mind was playing the game over bit in his head. His skin started to go pale for the moment. Conan heard Charlotte speak out again listening to what sounded like a good time. However he wasn’t interested in what she was having the clothes sounded more appealing. He walked to the closest opening the slider however he was thinking to himself how he missed his clothes from before. He was even thinking he would go for kimono at this point since that was the style he was custom to when he was training. He sighed thinking to himself more or less a time that was long forgotten by now. He would even be willing to go back to the plated gloves with the jacket. Pants to him could be jeans for all he cared. He looked into the closest as his eyes shot open knowing that it looked different from the time he was hear. Conan noticed that the massive weapons were not on the list this time. He wondered if he could find something reasonable to wear for now till he could get his own place or even his own money for that matter. He was a lone wolf with no clothes, no money and most of all no smokes.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Whatever it was that Charlotte was dreaming about must have been juicy as she continued to make pleasurable sounds from beneath her covers. But then the rustle of clothing in the closet was too loud not to be noticed, and a dishevelled looking Charlotte popped her head out from the covers and with bleary eyes she blinked towards what she could see was a shadow moving about in her closet. “Seven…I swear to God, if you are dressing up in my clothes again, I am going to dangle you over the balcony…about fifty feet.” Charlotte warned, ready to pick up her slipper and throw it at him.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan started browsing through the close hearing Charlotte stirring her sighed slowly as he kept quiet. Still searching for clothes as he knew he wasn’t Seven then he whispered to himself.- “Seven dresses up in his mothers clothes? Oh just more ammo for later…..” -he saw a few jackets but most of them look a bit too big for him as he kept looking as his shirt got caught on a near by hanger ripping shirt off completely as now he was shirtless with ripped pants. He gave a dead face as he was more than unhappy he cant seem to keep clothes for long periods of time. He sighed looking but this woman had too many clothes for her own good.-

CharlotteCarrendar; – The Bebilith maid slipped out from beneath her covers and ran her fingers through her black locks, padding into the closet and seeing of all people, Conan standing there, bare chested and torn pants. Looking him up and down, she gestured with her finger and then went down the back pulling open a rack, that contained clothes that were more suited to his size. “These…*yawn*…belonged to some..Prince or something…anywho…rotten shag, but snappy dresser. Help yourself. I need coffee.” She said, yawning again, and then grabbing a robe to cover her naked body, and she simply went down the stairs, leaving Conan to find clothes better suited.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan’s eyes shot wide open as he stared right at Charlotte as she opened the closest door. She was in fact naked as his face turned scarlet red as he looked away as soon as he noticed trying to be respectful. He wasn’t shy or anything he had a simple respect that a warrior would for any woman. He noticed she had flipped out a rack more suited too his size. He heard her it would fit him better. She need coffee still didn’t understand the coffee situation. He watched he walk out of the room from the corner of his eyes as he looked within the rack. He quickly found a black shirt along with a jacket to fit as he looked for pants. Along with finding pants he found some gloves that’s were against wall as he pulled them out. He looked them over seeing they had metal plating as if they were meant to go to a suit of some sort however they were perfectly suited for his hands. He placed them on while finding a pair of jeans that looked to fit. Conan quickly changed into the clothes as he sighed looking into her mirror that was in the closet as he said out loud to himself.- “well I cant say it suits me perfectly. However its comfortable.” -he discarded his old clothes in what seemed to be a trash bin as he walked off into the lounge seeing Charlotte grabbing coffee with Li and Lin most likely still eating breakfast. He nodded to Charlotte as he knew she wasn’t fully awake still thanking her properly.- “thank you for the clothes. Sorry about the rude wake up there.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Seeing Conan emerge, she held up a hand and set down her cup of coffee, then went to her den, only coming out with a long cardboard box. She walked on over and offered them to Conan. It was a box of about 20 packets of cigarettees, that she had been keeping as a gift for Baldrick. Sadly, she was unsure of where he was, and thought under the circumstances that he deserved them. “Enjoy..” she said, not even making mention of the fact she paraded before him naked earlier. Happy with that, she picked up her cup of coffee, and wandered out to the balcony to enjoy the mid morning view, and set her cup down on the ledge, leaning with folded arms on the marble surface, and simply enjoying the view.


ConanSilverfang:-well in behold Conan’s things had been set in order. He had clothes as well Charlotte wasn’t so bad she brought an offering of twenty packs of cigarettes knowing full well he lost all of his smokes to the rapids within trek. He took the package of cigarettes as he said.- “thank you….” -he took one pack of the cigarettes and placed in his jacket putting the others in his bag that was still empty from the trek. However he planned to resupply soon or later as he grabbed the pack from the jacket as he packed it tightly with the palm of his hand. Seeing it wasn’t his house or his place he decided to walk out to the balcony to light up where Charlotte had been. He walked out there leaving her to the view only to tear the seal off the pack pulling it open. He pulled out a smoke placing in between his lips as he swiftly light the smoke with his zippo lighter flicking it close. Conan inhaled as he looked out the city with a clear view of everything in sight as he was impressed with the view. He had never seen a city so big before in his life. Only country sides and villages as well as the Goryan Empire was the biggest he had seen. It was a sight he would remember as he gave an exhale he said.- “Thank you Charlotte. For everything.”


CharlotteCarrendar:- Looking sideways at Conan, she heard his thanks, and she said simply “No…its I that should be thanking you. You brought us home, and my children to safety. I am truly indebted to you.” Her smile was wistful, and she went back to gazing up at the sky. “I do miss Fung Le however, and all the others that set off on that trek. So many sacrificed themselves for the greater good. I just hope that their sacrifice, was not in vain.” Her words echoed her true sentiment, and she wished she could do more to honour them. Right now, she was just simply enjoying the mid morning sun, a coffee, and the company of a dear friend.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan smiled as Charlotte praised him he thought he would be used to praise from someone but still it seemed to his own standards it was a bit much as he said.- “I did it with the fact of knowing I was doing the right thing. Staying true to my oath.” -he listened to her words about the trek and sacrifice others had made for the safety of the world. He listened nodding to her words then looking at the sky. It seemed to be peace let alone Conan did not know about Anya’s presents he let his own senses go not even trying to pick anything. He slowly smoked his cigarette as the time passed..-

-as everything would seem to be peaceful for Conan and Charlotte on the balcony yet this was far from the truth only moments of silence passed by until the sharp snap of something cutting through the air. The slicing of sound Conan would in fact hear it as he looked to see something flying in Charlotte’s direction. He quickly said.- “Charlotte!” -the blazing object flew past Charlotte moving a couple inches away from her as it slammed into the wall. Conan didn’t have time to react in a small area as on the wall behind Charlotte it would show an arrow suck into the wall of the balcony holding a letter addressed.- “Ms. Charlotte Carrendar and Conan Lone Silverfang…” -Conan didn’t see the letter as he had attempted to pull Charlotte out of the direction of the object before hand.-


CharlotteCarrendar:- As unexpected as what was to transpire, from enjoying a simple morning coffee and cigarette, the next thing Charlotte knew, she was being yelled at, for an arrow passed within inches of her head and slammed into the wall berhind her. It left her shaking and nervous, looking in all directions from who would have fired the arrow in the first place. “What….was that?” she said, alarmed at the thought she nearly had an arrow through her head. Being held by Conan, as he had managed to pull her clear, she spied that there was some sort of document that was attatched to the arrow. Looking up at Conan, being so close, she said. “Haven’t these people heard of the national postal service? I mean…that could have hit me.”


ConanSilverfang:-Conan made it in time as he gave a sigh of relief as he saw that it was an arrow. Looking straight at the arrow and then to Charlotte.- “I think someone has horrible aim for one. As for two I would say they don’t know if they wanted anyone else to see what they were sending.” -he was panting his adrenaline running from that. He looked at the Arrow as he assisted Charlotte to her feet. The arrow was strong looking with white and black feathers for the feathered end that helps guide the arrow in the path of direction. It seemed that it was odd for Conan to see such an arrow as he stood up pulling it out of the wall releasing the document sealed letter that was addressed to them. Conan had quickly noticed that this was hand made the arrow point was in fact brand new however the symbol on the arrow was something he would recognize instantly as he said.- “don’t know whats in the letter but I am going to say I am not the only wolf in Lorewall.” -he showed Charlotte the head of the arrow showing a wolfs head that was some what similar to the pendants both her and the children wore.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Oh great…that narrows it down. All we need to do is find a wolf that is hauling a bow and arrow set.” She was not in the best humor after being taken down to avoid being struck with the arrow in the first place. Rising up she looked over the craftsmanship of the arrow, then she asked Conan. “First of all, we are 28 stories up, and someone managed to fire an arrow at me.” It had to be one of the oddest occurances that she can remember. She tore the letter off the arrow, and unfurled it since it was addressed to both of them.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan glared at Charlotte her humor was off he was speaking in the context of another species of his own race. Then again she was right there had to been one type of marksmanship that he would know about that could shoot that distance without curving it down. He thought for a moment as he said.- “It’s a spirit wolf. One of the branch species to my kind. Only way someone could shot this arrow up to this range without missing the floor.” -he thought about it for a moment as Charlotte opened the letter he looked over to her shoulder reading it with her.-

-The letter would state. “Dear Ms. Carrendar and Mr. Silverfang. Please do not be alarmed by the arrow being shot at your apartment if any mental or physical damage has happened I assure it was not my intentions. However I am rather informed to hear about something that has happened. The news of Conan Silverfang the last Volfen Sound wolf to appear within Lorewall means that tide has turned in for this time. I ask that you meet with me. However you must find me. Two men stand in a part of Lorewall filled with smoke, dust and gasoline waste products. Find them and you will find me. The world rests within the shoulder of fate. As the old wolf always says “Let be the warrior of old and let his code never fail. As his gut tells him to find his path. Signed. A.D.” -Conan looked out to the city knowing the final words but unsure how to understand them completely as he waited for Charlotte to finish the letter herself.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Hearing the letter being read, she raised an eyebrow at the part about how if there was any mental or physical damage, that it was not the intent of the sender. “Oh sure, say that, when the arrow could well be sticking out the side of my head.’ she shook her head at this and continued to listen. The more its read, she comes to understand the cryptic clues. “Okay, smoke, dust and gasoline, would mean the industrial estate. Only sensible answer to that clue.” She read the last few parts and then sighed. “Two men stand in a part of lorewall. We need to find the two men. Can I atleast finish my coffee first?” Charlotte asked, realizing her cup was getting cold.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan sighed as he picked up his cigarette of the ground shaking his head as he said.- “wake up and such Charlotte. Would you like to take anyone with?” -he took another drag of his smoke as he thought of the words as he asked Charlotte.- “do you know of anyone else like me in Lorewall?” -he was questionable as he took another drag from his smoke trying to make sense of everything as he just read words of both paths of the warriors code he followed. Just as they had ended an adventure another one started right before there eyes.-


CharlotteCarrendar: – “Is that a trick question, Conan?” Charlotte asked, tipping the cold remanaents of her coffee over the side of the building. “No, I don’t know anyone else in Lorewall like you, hell, no one like you in all of Nemaues.” she said matter of factly. You have to remember, she was still in her robe and had no shoes on her feet. She wasn’t exactly ready to embark on a trip to the darker part of Lorewall, dressed like that and without having been properly woken up. “You’d think I’d get one day….ONE day to just laze around in my robe and watch movies…but no…off on an adventure. I swear I feel like I am in one of the kid’s video games.” and with that she went to get herself another cup of coffee. Take note, Charlotte was a grump in the mornings.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan heard Charlotte as he figured that she wasn’t really willing to go however he wasn’t wanting to go having another gut feeling. He growled as he said.- “just do you think Charlotte I’m sure we can head out when your ready….” -she was an odd woman, cranky in the morning if Conan knew any better she was on the rags however he wouldn’t want to be around for that. However he figured that everything that had been going on was something that was odd striking to know that he had arrived in Lorewall when no one should know him in this world. He was an outsider so to speak someone that wouldn’t be able to picked out of a crowd so easily. He knew this day was going to be long.-

-mean while in the guest bedroom where the two girls had been sleeping all cuddled up together. Anya could hear the yelling as she yawned opening her eyes slowly as she stretched trying not to wake Luna. She pulled the covers over them both and turned back over curling up into Luna trying to go back to sleep. As she could hear Charlotte’s voice from inside.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Seven, who had been having a monster sleep in, finally decided to make his appearance, and being a typical boy he was wearing just his boxers, his hair was a mess, and he headed straight for the kitchen. Opening the fridge, he lent on the door and…stared.

In the guest room, Luna was fast asleep under the covers after the wild night of watching Anya doing her tricks turning into a sword. Luna could feel the change in position of Anya, and when Anya settled back in the bed, Luna simply yawned and pulled on the covers, clearly not anywhere near ready to be getting up just yet.

The fridge door was still open, and Seven scratched his right arse cheek and went on back to staring..

Charlotte waltzed past with her coffee, and now was starting to act more human and less of a grump. Its amazing what two cups of coffee can do for a woman in the morning.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan was down with his smoke as he put it out quickly throwing it off the balcony. He turned around as he heard one of the kids wake up. As of course at this point after the arrow situation he closed his eyes opening his beast like senses as his smell and his sense of magic was detectable . He could feel that someone else was in the apartment as he could figure out who knowing he felt the magical presents of being that he knew by name but for some reason it was different. Conan opened his eyes as he walked into the house as he saw Seven peering in the fridge for food with his boxers on with his hair a mess. He shook his head only knowing that Seven still needed to learn to wake up better. He was young and that didn’t matter. Conan looked over to Charlotte again as he asked.- “Hey is there an extra person here? I didn’t realize it before but I am sensing another person here. Just wanted to make sure its nothing to worry about.” -he was worried that they might have someone that was an unwelcome guest.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- “I think there is a girl staying in Luna’s room. Anya. You might know her, I think she was Shadow’s daughter…maybe. Luna did all the talking to her last night, took to her like she was the family’s new puppy. Why don’t you go and see for yourself?” Charlotte offered. Seven came out of the kitchen with a monster sandwich and a large glass of milk, and grinned as he saw Conan. “Morning Mister Conan. Came back to date my Mum?” he said, sniggering as he went to sit in front of the telly and veg.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan raised an eyebrow at Charlotte as he heard the name he would least expect. Hearing that Anya was here was something rather odd as he pondered about it. As Seven walked by him saying hi to him with the smart ass remark of dating his mother he gave a good grin as he looked over his shoulder seeing Seven on the couch.- “i don’t know you going to dress up in your mother’s underwear today?” -he did strike it odd that he would see Sarah in the very house right before they left for trek and then having Anya here now was even surprising if you place the odds into play. He looked over to Charlotte as he said.- “yea I might as well check. To be honest it funny me, Seven and Luna saw her sister right before leaving Lorewall the first time.” -he turned around heading towards the bedroom as he knocked on the door. Then started to open it to see if anyone would answer.-

-Anya stirred but didn’t want to get up as she said nothing to Luna. She only curled into her friend some more trying to keep from getting cold she was a cuddlier for sure. She gripped the covers and on to Luna’s night clothes only trying to grasp something it seemed she was using them both as a security blanket in a way as she slowly laid there sound ignoring the knock on the door.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Stirring underneath the covers, Luna was not at all chipper about being woken up, even if it was mid morning. The pair had a late night, and it was much nicer to be sleeping in, then off on another adventure. “No thank you…come back…zzzzz’ Luna mumbed beneath a jumble of blankets and pillows. You could just make out the mauve of her hair, and a foot hanging out the side of the bed. Seven was still oogling food on the shelves in the fridge and didn’t seem to care at all if his sister and Anya got up or not. Charlotte came past, second coffee cup in hand and then using her fist, she pounded on the door. “Wake up!…Been in there forever. If I have to get up, so do you two.” charlotte then shrugged at Conan and said. “You gotta tell em.”


ConanSilverfang:-Conan heard the call out saying that they weren’t going to get up. He gave a blank face until Charlotte had come back around to the door as her pounder fist against the door. The sound was loud as even Conan had ducked his head down at the yell. Charlotte was serious about getting up with the talk if she was yup they had to be up. Which in the right turn was correct it was mid-morning why would they need to sleep any longer than that. He didn’t mind her doing that until she shrugged at him stating “You gotta tell em” he looked at her with an odd look. He was a father yet he had not raised his child for her life he was still understanding of that statement.-

-Anya had jumped hearing the fist pounding on the door rolling off the bed in a squeak. He eyes wide open as he stared at the door saying.- “The hell cant a girl sleep in peace…” –she got up off the floor with half the blanket along with her trying to see if Luna had woken up from that loud knock.-


CharlotteCarrendar: The loud knock at the door, did wake Luna up, not that she was at all happy about it. Grumbling, and her hair a mess she suddenly realised she shared the bed with Anya. “Oh….hello you.” she said in a gruff “I just woke up” voice. She blinked at the door and rubbed her eyes with her fists. Getting out of bed, she shuffled to the door, and yanked it open, staring up at Conan. “When did you get here, Mister Conan?” she asked, then she looked back at Anya and said. “Come meet Mister Conan, he saved my Mum.” That being said, she ducked under his arm and trotted off to the kitchen, where Seven was still standing in the door, staring at the contents on the fridge shelf. Luna saw this and smacked his backside. “It’s not a 7/Eleven. Make up your mind and shut the door.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan stood there hearing the door open to only show that Luna who had woken up from sleeping as he smiled at her as she had asked when he had got there as he smirked as bit.- “I got here this morning.” -he said as she passed under his arm. Conan expected to the Anya he remembered from so long ago instead to find that she had grown up a little bit as he looked over to see Anya on the floor covers around her. He smiled yet again at her as he stepped into the room as he said to her.- “Been a while since I have seen you Anya.” -IT was like two friends meeting once again after being separated for years.-

-Anya yawned hearing Luna knowing she was still tired .she had balled her fist rubbing her eyes as she heard the name Conan. She had thought to herself ”hmm? Conan? No it couldn’t be he hasn’t been around for centuries.” -she looked up only to hear Luna say that he had saved her mother as she rubbed her eyes as he looked up hearing a very familiar voice she hadn’t heard for so long she almost couldn’t recognize. She shoot hear head up as her eyes shot open. It was so quick her face turned from tired to very excited as she yelled.- “CONAN!!!” -she dove out of the blankets that wrapped her as she tackled Conan with a tight hug with such a force they crashed into the wall next to the door. Conan tried to hold her back as he said.- “Anya chill don’t need to be so rough” -her grip was tight enough that you could hear Conan’s joints in his body cracking her grip was tighter than you would think. Although she isn’t human from the last time she was the only one that could break Conan with brute strength.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hearing the scream of Conan’s name, Seven stuck his head up from behind the fridge door, with a surprised expression. “The hell?” He had totally forgotten that Anya was staying with them and then quizzed Luna, who was helping herself to frosty flakes. “Where did Anya sleep?” Luna took out a milk carton and shrugged, saying simply. “With me. Why?” Seven wrinkled up his nose and asked. “Did she snore?…Steal the covers? Wet the bed?” Luna gave her brother a shove. “Don’t be stupid…and I think its me that snores.” Least she was being honest.

By this time, Charlotte had her second cup of coffee and was on the couch, hugging it like it was the most valuable item in the world. She too heard Anya exclaim and tilted her head back shouting, “HURRY UP AND GET IN THE SHOWER, BEFORE LI AND LIN USE ALL THE HOT WATER!” This being said, she went back to watching mid morning Television on Good Morning Lorewall. There was already a reporter down on the main street, filling in the populace on the latest happenings in Nemaues’s capital city.

*Watcher Thorodan: The Atlantean was fresh from the meeting hall when they told him that things had gone awry in sector 178. An abandoned area for centuries now his people had not visited there in many ages. He was not even sure if the Pyramid Stones would allow travel there. He knew irregardless he could vector there if only through phasing but it was not as precise and he needed more magic to do so. He was old for his races standards. They had said it was nothing to worry about only a blip on the radar but something more was being felt within him. He had profound feelings of empathy and a sixth sense within that many of the other Undead Slayers did not possess. His wooden stake tattoo itched and burned. Something that did not ever happen before to him. He felt there was more to this story. In any case he felt he must investigate further. He went from the high councils chambers a great disc on top of a mountain and went further inside the sanctum. A elevator led him down deeper within to a device that held a pyramid like device larger than a man yet not quite the size of a small cabin. It was metal and glowed a dull green with magical energy as the latent power of the ley-lines arced toward it. Jalal stepped forward activating his tattoos and the powers of the pyramid allowing transport to sector 178. As he stepped within its matrix he was instantly transported but as he came near his destination something went awry…..

The magic broke apart! He was flung from the connecting pyramid and found himself wounded yet not aggregiously so, the secondary pyramid was near destroyed and he felt a presence upon his arrival.

He looked ahead and saw a road and the outskirts of what appeared to be a city.

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imayaruk was traveling back up the road towards the city of Lorewall that he had left not to long ago. He was troubled by the thought of what could have left his master Conan in the state Imay had found him in. What made matters worse is he had recived a letter shortly after he headed away from the city. He didn’t know what the letter ment but he knew it had something to do with the city and an “Industrial Area” as the letter said though Imay could not remember what that ment for the life of him. While lost in thought as he was walking along the road he was quickly brought back to reality by a sudden and violent disturbance in some sort of magic near by. Now on guard he quickly drew Sound Strike into his left hand just in case what he felt meant a fight coming soon. Weapon ready he continued on towards the city only to stop when he noticed a body not to far from the road and a pile of rubble off in the direction that would be behind the body.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan pushed out of the wall the sheet rock that fell off his jacket was now on the floor as he said with a groan knowing full well he was going to feel it later.- “It’s ok Anya…. You need to control yourself a bit more. We aren’t in the Goryan home worlds. So things break much easier than back then.” -he stood up knowing she had missed him even though he wasn’t able to give a proper good bye. He let her hug him though she had loosened to grip. He sighed knowing what he needed to know. That fact both Sarah and Anya were hear only meant one thing to him. Something he had kept secret from everyone else. He asked Anya as he grabbed her left arm as he pulled up in the air as he knew anyone was around for the moment pulling her sleeve down slowly. She only looked at him as she looked away with an embarrassed looked on her face. He asked as he pulled it down.- “so let me guess. Someone is after the gateway?” -She didn’t answer as he pulled the sleeve only to show a tattoo on her arm of the symbol of the gate the tattoo was black but pulsed with a red color every so oftened as she nodded. Conan sighed as he said.- “You are coming with me today Anya you need to be taken somewhere safe however I will need to find one for you. Keep this from the others till the time is right.” -he pulled down the sleeve back down to cover the tattoo as Anya hugged him again only to hold on to him like he was her protector.-

CharlotteCarrendar: Luna was sitting at the dining table eating her frosty flakes, while Seven sat down with the biggest sandwich deck you ever saw. Luna dropped her spoon in the milk of her bowl and looked on in shock. “How…are you going to get that into your mouth?” she enquired, clearly gobsmacked by the size of the collosal sandwich. Seven was measuring it with his hands and then putting his fingers up to his mouth to see the ratio. “Okay…so I won’t be able to get it in one go….okay. This mountain of sandwich will be conquored.” Luna rolled her eyes, and went back to trying to eat her cereal, while Seven tried to get his mouth around his sandwich

Charlotte had finished her coffee, and then went looking for Conan and Anya. Something about the time they were taking to come join the rest of the family had her concerned.

When she located them, she saw Conan pull down her sleeve, like trying to cover something up. Immediately, she became suspicous, especially after the attack the night before.

“What’s going on?” She asked, her hands now on her hips.


Watcher Thorodan: Jalal lifted himself up slowly, dusting off his clothes. As he did he saw ahead of himself a traveler with a weapon. Realizing that he had a weapon he quickly touched the mark of heritage on his right forearm. The flaming sword on his arm turned a bright red and sprang into a vivid red hue at once appearing in his arm a device that was what was understood in his world as a mega-damage armament. One of the few thing capable of taking down the splugorth or vampire itelligences that attacked the pyramids or other outposts. He wasnt sure this was whom was approaching but in his state not knowing what or whom he was facing he was ready, as any atlantean was always trained to be. He quickly turned his body towards the newcomer not wanting to appear threatening but looking to see whom this person was, quickly he touched the eye upon his chest allowing understanding of all languages. He spoke clearly to the stranger, “I am Jalal, who are you?”

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay quickly brought the blade of his naginata Sound Strike to bare towards the man while he rose, and summoned a burning blade. Imay quickly Tossed aside his robe showing his very unusual patterned armor only known amongst the Gorya empire he once called home, while calling out, “Friend or Foe?” a moment after Imay asked his question the man had touched the eye on his chest and intruduced himself in a non-threating matter. “Imayaruk Odin Gorya, Are you runing from someone or did you just try to blow yourself up with some spell?” Imay had asked in a slightly annoyed and defensive tone because he still didn’t trust the man in front of him.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan had heard Charlotte walk in as he looked at her with eyes of disappointment in the fact of she had walk in. he sighed as he said.- “nothing that I can tell you Charlotte…” -he let go off Anya’s hand as he looked at her with a look of you better keep your mouth shut. He popped his neck form the tension in his neck from being slammed into the wall. He acted if nothing was wrong as he walked towards her Anya started walking towards the door as Conan was about a few steps from Charlotte. He smiled as he said.- “besides if anything was worth worrying you would be the first to know. However I think its almost time to get going isn’t it?” -he quickly attempted to get her off the topic as he looked at the clock as it read 12:30. it was already passed morning and now midday. He looked into Charlotte’s eyes showing no reason for her to doubt him.-

-Anya left the room into the dining room as she saw Luna eating. However she didn’t feel hungry this morning as she walked over sitting down smiling at Luna. Only to also see Seven about to eat a giant sandwich that seemed to be bigger than his ego. As she giggled only to know he would get sick from it. Pulling a chair she sat down pushing her skirt down to keep it form snagging on the chair as well trying to keep her parts from being seen that most people wouldn’t want too. She said to Luna.- “morning Luna”

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Nothing that I can tell you Charlotte.” Oh, this is not the sort of thing you say to a questioning bebilith. Her eyes narrowed as she looked from Anya back to Conan. Conan was acting innocent, and she knew that the way he cracked his neck AND the big dent in the wall, something was going on. “Uh huh.” Charlotte replied in an annoyed tone. She didn’t like being lied too, and the fact that he was then telling her that time was getting on, and it was past midday, he had things he needed to do. Charlotte wasn’t impressed, but followed along behind him and then made a turn to go upstairs and get ready for the day, while he entertained her kids.

Luna watched Anya sit down, all dainty like and she offered her some of her cereal. “Want some frosty flakes?” She asked, though there wasn’t much left in the bowl. Then she pointed at her brother, who was sitting munching a large chunk of his mega sandwich.

“You could pull up a chair near Seven and have the left overs of his barf brunch sandwich.” Seven poked his head out from behind his stack and said with a mouthful. “GETZH YOUSH OWNS!” bread crumbs and bits of salami went flying, along with a large lettuce leaf falling out of the stack.

Charlotte emerged from her room, ready for the day, but could see Seven making a mess.


Watcher Thorodan : He saw the man gesture towards him, speaking to him he said his name was Imayaruk Odin Gorya. Jalal quickly responded in kind in the way of his people raising his arm across his chest he said simply “my name is Jalal Fredonia. I did not blow myself up thank the stars but traveled here though the portal stones which as you can see are now destroyed.” he points quickly at the ruins of the pyramid and the rubble littering the ground. Knowing he had been lucky to make it here in one piece and also right in coming he was on the alert. He touched the falcon shaped mark on his leg and a falcon appeared on his arm. he spoke to it quietly and it took flight. Jalal looked to the sky as he did feeling out with his mind looking for traces of the one who had destroyed the gate.

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay nodded as the man Jalal gave his full name and responded to his question. At the news that Jalal came through a portal Imay tightend his grip on Sound Strike and focus some power into it’s blade. In a short cold voice he asked, “What buisness do you have hear after your portal had been distroyed? And think carefully on how you answer or I might have to try and claim your head.” At his question and threat given Imay shuffled back a few steps while Sound Strike begain to ring with the note of each syllable he spoke waiting to be used as an attack if needed.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan had noticed he didn’t fool Charlotte completely as he could tell just by her choice of words. As she had left the room he sighed knowing he couldn’t tell her not yet at least. Even though they had been through so much already it forbidden to tell her what he knew. He walked followed her out of the room instead only to exist to the balcony pulling out a cigarette of the pack he just opened this morning as he placed it between his lips. He grabbed his lighter out with just a flick of the lid opening the flint ingited creating a flame as he light the fag taking an inhale followed by a quick exhale. He said looking out the city.- “Shadow you asked too much of me this time.”

-Anya had been seated as Luna had offered her some food as she shook her head saying.- “No. I am not hungry this morning but thanks for the offer.” -she wasn’t hungry since the fact of the matter she knew that Conan wasn’t messing around. She also knew of his reasons she honestly was scared in a sense to know that something might happen to where she could become a danger to others. She looked over to Seven who had spat food out as she was some what grossed out by his table manners. She made a sly comment as he said get your own.- “It seems someone needs to share his food with the needy before eating this morning.” -it was an old saying those that cannot respect others at the table with graceful manners would feed their food to those less fortunate.-

-outside in the outskirts of Lorewall it seemed Imayaruk and Jalal were about to stand off until a woman that seemed to appear from the wind holding a spear in her left hand with a sheath over the giant blade that had a bell on the string holding the cover firming on jingled. She stood 5’4 only weighting about 110 pounds. Her eyes were a bright red with lips that were cute pink color, her skin seemed to gleam from the sun shining on her but it seemed her skin was a nice pale but not completely pale and had a light tone to it. Her hair was black with red highlights through it only to be tied into a bun in the back. She was wearing a black kimono that was cut off at the mid thigh that seemed to be cut for material art reasons. The black kimono had a red mark on the left breast that was easy to see with a DD cup size pushing it out only to show a little bit of her cleavage. It seemed that she was wearing slip on shoes that tied with strings cutting off at the lower ankle. She stood there watching them both as he stood her spear straight up only to lean on it giggling at both of them. She watched Jalal tap his tattoo he was interesting though Imayaruk was in fact interesting by far wielding a fine weapon. She finally saw them getting ready to take off into fight as her giggles stopped. Her expression turned into a serious one as he gave a half smirk then spoke out.- “If you both are done measuring each other up. I will gladly tell you of the reason you are here.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Charlotte was ready to go, and took up a backpack and swung it on her back, while Luna was taking her dishes into the kitchen to be washed. Seven’s eyes it seemed were bigger than his stomach, and he was struggling. “Okay…maybe I should save the rest of this a a midnight snack.” He belched and patted his stomach while poking out his tongue at Anya. “Sure…go on about the needy. I’ll be needy tommorow.” He got up and took his remaining sandwich to the kitchen and luna covered it with gladwrap, while Seven came out and looked at his mum. “You going shopping?” he asked, scratching his arm. “If you are, can you get me new game…”Combat arms XII?” Charlotte glanced at her son, and shook her head. “I’m not going shopping.” Seven looked dispondent and kicked the carpet. “Awe.”

Charlotte approached Conan and said.

“Ready when you are.”


Watcher Thorodan: Jalal looked up surprised as no-one but his order knew of his presence in this sector. In fact he himself did not even know what it was called now as they had not been there in ages. he was in a new land and the portal itself was but a means to an end he could make a gateway anywhere along any leyline. the portal stones simply made travel across vast distance easier and requiring less energy. the fact that it was sabotaged and while he was traveling meant he was right it was a malicious force. he looked up at the woman and at this odin who seemed so intent that he came here for a malign intent. “I am here to hunt the undead of you must know young one. I am a true atlantean and slayer and have work in this realm. I am not sure what as of yet but me and my bird will find it in time.” He then looked to the young woman and said, “you seem to have some sense, whom are you?”

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay relaxed a little hearing Jalal’s purpose because it was one he has had experience himself. “Well then sorry about my paranioa, but I’ve learned in my travels its better to be ready for a fight then to take a knife in the back.” Imay would then sniff the air instinctively as he turned towards the woman with a quiet beautiful figure. Aside from her looks the two things Imay noticed the most though was the wolf like scent that showed up with the woman, and the seemingly well maintained spear. If it wasn’t for her interuption Imay probably would have been flirting with her at first site. “Well glad you know what is going on though other then i don’t know if you had kids I’d have to call you a rude bitch.” At his last words Imay flashed her a very wolf like smile showing off his fangs, while the sound his weapon held faded away into nothing.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan was smoking his cigarette as he sighed then still looking out to the city. His thoughts were running around theorize yet again about what he was about to do. As he heard Charlotte walk up to balcony as he exhaled smoke as she said to him ready when he was. He looked over to him as he said.- “lets go.” -he flicked his cigarette as he walked past her heading towards the door.-

-Anya giggled at Seven knowing she was going to have a bit of fun. She leaned over to Luna as she said.- “i guess the sandwich was too big for his mouth.” -she looked at her winking as she saw Conan pass by heading towards the door. She didn’t even say a word to him as he passed by them.-

-The woman simply noticed that the one named Imayaruk had a bit of a mouth on him. This was no news to her from the information given to her as stood straight up pulling her spear off the ground only to walked forward as she said.- “And your supposed to be the disciple of the legendary Sound wolf. How embarrassing to know you talk down to woman.” -she didn’t really like that fact she was being called a rude bitch however this wasn’t anything new to her. She stood about fifteen from them as she said.- “ I am Shika Miku Carrion. Also known as the Inferno wolf preceptor. To both of you I am your source of information to what is to come at this moment.” -Shika took her spear and twirled it in her fingers making spin as she let it go for a moment grabbing it straight then laying the spear end on her shoulder. She took her foot and placed it back making her body shift sideways.- “now that the introductions are finish I would much rather like to have you know, just because I am a woman does not mean I am weak. I will have you know I have had more experience than both of you combine. However this does not mean I am here to even fight you. I am here because my deity has a common interest in mind. Our enemies are the same.” -She gave a devilish grin as she looked at them being a very evil bitch she was. She licked her lips seductively as she was done talking her eyes only pure of tainted intentions.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Charlotte gave each of the kids a stern look and then pointed her finger at Seven. “I don’t want to come back and find the apartment trashed. Already got some crack out by the pool that I can’t for the life of me explain. SO…behave the three of you. Lin and Li are here…somewhere.” she said, glancing upstairs, before lowering her eyes to the kids. “Anya…watch over Luna, okay?” With that said, she joined Conan and headed out to the lift.

She got in the lift and pressed the ground floor button as the doors closed. The bebilith maiden moved to the back and folded her arms across her chest. “I don’t know about leaving the kids, after those ‘things’ attacked yesterday. Not exactly a good welcome home present.” She pursed her lips, still wondering what it was on Anya’s arm that Conan was trying to cover up. Course, he was not about to tell her, and she didn’t expect him too.

Arriving at the foyer she stepped out and followed Conan out to the main street of Lorewall. She glanced up and down the road, then asked the strapping lad. “Lead on. Industrial estate is about five blocks down east.” she pointed in the direction, then readjusted her straps.



Watcher Thorodan: Jalal looked inquisitively at her wondering what her intentions just might be. She was quite attractive in her own way but he had a job to do and he did not know this place either. he was not sure what to do but considering her bearing, stature, title, demeanour and beauty he decided he must follow her. it was the best path for the time being. the falcon had not found any trace of the attackers movements and he was left with no discernible clues. as he followed her movements thoughts of wanton lust filled his head and he tried to keep them in check. he made no outward moves against her in advance as a sign of respect but smiled and leaned a bit forward to show his intrest as he moved along.

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay would chuckle quiet loudly at the strange woman’s repsonse to his own statement which she had obviously taken the wrong way. He would then eye the woman up and down wondering where her scent seemed familar tell he heard her title. “Inferno? Let me guess your God is known as Arren and bore a blade known as Soundbreaker?” Before she could respond to his question he started to move beyond her with a slight smirk on his face. As he passed her by a few feet he called back, “Weak no I can tell there is great pride in your weapon. Beyond beautiful yes, though something tells me it be a lost cause to try something as sad as that makes me feel.” His pace would slow down slightly just so he didn’t get to far away from her and Jalal just in case she was ready to talk about the “reason” they were there.