The Battle of Lorewall – Part One



KingFalthosHellbore: – The Imperial hold within Nixagris was something that one could describe as Faith-driven, almost revolutionary within the very hearts of each citizen. Services for the Church of the Emperor Divine was held every day, from sunrise to sunset, to those who had been newly converted to the faith. Ministorium priests chanted in their droves as they blessed the Faithful with holy ointments and oils, baptizing them in the Name of the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind. During which between these varied weeks of training, the recruits for the Nemeaus Planetary Defense Force had begun their training every other week after the sermons were delivered. They had been drilled to where it left most winded, gasping for air, and sometimes so fatigued that it took merely the willpower of the individual to keep them aloft in their motor functions. Each recruit was equipped with their own Krieg Las-Rifle, a wood-stocked, medium-sized barrel, and with their own set of charge packs that were as standard issue as their uniforms. The garb they would wear, would bear the winter-camoflauge of the surrounding environment.

Lieutenant Kaffaren had watched from the sidelines with the keen eye of a hawk, inspecting each and every detail almost as though he had a white glove in hand, inspecting the recruites ever so often. His ministrations were select and rarely did he ever have to get involved. Imperial Recruitment started at the age of eighteen to fourty-five, lining them up in well dressed row’s, taking a head-count, stamping their dog-tags, and giving them their first offical kit, a welcoming gift into His Imperial Guard.

Out in the Defensive Line, mine-laying squads busied themselves with rigging a two and a half-mile zone that would be layed between the razor-wire, and the heavy-bolter defense systems, to ensure that those that make it past the wire, would be blown to bits when they walked through the No-mans land.

Back at base, Kaffaren had stroked his growing beard methodicly, as if contemplating the numerical outcome of the regiments strength. These recruits would serve very nicely against the traitor Nemeuns. However, he had wondered where their loyalties truly lie.


CharlotteCarrendar:- From the city skyline, that went on for many hundreds of miles, you could make out the outer defences, the wall of strength, that had been built up over time by the Nemauen military forces. Key installations, with trenches, tank reserves and the full support of no less than ten regiments surrounded the city outskirts, and provided a veil of protection from the threat of the Astartes forces, that had come to Nemaues to cleanse the world of Chaos taint. Not all supported this form of cleansing, and the nation’s armies still saw to uphold the laws of the one known as Captain.

There was a five mile no man’s land, between the city and the lines of defence, that was not only dotted with land mines and razor wire, but there was also anti ship cannons, leopard tanks, and rocket silos that held enough fire power to take out an aerial assault that may well come directly from outer space. Most of the bigger ships were located to the south, in Sol’s plains, so the threat to control of the naitons space fleet meant they had to cross the Lorewall line of defence, in order to even reach it.

Standing watch on one of the two hundred towers, was General Toto, a Nemauen civil war vetran and highly decorated officer of the Nemauen armed forces. His steely gaze was hidden behind reflective avaiator sunglasses, and he held a pipe clenched between his teeth. Raising up bincoculars to his gaze, he moved the direction of the binoculars, scanning the green lands, for any sign of possible hostile forces on the march. News had reached HQ that the North had surrended to the Krieg, something the General never believed would ever happen in his lifetime. “Men fight…and die, but never surrender.” This was his motto, and firm belief, that he instilled into the men under his command.

Behind the towers, you could see the movement of jeeps and tanks, deploying more men to strengthen the front lines. There would be no mistakes made in this part of the country. They were armed with las guns, and wore the very latest in battle suits, that had been commisioned by the Nemauen military after Charlotte Carrendar, had been fitted with one of these powered suits back in 2012. Able to withstand ordinary rifle fire, and with helms that had HUD screens, mics to have comms connected to the nearest base, they were now a formidable force to that of the men from the stars.

Should the war come to Lorewall…..they would give the enemy a battle that would be glorious and fitting in the name of all Nemauens. They were prepared to face the Krieg head on, and on their terms of engagement. “Fight or die.”


DarksiedTheLegend: – -When the people rose to their feet and started their chants and applause there was this one human who just clapped not even joining in on the chant as the people had failed to notice but not he for he saw the rebel leaders standing up as well to reveal themselves as he thought to himself that this is what they meant by surveillance videos in that inn keepers cellar as well as those installed at the mayor’s home as the people started to file out of this concert hall and returned to their daily lives this man just went home as he went home to his apartment opening up the door and shutting it behind him before he went back to his work table as this man would remove his brown snow coat and then his old moldy hat before putting on a headgear with various lens attached to the head gear. As he used the lens to magnify his work so that he could tighten some screws, adjust some gears, place springs in place, and adding a wind up to his little mechanism when he removes that strange head gear and stands back to admire his work after which he decides to put his work in a little box before wrapping the box with Christmas wrapping paper right off the clearance rack. Once he had finished his work after so many weeks had passed before deciding now was the time to act as he begun wrapping up his little present, did he put on his brown snow coat and place his moldy hat back on his head and taking his little present out with him as he returned back to the town . Passing the various people that walked by and seeing their staring eyes as some seem to notice that Christmas present that he seems to be carrying with him maybe it was a distraction of some sort for most people didn’t even bother to stare at his face but rather they were fixated on that Christmas present for some reason.

The man made his way towards the Moose and Squirrel inn before removing a card out of his pocket……a red card as the man just tossed the card onto the desk of the innkeeper Fredrick looked at this card before turning his attention to this strange man as Fredrick thought for a moment. Didn’t Fredrick remember seeing this guy? Yeah but before the town meeting…where did Fredrick remember seeing this man?…ahh yes Fredrick remembers now that man had accompanied most of the rebel leaders during their meetings…this was the quiet one in the corner of the room that watched when the leaders discussed how to attack the intruders…wait but he wasn’t there when General Constantine gave his speech to the rebels leaders…wait if this man wasn’t there before why is he here now? Is he planning a last ditch attempt on attacking the Death Corps of Krieg’s 901st siege unit? Should Fredrick stop this man? Wait where did he go? Did he go to the cellar? Fredrick must check to see what that man is doing in the cellar but then Fredrick heard a strange click coming from his cellar as he rushed to the cellar door and grabbed the door handle only for the door handle to come out as Fredrick stares at the door which was slowly becoming melded into the stone wall as Fredrick stared at the wall before turning his attention to the door handle only to notice an apple instead of a door handle. As the door vanished from sight did Fredrick notice that the door was now one with the wall did another cellar door appear from across the hall and on the opposite side of the hall as Fredrick noticed this new door to which he approached the door and opened it before noticing that behind the door was an old unused cellar filled with cobwebs and dust.

As Fredrick thought to himself what happened to his cellar and why is a new one umm technically old but new place suddenly appear but then he remembered the card. Yes the card as Fredrick ran to check the card only to notice it was the red ace of hearts…not the full red card. What is going on here? Was there a man who came in here or something?-

-Upon the annihilation of Vindi and his followers and also the screaming of Taru did a voice echoed out -(?)”BECAUSE THAT’S LIFE LITTLE GIRL!!!” –A man dressed in a strange green full face covered helmet, metallic spike shoulder pads with a green cape, metallic chest plate which oddly had a intricately made symbol of a black mask with glowing green eyes with six daggers placed into the mask, metallic cuisse, greaves and solarets. It was this armored man who shouted out that odd response and beside him was a man dressed in a biochemical suit complete with the double capital case f painted on the front of the chest, the man in the biochemical suit began to talk-(Bio suit)”One could almost imagine the potential in this one. If she only wasn’t so eager to use that ability”(Armor man)”The last time someone used that ability to summon the humanoid fighters… well quite frankly died within five years…” (Bio suit)”I thought it was five months.” –The two strange men would make their way closer as they continued to speak very loud so that Taru could hear them-(Bio suit)”Being able to summon those from the black liquid is quite rare indeed.” (Armor man)”But not impossible.” (Bio suit)”True but she did it without an actual medium which that in itself is rare feat that cannot be taught” (Armor man)”Well except that clan….but they aren’t accepting just anyone.” (Bio suit)”So how long you think this one would last without a medium?” (Armor man)”At the rate she is using her powers I give it seven days.” (Bio suit)”I was thinking more like six days and ten hours left.” (Armor man)”We could try to steal a relic that could act as a medium but with Nixagris on lockdown we might need to look elsewhere.” –The man in the biosuit would stare at the dead body of Vindi before speaking-(Bio suit)”Hmm seems like it was another one of those disillusioned beings that tried to peek into the dark well of the black liquid and then when he saw something shocking….he blinked.”
(Armor man)”Everyone who doesn’t understand the black liquid always do.” (Bio suit)”I think the poor girl is confused, do you care to explain to her?” (Armor man)”As usual it’s me who gets to do this…all right Miss, you think black liquid is a source of power…I’m pretty sure the dead fool thought the same…but you are wrong in so many ways.” (Bio suit)”I think you put it like for some reason it chips away a spiritual entity that doesn’t have any proof.” (Armor man)”It is called a soul you nonspiritualist unethical nonbeliever.”(Bio suit)”Call it whatever you like its still something that can’t be proven. The only thing that can be proven is that those who use the black liquid have their life shorten quickly depending on the varying techniques they used. In other words the more you use the black liquid the quicker you meet thy maker.” (Armor man)”You don’t believe in souls but you believe in that?” (Bio suit)”What?” (Armor man)”Nothing, now it comes to the difficult part…ahem you either control yourself or let the black liquid take over you and you will be forced to return to the black liquid along with them” –The armored man would point on the direction of where all the beings that had risen from Taru’s summoning had finally been put to rest in the black lake-(Armor man)”And believe me that’s a fate worse than death. In other words calm down and control yourself….” (Bio suit)”In other words lose your anger.” (Armor man)”Control yourself or it will control you.”


KingFalthosHellbore: – The completion of the Lochs base of operations had expertly been executed within under a week. This feat of engineering was only achieved by the mechanicus, as well as the remaining escort teams of kreig engineers. The lake in the center of the loch had been drained, whilst its delta had been dammed up by rockrete walls and plas-steel beams. The entire bottom had been flattened out to make use of large, almost silo-like doors that would cover the entire hole made by the excavation teams. Beneath the thick metal plates of these doors, would compose of nothing more than rows upon rows of Basalisk cannons, with a small, expanse behind the ordered rows, for Deathstrike Missle placements. Networked throughout the underground of the Loch, would be personel quarters, a barracks, a mess hall, an infirmary, an armory, as well as a command antechamber. Viper squad guarded the perimeter with vigilence, roaming about on circulated patrol reutines. Garov had been caught several times wandering with the Lieutenant, but off shit, he had taken the opportunity to consolodate his kit.

Xith’s eyes had roamed over the monitor screens of the perimeter defenses. He took personal liberty installing the servitor aided perimeter defense grid, established by hidden turrets that came out of the sand, as well as sniper-servitors stationed in thick foliage.
He cycled through making sure that each and every one was up to operational parameters.

Varon had sat atop the same Salamander for almost the past two hours. His eyes scanning the same way they had come up, judging the range by the treeline and the shoreline. He would sigh softly as this was indeed a monotonous day, almost making him edgy.

Meanwhile in Nixagris…

Constantines gaze set out across the valley of death that lay strewn out before him. His coat and helm accumulated enough snow to almost make him seem statue-like before anyone who set eyes upon him. “Its nearly time..” he had thought. “Time to put the enemy to the torch…No mercy…No mercy…No Mercy…” the same words droned through his head as he steeled himself for the upcoming battle. He had planned to take Lorewall by surprise, by which he would descend so much munitions, that there would hardly be a city left. This thought made him grin, which meant that the enemy would have no cover to hide behind. Nothing left. He would attack them from Above and Below, and on either side. However, he called this the “Push to the Depths”. He would route the enemy, and claim victory in the name of the Emperor, and for Krieg.


CharlotteCarrendar: – The changes in the Loch island compound were so great, that even the Lieutenant could barely comprehend the size and scale. Day after day, the heavy machinery rolled in, and much of the island habitat would be destroyed to make way for the progress and completion of the Underground bunker. Avaera’s days of living in the small huts that were scattered on the suface were long gone, as she was ordered to move her belongings, though not much to quarters below.

It was very much like that of the Western front operations, with the sheer numbr of personel and equipment, but much of this was still foreign to her. Often she had to jump out of the way of the really big machines, and of course the routine patrols, some of which caught her with Garov and thankfully he was able to explain himself, for the most part.

Major Flint also was taken aback by the efficiency and resolution of the Viper crew members. All in all, they had made a permanent base, that could withstand the attacks of the Nemaeun forces for weeks, possibly months.


Constantine, upon returning to the Command chamber, would order a pair of servitors, hooked into the communications array, to send a transmission to the fleets Captains to begin taking out all satellites and orbital platforms, whether they are communications, weather, weapons defense systems, they all were to be shot down immediately.

Aboard the ship Spear of Vraks, Captain Kaan had busied himself with the relay of orders from Lord General Constantine. The escort flotilla of three Dominator-Class Cruisers, three Gothic-Class Crusiers, and two Avenger-Class Battlecruisers. Kaan’s servitors had began long range scans, as well as short range scans, detecting the floating communication sattelites, as well as their military satellites. Several of the ships unloaded a few fighters to carry out these orders, destroying whatever they found in the process of their scans. Those that were within colliding distance with the ships, were picked off by the Lance batteries mounted to the hull with relative ease.

Constantine saw this underway from a pict-feed routed directly onto the screens before him. He turned on heel, looking directly to kaffaren “Prepare the Regiment for War.”



CharlotteCarrendar as M.E.R.C.Y
Western front.

The war torn remains of a shattered city were standng as a testimony to the damage inflicted by the tainted chaos rebels so long ago. Most of the refugees had fled for the bigger cities, and now it appeared that the streets belonged to rats and ghosts. Down one street, a 12 year old boy is pushing a rickety cart, with its wheel oddly off balance. Reaching a pile of dead corpses, soliders of fortune that tried to ransack the already ravaged city, the boy started to fossic through the charred bodies, rummaging for anything of value, that could be used in the dome.

The sound of metallic foot falls come up from behind, and the boy turns around in fright, his voice like that of a frightened animal. Only to see, that it is “Mother” – “Sorry..sorry, you scared me.” the boy said, going back to his business, of digging through the torn pockets, while the blonde cyborg in the torn uniform turned her head slowly from left to right, her red eye glinting, as it got techincal readouts from the surrounding buildings.

The boy struck pay dirt, pulling out two small hand guns, and a pocket watch, which he rattled and held up to his ear to see if it worked. Well pleased he stood up, and this was when you could see that one of his legs was actually cybernetic.

“Backz do dhe dome.” The cyborg ordered, as the boy tossed the guns and watch in the cart. Togehter, they continued through the rubble filled street.


KingFalthosHellbore: -The very first few days after the order was given, an army of death had marched. Tanks in their thousands had began their trek towards Lorewall, Boots marching in ordered droves of men. Their helms, reflecting the very faces of those they had face, each being the same. The skulled visages of the dead stared at lorewall with hunger for bloodshed and death. They were the harbringers of doom. The Hammer of the Emperor, stood now before lorewall. 1.5 Million men, with over 75,000 War Machines. Each a siege weapon in itself. They had halted at least thirty miles from Lorewall before they entrenched deep into the earth. The trenchline had ran roughly ten miles from east to west. The Basalisk cannons in their droves had aimed skyward as the main force had pushed onward. The lochs base had risen from the center of the land-mass, their cannons raised and primed with earthshaker rounds. All too, raised skyward. The deathstrike Missle Launchers had primed their firing mechanisms. From orbit, the Destroyers had primed their targets on the Capital, ready to anihilate the Military structures that formed the defenses of the great city. Constantine stood in command within Baneblade, retro-fitted to hold a command center within its confines, accompanied by a formation of Baneblades, consisting of 3 Lucius Pattern Baneblades, whilst the other six had comprised of 2 Stormblades, and 2 Shadowsword Titan Killers.

Constantine’s tank formation broke off to the western side of Lorewall, whilst the other contingent broke to the east. Constantine’s formation consisted of 1 Shadowsword, 1 Stormsword, and 1 Lucius Baneblade. The rest formed up and stormed eastward. The 901st had mounted into Golliath Assault Transports, their massive, heavily armored hulls lurched forward, accompanied by several Leman Russ battalions. After the initial assault, the Leman Russ tanks would move to bring down the walls and enemy armor support, while the transports unloaded the kriegers. All was going according to plan. The very first shot, to start the war, had been not of the Ships, or the tanks, but of the very thunder of Artillary. Shell after heavy munitions shell was lobbed towards Lorewall. Hell had broken from the sky as black dots, as swift as the wind, descended on billowing, mournful cries, as each shell delivered bright fire-encased clouds of death onto the enemies of the Imperium. The very earth beneath their feet, shook from the cacaphony of destruction. The Main force were miles away still, yet their chorus of death had followed them, long before their arrival. Bombardment after Bombardment, the shells landed, destroying whole city blocks, causing buildings to collapse and civilians to perish. Millitary personel who were left unprepared would become non-exsistant, and the only remains would be a crater, if these shells hit their targets. Death Came, and Death made its judgement. Its cries, heralded the end to the Foe, Now the War had come to Lorewall.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Off the coast of Bebilith Bay in the south of the nation, the War ships, Tanzenia and Bathelza were using their radars and tracking navigational systems to gauge the incoming shells being fired from enemy craft that were now making their march for the capital. On board the Tanzenia, the Captain, James Spettelo was standing in behind the chief communications officer, as the large holographic monitors were displaying the vast armies of the Krieg and Imperial forces. He puffed his pipe angrily, as the blue and red outlines of the holographics were mirrored upon his face. “Give me ETA, Seargeant!” The Seargeant gulped and he himself fournd the numbers to be simply staggering. “Sir, they are only thirty miles outside of the capital. Comms in our atmosphere have been cut due to strikes against the satellites.” The Captain was furious, and yelled in the Chief comm’s ear. “This will be over before we even launch! Sky castle on line?” The Comms started to patch through, and there was an image of the command deck, that was shrouded in a red glow, as the crews were working frantically to get missle locks on the incoming tanks. The Captain then gave the order. “Fire all tommahawk and cruise missles at the enemy tanks. We need to back up the front line.”

The orders were patched through to the gunners and the missles were loaded automatically into their cannons, while teams of drone aircraft were taking off from Sol’s plains, all fitted with massive payloads, that would be flown straight into the path of the oncoming troops of the Imperial forces.

General Toto, a Nemauen civil war vetran and highly decorated officer of the Nemauen armed forces, was now down from his tower and speaking on a loudspeaker, to all the ground troops, their numbers had swelled to over 300, 000 men and women. The full force of the Neamuen ground army were all armed with las guns, and grenades. Bayonets for closed in fighting to be strapped to the fronts of their guns. Two Command officers were on horseback, and rode up and down the flanks that stood before the razor wire, and all cheered, as they were now going to do what they had been trained to do all their lives.


Flanking the ground forces, over t000 leopard tanks had joined in the front lines, their cannons primed and aimed at mutiple targets that were now appearing on their scopes.

Skycastle was also moving slowly from its hovering place over the capital, to take on the massive technological terror of the Imperials. There was no time to say goodbye to loved ones, only the knowledge that they would be seeing them again…in heaven.


KingFalthosHellbore: – Constantines Auspex scanners picked up the oncoming missles with precise accuracy. Constanine would stare up at his command retinue as he said “Issue wide-spread maneuvers, spread out the units, and deploy smoke around the transports. Send the Deathstrike missles to that floating fortress they have, and bring it down over them. I want their thrusters taken out and for them to all die beneath its mass. Send orders to the fleet to rain down hell upon the enemy. Bring them down. Burn them. Destroy them. Let none of their troops survive. Kill them all.” With that, the order was relayed. The missles hit the several of the Leman russ tanks, giving medium damage to all those within its blast radius, destroying at least three to four, tipping over an additional two, however they were ignored by the oncoming horde, simply moving around them as smoke plumes ascended skyward.

At the Loch Trollsbane, The Cannon Platforms that sent heavy earthshaker rounds towards Lorewall, had also greeted the sound of Missles being launched. The Deathstrike missles, when hitting the propulsion system of the skycastle, would crater their thrusters, effectively dropping the entire landmass down ontop of their lines. Viper squad had began to embark into their Salamanders for Deployment. Before this however, Garov would say to the Lieutenant

“Wait for me, I’ll be home shortly.” He then kissed her, possibly their last kiss, but it was something to at least remember him by. He shoved his helmet on, putting the mask over his face that made him blend in with the rest of the crowd. The roar and thrum of the engines signified that they were ready to deploy. The last words anyone heard when they roared off was “FOR KREIG AND THE IMPERIUM OF MAN!!” Shouts and whoops could be heard as Viper, along with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Squads mounted into their own Goliath Transports. The last transmission sount out widely, was mutterings of the Litany of Absolution.

The Baneblades hammered shells downrange with such thunderous percussions, that it sounded as though a titan had treaded near them. The treads, had dwarfed Astartes in comparisson. They were hulking metal machines, dedicated each with various weapons, decorated specifically for the occasion of death. War’s fires raged as bright lances of light heralded from the sky, bringing on wings of fury the death of the defenders of Lorewall. Bright and fiery explosions could be seen in the city, specifically Military sectors. Leman russ tanks opened fire when they were within range, lobbing hate-filled shells towards the enemies. If one were to hear, just for a moment, even if they were a hundred miles away, they would hear something close to a raging thunderstorm, delivering a non-stop barrage of explosions. Constantine could feel the cabin of the Baneblade jerk as it lobbed its payloads outward, the precussive blasts of the tomahawk missles did their work, yet it would not slow their advance. He would climbe the ladder, with what seemed a large pole wrapped in a crimson cloth. He would stand, halfway out the hatch, sword raised in hand as the banner of the 901st became unfurled. The flag, in its depiction, showed a Leman Russ tank, flanked cross-ways by two las-rifles, and a quote beneath it, written in gothic text “Imperator Dominatus”.

Thunderbolt squadrons descended from the atmosphere, on wings of fire, screaming heavy-bolter fire to strafe the harbor. Las-cannon bolts would rip through metal and shell casings in bright lances of light, however, some being shot down as returning fire ripped through their hulls, sending them screaming into the sea. This day, the enemy would taste death and defeat.


CharlotteCarrendar: – With the propulsion thrusters knocked out by the incoming missle strikes, the hulking Giant known as Skycastle, was a dead weight sitting in the sky. Well, not for long. With nothing left to support its enormous mass, the hulking cruiser careened into the west side section of Lorewall, affectively crushing entire blocks of homes and businesses, killing well over a million people effectively. Horrified onlookers from other parts of Lorewall saw the pride and majesty of the Nemeaun government destroyed, without a single cannon shot being fired from its secret weapon, the Sun canon. The explosive force of the skycastle hitting the earth, made for a shockwave,, that spanned over a radius of 200 miles, and even those in the back regiment of the Krieg would have both seen and felt it go down.

In the Loch, word was filtering in from the assault on the capital, and the Lieutenant was walking in circles, till Garov took her in his arms and promised he would return home. Their last kiss, was their first. Letting her go, she bowe her head and prayed for her loved ones in Lorewall.

The massive swell of ground forces were now on the move, with the successful airstrikes made by the ship to land missles. The battle cry of over 300, 000 was like a massive roar, as the army were ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. Wearing power suits, wth HUD helms, they thundered across no man’s land, and right into the front line of the Krieg. There were many a soldier that fell to the las canons and the las guns held by the Krieg forces, but the soliders were unrelenting, wave upon wave….brother to replace his fallen comrade, to get as many of these bastards as they could, before they bought the big ticket to heaven.

Military installations across Lorewall were ablaze, with the backdrop behind the oncoming army of a sky red and orange, with massive plumes of black smoke that threatened to blot out the sun. The leopard tanks were firing shells in the direction of the Baneblades, and some meet their mark, while others were blown up before firing a shell


KingFalthosHellbore: –The baneblades hull would become dented by the percussive blasts of the shells being fired. The armor plating was designed to take such a beating, that, any normal amount of firepower that would reduce a leman russ to slag, would penetrate only so far into its Ceramite, plas-steel, and rockrete interior. Constantine felt the baneblade rock as he shouted “SPONSON GUNNERS! TAKE THEM OUT!” he waved his ornate powersword while sending salvo after salvo of zealous fire at the tanks, the .75 cal. bolt rounds slamming into the tanks at sporadic fire-rates. The heavy-bolter sponson turrets turned and slammed rapid-fire shells down at the tank formations.

The Goliath Transports saw the charge, dropping their assault ramps, they were met likewise with bright lances of light, the charge of the kriegers was astonishing, a black swarm was seen. Commissars ran out, their power-swords alight with energy as they charged. Fire surrounded them, scorching earth, flesh and metal. When they clashed, bayonets met flesh, and skin was torn asunder. Kriegers in the front, literally lept up with knives in hand, ready to slice the enemy to peices. Everything became chaos, as the two armies met. Cannon fire, laser fire, artillary fire, exploded all around them, mens death-cries would be heard within the din of the battle. Treads crushed bodies as the tanks advanced. They refused to stop their course, even if it meant running the enemy over. Turrets fired, heavy weapons teams fired heavy salvo rounds hammered into the enemy. Kriegers died in their droves. Those mortally wounded, whether half of their bodies were torn apart, or their legs or arms missing, crawled towards the enemy with knives or grenades in hand, seeking to martyr themselves in the name of the Emperor. The might of the Imperial Guard, the Hammer of the Emperor, Slammed down onto the anvil of war, the sparks, lighting the flames of fiery bloodshed, of which surrounded them all this fateful day.

Viper squad had made it halfway to Lorewall, before they had come across the second tank division, of which held the three baneblades. They decided that, since coming from the east, they would punch a hole straight through the walls of Lorewall, to take it to the heart of the enemy command.


CharlotteCarrendar :- An apocalyptic scene when the massive armies finally started to converge, as the drones continued to fly over head, before spiralling down behind enemy lines, to take out as many of the Goliath Transports, which were a much larger target than the bane blades. The bloodied cries and scream as men in their tens of thousands, were gunned down as they met the Krieg head on. The show of force was unlike anything they had encountered in any other part of the country. This was the final siege, the gateway to the command centre. The lines had to hold, or else the entire nation would fall to the Imperial army.

Two command officers had ridden on horseback through the massive thrrong of hundreds of thousands, one carried a large sword, and he swung it repeatedly, as the blooded horse galloped through the oncoming lines. Course such a moving target was easy pickings for the Krieg, and both horses were shot, causing their riders to be hurled forward, one breaking his neck, the other being beheaded by a sword wielding Krieg officer.

The lines of leopard tanks, that were firing volleys of shots, were systematically decimated by the oncoming enemy tanks. Blooded hand prints and detatched limbs littered the ground, as some crawled through the carnage, only to be put out of their misery by a hand grenade thrown at them.


KingFalthosHellbore: – A commissars head had flown off of his shoulders as his body fell. His body collapsed and yet Kreigers rushed onto the person that had killed the Commissar. Slaughtering all before them. As the war pushed forward to their lines, behind them however, were an entity all the more Fearsome. The Quartermaster. The Quartermaster was a krieger that was accompanied by a Gun Servitor, and a Utility servitor, with his own Banner. He went out, to execute the kriegers still alive but were unable to serve still, or kill the enemy survivors. The remaining gear from the Kriegers would be taken from the bodies, anything that could be used to continue the fight, would be given to surviving kriegers. No remorse. No tears of mourning shed. Merely a routine stop, a looting, then moving onto the next. This happened for the entire battle line.

Constantine’s zeal rose within him, ushering the the forces to push through. The cannon blast would tear through the walls. Giant treads crushed the rock beneath as the tank roared into the city itself, tankfire blasting away at any rebels.

Vipers unit had infiltrated and pierced the eastern walls. Their tanks hitting the districts beyond the defense walls.