RP : The Dark Tower.
July 25, 2013 12:31AM

GM : SlappyKinkaid

The Dark Tower.

The Dark Tower (July 31, 2011)


Guest_ClothoAevum: The ted looking creature smiled as Slappy sat down, raising a fist casually to his forehead in the customary salute of the line of Eld, which is a line that Slappy actually didn’t come from, but he was still too dazed it seemed to notice. “Long days and pleasant nights to you my boy. How are ya? We have much to discuss.” the temper of the one sitting to his right was putting him slightly on edge, but he wasn’t too concerned about it at the moment. He looked back down to the beach and nodded to the pale woman approaching. “hile Daneeka, Come join us.”

KaljadaWintersun: -A man called a name that to her for this moment in time seemed to mean nothing. Was it of another? She searched her mind, as the name played over and over, till the voice began to that of a deep Russian accent, one that she had not heard in a very long time. Taking tentative steps, she approached the porch, stepping up the timber steps, her boots clacking against the wood, moving with a cat like grace, her clawed hands reaching for the back of an outdoor chair, and lowering herself in as she stared at each man in turn. “Daneeka…why do you seek her?” -a question which she asked, for she knew that from a time before this, that is who she was-

Slappykinkaid: Slappy’s mind was racing trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. “Ted? Is that really you? Fuck I haven’t seen you in ages. Um… Why…. Where… How…. Uh….. WHAT?” He stammered. He barely noticed the woman sitting down next to him. “Im confused. Really fuckin confused”

Guest_AtroposMortis: The man in the suit just sat staring forward, not even acknowledging the new arrivals It wasn’t just these that he was angry with, but the goddam writer, who shall remain nameless, & especially that last bumbling imbicile of the line of Eld who cant seem to get his shit together and keeps re-running the same god dam cycle over and over again while the last 2 remaining beams holding the Tower eroded away

Guest_ClothoAevum: The man who Slappy greeted as ted, was also called Clotho in another encounter not far from here looked at Slappy. “Nay friend, I am not Ted, I am merely taking his form so that to avoid frieghtening you. I..we I guess you could say are the voice of the Dark Tower, custodians and guardians of it. And we must come to you seeking aid and succor. Time is growing short and it would seem that Roland of Gilead is not able to break the cycle of repitition and truley redeem himself, or at least may not before all falls.” He then looked over to the woman. “And Daneeka, your forgettfulness blinds you. You know who we are and why you are here.”

KaljadaWintersun: “My forgetfulness is understandable for all I have been through of late” -she said, folding her arms, a sign that she was putting up defences, for she was still uneasy in this form. “My life took a twist which means I appear here before you, looking as I do.” Her crystaline eyes gazed at the man known as Ciotho, distrust in her eyes- “No one had called me Daneeka in the longest of times, so you must forgive my surprise. You mention the Dark Tower, and that you are the custodians of it, why do you seek my aid now…after all these years?”- her lips pursed and became thin, no emotion on her face-

Slappykinkaid: Slappys head cleared some hearing the man speak. “No, not Ted… Of course not, The Tower hasnt been a concern of mine for many years though. I mean Roland was winthin a days walk of reaching it when we parted company with him. Surely he reached it and made it to the top. What was there left to do?” Looking to the woman, he commented “You looked different last time I saw you.”

Guest_AtroposMortis: The man in the suit, we will just call him No. 2 inhaled a deep breath with a grim look of irritation on his face. “We seek aid from him because he was Ka-tet with Deschain and at least has enough knowledge of these things to not fuck things up. Plus it is part of his KA. As it is yours.” he said in a even but strained tone. “But you more so because you… Owe…. BIG…” He turned his face to the woman. “You heartless, self absorbed, greedy fuck. Its people like you who just speed the process along. People who only care about what they can get for themselves, who cares who suffors for it.” He rose to his feet amd was upon her, standing before her in a flash. “YOU ARE GOING TO DO YOUR PART TO REDEEM YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE GODS DAMN YOU! WHEN THE TIME CAME FOR HIM… ” His pointing finger shot out at Slappy. “& THE REST OF HIS TET TO RAID THE DEVAR TOI, (Algul Siento), THE PLAN WAS ORIGIONALLY TO LAY WASTE TO ALL THERE! LOW MEN, TAHEEN AND BREAKERS LIKE YOURSELF ALIKE. ITS ONLY BECAUSE OF THE GUY WHO HE…” Jerking his thumb at the Ted creature, lets call him No. 1, “RESEMBLES & A FEW OTHERS WHO I KNOW YOU WELL REMEMBER THAT YOU ALL WERE SPARED!!! THEY SET YOU FREE INSTEAD OF SNUFFING YOU OUT, DESPITE THE FACT THAT YOU WENT ALONG WITH THEIR AGENDA WILLINGLY ENOUGH, DESPITE BEING “PRISONERS” THERE! & HOW DO YOU REPAY THEIR MERCY? BY LIVING A LIFE OF MURDEROUS, SELF ABSORBED CONSUMPTION & WASTE!!! JUSTIFY YOUR LIFE CULLY!!!!! TELL ME I BEG! WHAT JUSTIFICATION IS THERE FOR NOT JUST ENDING YOUR WORTHLESS EXISTENCE RIGHT THEN AND THERE?” He was so furious he was shrieking at the woman, his eyes blazed with fury as he screamed down into her face.

Guest_ClothoAevum: No 1 reached out a steadying hand to No 2 and motioned for him to sit down and calm himself. “Now now friend, there is no need for such outrage, we can all discuss these matters in a civilized manner yes?” He turned his attention to the woman. “He is right though, you have caused considerable harm whether you meant to or not. And sadly we must now confront this matter.”

KaljadaWintersun: -The man in the suit, who rose from his chair, a look of hell fire and brimstone, as his veins stood out on his neck. He started out speaking in a normal tone, but all of a sudden as if gripped by the very rage that was consuming his soul, he tore into Kaljada, or Deneeka with all he was worth, his hot breath right in her face, which she neither showed any emotion. This may well have spurned on the onslaught of vicious insults, which were a barrage including cussing. How she should be thankful and yet she has let herself be tempted by greed, violence, murderous ways, sins of the flesh, and a tyranous nature. To him she was not worth to even be spat upon, lower than the dirt beneath his boots. Silence from her as the second man rose, trying to calm the man in the suit, and it was then that she would speak. “You may not care nor wonder why I sit before you in this form, but let me tell you, I have paid the ultimate price for my sins, so don’t you dare speak of me in such an insolence tone”- she rose slowly, her clawed hands gripping the armrests, as she pushed up to standing, at over six foot in height, her crystaline orbs locking onto the man in the suit. “You can’t do what has already been done. I stared into the eyes of satan himself and he laughed in my face. Existance is but the now, and will not be the forever….*she looked at the man whom had tried to settle him*…death is but a beginning….I will welcome it with open arms and nestle to the bosom of my new mother”-

Slappykinkaid: Slappy was a bit taken aback by the sudden outburst of Mr suit man, (No 2) but did to a degree understand his anger. He had read Daneeka’s files. She left quite a trail behind her. She was not his concern though, he already had enough headache on his plate, but yes he supposed that part of the mess he was tasked with cleaning up in Lisegia, was due to Daneekas antics. He wasn’t nearly as irate though, just tired. He turned his attention back to No 1 and repeated his question. “You never answered me, didn’t Roland complete his quest? Isnt our obligation to the tower fulfilled with him finishing there?”

Guest_AtroposMortis: No 2 looked Daneeka squarely in the eyes as she stood and spoke. “I care not if you suffered from your poor choices. & What I say is not insolence and you know it. You have lived a selfish, trite and hollow life and because of it, many have suffered, even those not directly involved. You may have suffered loss for your errors, but you must face the reality that your own suffering, just like the suffering you cause was YOUR doing. Take responsibility for your crimes, Stop being so self absorbed & start thinking about the effects your actions have on the universes around you. Oh and by the way, Death is not always a beginning. In some worlds, amd on some levels of the Tower, death is FINAL. And if the Tower falls, There is nothing to welcome.” With that he sat back down and grimly looked back out over the soft ripples of sand on the beach, and at the sunset out where the sea and the horizon met

KaljadaWintersun: -A flash of anger that would burst into words- “I DID WHAT WAS ASKED OF ME!”- her voice changing, menacing as though the creature whom she was now was possessed by the devil himself. “My actions were to bring about the greatness of the clan, and I did my job well. Had it not been for that BITCH Doctor Greer, I would not be as you see me today…but in my apartment overlooking Lorewall, that was my town. You say death is not a beginning, and that if the tower falls that, death is final….final for you maybe”- she turned away and then walked out to the shore line as the waves broke on the sand. Though she was Etherician in this embodiment there was the memories left behind Daneeka/Natasha. A hollowed scream that would scatter the gulls, only to be drowned out by the crashing of another wave. Forever it seemed she must face those who hate her for her crimes, no matter what she was or who. The second man did approach, offering his words that Natasha forgive the man who had verbally spat at her. “You ask what I remember…*her eyes reflecting the blue of the sea*…the true nature of the universe is that it is nothing but a black hole which will eventually claim all of us, as time grows short” – a lone gull would cry as it flew overhead-

Slappykinkaid: Slappy watched Daneeka respond to the more irate of the 2 strangers, He understood her frustration as well as his, but he did remember all too well what he had seen during his travels along the path of the Beam. He felt a degree of respect for Daneekas ambition for success, but pitted her blindness. Had she been aware of the futility of her “clans” endeavours and how small they as well as both their worlds were in the grand scheme of things, she would have understood. He looked back to No 1 & nodded. “Yes I would like to know what happened.”

Guest_ClothoAevum: NO 1 nodded. “Very well then.” He gestured his hand towards the fire pit. Above it a scene played out of Slappy and Jules, (the character Jules), walking through the Ironwood door that Patrick Danville drew into existance, then as it shut behind them, the gun slinger, (Roland of the Eld that is), sat with his head in his hands before the door that would never again open onto the world his remaining members of his Ka-Tet left to. Oy lay nearby with his muzzle lying on his paws, still morose from the loss of the boy, Jake, he was so close to. Oy who would soon reach the clearing at end of his own path. He saw Roland and Patrick reach the field of Roses surrounding the Tower called Kan Ka No Rey, each one a physical manifestation of other worlds. They saw him battle and defeat the Crimson King from where he stood imprisoned on a balcony in the side of the Tower, (c)

Guest_ClothoAevum: They saw Roland approach the door to the Tower, and watched him enter. They saw him ascend the Tower that he had travelled so many miles to reach, and had sacrificed so much, spent so many decades working towards this one obsession of reaching the Tower and ascending to its top. When he finally reached his goal at the Top of the Tower, he found a door with his name writ upon it. & after so many years, and so many miles, and after so much sacrifice, toil and loss, finally reaching the goal of his life, he opened the door. What they saw on the other side of that door shocked them as much as it did the gun slinger. Upon opening the door, he came to the horrifying realization that this was not the 1st time he had reached the tower. Not by a long shot. They all watched in horror as Roland Deschain of the line of Eld was pulled through the door to the middle of the Mohine desert, just shortly after he left the town of Tull, as he chased after the man in Black, Walter o Dim, beginning yet another circuit in a continual loop of his quest, still once again many miles and years from reaching the Tower.

Slappykinkaid: Looking over to Daneeka. he drew her attention from the waters edge and to the fire. “Daneeka. perhaps you simply don’t understand,” the image changed to the tower rotating as the axis on which a multitude of universes rotated on. some of these were keystone worlds, like the one the Tower stood in for example, others were not. “Daneeka, the tower is a physical manifestation of all existance. All the planets of all the universes are held on its axis. That is why it is so crucial. If it should fall, then all that exists, including you and whatever world you & your “clan” inhabit, will be plunged into the chaotic darkness of the primordial void.”

KaljadaWintersun: -She walked back from the water’s edge, and shakes her head- “If I knew that that be the case, do you think I would be acting as I do…*she sighs*…then how is it that but a few can stop the tower from falling?” -She truly couldn’t fathom how it would be possible to achieve such a feat, and besides, all would need to be united in this task and so far that didn’t seem to be what was happening.

Slappykinkaid: Slappy sat in shock seeing what happened. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” He blurted out. “So he ended up going backwards to just shortly after I met him & keeps doing it all over again over & over again? & Just what in the blue fuck am I supposed to do? I’m not some kind of magician or superhero or anything. So you tell me just what the hell am I supposed to do? Oh and by the way, whose going to take care of all the other stuff that I still dont have enough time in the day to handle?”

Guest_AtroposMortis: Ni 2 was getting annoyed again, “Just what the hell did you think it was you and the other Breakers were doing at the Devar Toi Daneeka? What did you think would happen once the beam you were wearing away at snapped? There would be some big party with cake?”

KaljadaWintersun: “A cheesecake at the very least…..and turning on me is not going to do you any favours….trust me, when I say, if I could change what happened, don’t you think I would have?”- She felt like she was getting nowhere at all with this. A lone gull continued to cry as it flew over head, the waves still pounding against the sand….like a tape recording the same thing over and over, repetition to infinity….was that was this was…she started to wonder.-

Guest_ClothoAevum: No 1 simply calmly nodded and told her. “of course you didnt know, most people cant see past their own noses, but you should have known better. After your time at the Devar Toi, you should have known better. The very beam that you were wearing away at is one of only 2 of the original 6 that supported the tower. & now we must find a way to reverse the damage.”

Slappykinkaid: Slappy looked back at No 1 “So just how am I supposed to reverse this? I really would be interested to hear this. Seriously.” He was trying to sound amused, but he was feeling even more tired than ever.

Guest_ClothoAevum: “Honestly there may be no hope for reversing the damage. But somehow the cycle must break. The remaining 2 beams must be kept safe. If they are preserved then all may yet be well for aeons to come. But there were still 4 intact when he began his quest. & even though time may reset for him, it moves on for the rest of us. That is why it has grown soft.”

KaljadaWintersun: ‘Then someone tell us how to keep the final two intact….not have us sit here arguing about who was bad or who killed who. The past is done, for us it cannot be changed. The cycle of my ways ended at the conversion with the liquid ethra, and what you see before you, is how I shall remain till the end of my existence on this god forsaken earth”- she went up to the man in the suit- “Tell us…tell us now what you wish seen done…and maybe, just maybe if we work together…we can do this”- she would remain unmoving till he answered her-

Guest_AtroposMortis: No 2 was still annoyed with the woman’s demeanour “Stow the attitude child because the reason we are “arguing” about who did what is because, although you may have ruined yourself from your own mistakes, it seems you have yet to learn the folly of your own self serving outlook. You have caused significant damage to us and in doing so, to all of existence. Maybe instead of getting defensive with this self righteous “whats gode is done” attitude, you should face your atrocities Apologize and start understanding that as long as you live for your own interests, you will gain nothing but failure and eventually your own undoing, as you have already found. Maybe once you understand that you might have some hope of redeeming yourself. As for what you can do, that is simple. You continue as normal for now, you will know what you need to do when the time comes. Same as hippy dippy tattoo boy there. YOU however might want to keep a low profile though because it seems that your previous talents as a breaker are back in demand and there have been agents of the red sniffing around to track down former breakers. Mayhap they intend to re-open operations ar the Devar Toi, or maybe position themselves elsewhere along the path of the 2 remaining means.” & then he smirks a little. “Oh and as far as you remaining the way you are, that CAN be easily remedied”

KaljadaWintersun: -Daneeka/Kaljada was not one to normally sit still and be turned on as though she was some lecherous evil doer, who would never change her ways, no matter the colour of her skin, or race. No 1 continued to remind her of her failings in her past life, her weakness to do evil onto others, and that she must repent for what she has done, to make up for just some of the damage that she had inflicted on so many in her young life. Refusing to be drawn out and baited yet again by No 1, she simply sat down and folded her arms, eyes of crystalline staring directly at him, for though he had a point, she realised that he needed her as much as the other men. There was to be not second chances, the dark tower would fall if the beams were not preserved and supported. “I think it would be wise of me to say that I have learned from the past, tis why I am presented to you as I am now. And I seek the redemption to ensure the dark tower stands true, but you men, that is up to you whether or not you believe in me.” -she then releases her arms and holds the arms of the chair as she remains emotionless. “I will join you all to see to the success of this endeavour….for the sake of all…not just myself”

Guest_ClothoAevum: No 1 nodded, “I am certain you have, we just want to ensure that you understand the gravity of this matter. You must return to Lorewall, as there are some who you must meet with there as well. When you both awake, you will feel well rested, but will not remember this shortly after. But you will remember enough to fulfil your tasks.”

Slappykinkaid: Slappy suddenly felt like he was being almost sucked down into his chair as he dropped from this dream scape, or this level of the Tower, or whatever it was. The quiet little New England beach setting in autumn seemed to rip open around him and he felt like he was falling. The last thing he remembered before awaking back in his own bed was the faint discordant sound of chimes.

KaljadaWintersun: -Kaljada eases back into the chair, as the words of the men around her suddenly start to meld with that of the crashing of the waves upon the sand, the lone gull calling overhead is heard over and over till eventually her eyes close, and she is back in her bed in the Embassy in Loch Solitude, her faithful snow pup Freki at her feet. She rolls over and continues to sleep…but outside her window a white snowy owl hoots.-

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July 25, 2013 12:39AM
In the early part of 2012, the First national bank of Lorewall was struck by a bombing attack, while the gunslingers, Slappy, and Daneeka were dining in a cafe in the heart of Lorewall’s financial district. The bombing had a massive impact on the financial heart of the nation, but not only that, it led to the strengthening of the Fuyu no arashi’s hold on the monetary interests of this young nation. The bombing itself, was carried out by terrorists, who wished to cause anarchy and chaos, a common theme in the nation of Nemaues, especially with the Wars of Chaos, that had decimated the West, and brought ruin and hardship to the North of the country.

With Daneeka reacquainting herself with her fellow travellers, after being released from the binds of M.E.R.C.Y, and spending time in Lorewall base Hospital, where one of the group was found to have cancer. Dark times it seems have now affected all, with the war of the Titans, set to be the show down of the very planet itself. Will the Gunslingers and their breaker friends, be able to help a country on the edge of all out war, or will they be too caught up, to try and save the very existence of all, if the Tower falls?



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July 26, 2013 07:15PM
Journal of Slappy Kinkaid

Entry 1

10 years have passed since we 1st breached the dimensional membrane between our world & that of Lisegia. Since then we have abandoned our efforts to bring about any form of reform with the people of Nemaus. It seems they are hell bent on self destruction, & all our efforts to redirect thier barbaric tendancies were met with nothing but resistance & push back. We have since then re-focused our attention on trying to minimize the spill over damage from their world to ours. We have made some alarming discoveries however. It seems that the Cancer that Hatchet died from was caused by high level radiation he experienced while investigating the remains of Malthos Point after the mysterious events that occurred there. Further monitoring of events within Nemaus have confirmed this as many other survivors from Malthos Point & the oultaying areas have developed simmilar conditions. We have noticed that in the northern reaches of the territories of Elford in our own world have developed strange almost ghostlike radioactive trace activity. When we overlaid a map of the region over a map of Nemaus, we found the area in question was in the same proximity as Malthos Point. We have theorized that there must be some form of bleed over through the dimensional membrane between the 2 worlds that is causing this. We have been monotoring this phenomenon closely. Some have suggested returning to Nemaus to try again to work with the leaders of their govt, but from what I recall of the Carrendars, they lack both the motivation & the ability to improve their circumstances. In fact, it seems they are in a constant state of war.

This has created another interesting phenomenon as well now that I think of it. while monitoring their world, we have notice that at some points, the landscape appers to be a war zone with these hulking brutes just battling it out, & then at other times, there is no sign of this what so ever. It is almost like there are 2 separate worlds that intermitantly fade in & out, one overlaying the other.

Locally we have also been pre-occupied with domestic issues of our own. about 3 years ago, we nearly lost Garrock to an explosion at one of the bio research facilities. He lost both of his arms, & sustained signifficant damage to the entire right side of his body. It’s a wonder he survived at all. Thankfully, due to the cloning research we have been doing for the past few decades, his staff was able to reconstruct cybernetic limbs to replace his arms, & graft over the damaged tissue. We were able to clone the soft tissue thankfully, but we still have yet to figure out how to clone his bone mass. He had some form of genetic anomily that we have yet to identify. He has been in a coma until about a year ago, & has only recently been able to adapt to his new replacement parts. Needless to say, it has been an interesting past 3 years in the scientific community. His arms are essentially cybernetic implants with functional muscle & skin tissue. We have had success in cloning full scale humans, in fact the clone of myself has developed like a normal human would, It’s odd. It is almost like having a twin that is a good 15 years younger. interestingly enough though, it seems that we have discovered how to essentially make full body clones, only with cybernetic skeletons rather than organic ones. This may help make signifficant advances to treating people with bone defects & degenerative diseases. The turn of events has been strange, as he has become not only the head researcher into this field, but one of the primary test subjects as well.

Aside from that, economically we have remained stable & prosperous. the people are still happy. So there is good news still to report, however I have been having strange dreams again having something to do with my time back when I was traveling with that old dipshit gunslinger. I don’t know yet what they mean, but I’m sure that I will figure it out sooner or later. Either that or go batshit crazy. Either way works for me.

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July 26, 2013 09:11PM
Journal Entry of Daneeka Rostov


Entry 1

My life is a kaleidoscope of memories, some mine, some that belong to others. Voices of the living and the dead, that seep in and in my darkest dreams awaken me. I am left in a cold sweat most nights, and I find that those are the times, that I sit and stare as the coachoraches crawl across the floor of my small room. I have been back in Slappy’s world for so long, but all I can think about is the life I had back when I had another name. Some days, I fear of that place…Nemaues, that it is no better than Mother Russia, but who am I to say, and if I did…who would listen? I know why I was sent there, and I know what must be done if I am sent back. I am Daneeka Rostov and this is my story.

I can remember the day I was freed by Slappy Kinkaid. Trapped within the confines of the cyborg being M.E.R.C.Y. I can remember the cafe, the day of the bomb blast in Lorewall. A city, that has changed so much in the past few years. It is hard to keep up with it. The hospital, I remember that. Yes…when they found cancer in the good man Hatchet. I remember….I remember.

Not long after the days at the hospital, we were to return to Slappy’s time, his world. The people of Nemaues were caught in their own disasters much of which was their own making. Wars over chaos, and yet the heart of chaos seemed to beat within the very people that held power. They say power corrupts, I have seen it with my own eyes. I have heard it in the words of the speeches and the multi media. Swaying the votes, buying the sheep, the people who would ultimately be turned to cannon fodder in the wars with no end.

Days turned to months…months turned to years, and now after having almost lost Garrock in the explosion in the bio lab, he is more machine than man. What is it with this reliance on technology? Why can’t they see what they are creating with their own intelligence? Why can’t they see the future? Why are they so stupid to rely on gadgetry? I ramble…I know, I do this. I know not why. Maybe…someone will read this and say…she knew. She knew. Course I knew. I am a breaker.

The work that has been going on, with the cybernetics is fascinating to many of my companions, but there is something that they do not know. The …one that they took me from. M.E.R.C.Y. She has never left Lorewall. I know this, because I have seen her with my own eyes.In my mind. How is it possible for me to see a machine in another world? Like a ghost almost. One minute I close my eyes and then I catch sight of her, the next she vanishes when I open them again.. I know I should tell Slappy that I have seen her in that city…Lorewall, but he seems so preoccupied about the science programme. He is so hard to talk to anyways. What with my accent. Would he even believe me if I told him? I fear she has something to do with the chaos of late. Could it be? She is still part of me? . <3>


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July 27, 2013 09:33PM
Journal of Garrock Henderson

Entry 1

So I’ve finally gotten the hang of these new limbs, well kinda. I snapped 5 pencils just trying to write this so far. Which reminds me, I really need to talk to my staff about learning some tact. The 1st thing that someone hears after they just woke from a coma & found that their arms are not the same as when you last took inventory of them should not be “You might want to practice on a hot dog for a while, otherwise you will rip your dick off.” Good advice I suppose, but still a bit tacky.

That Daneeka chick that Slappy brought back with him is odd. She is always brooding & spending her time in the cellar & shit. Fuckin emo bullshit. Whatever though, It’s not my problem.

She pisses & moans about us tinkering with science all the time too. What the fuck? It’s called progress. Eh, whatever. Anyway, we have made some breakthroughs on on converting dead tissue back to stem cells for cloning new tissue. This could come in very handy soon. I’ll record progress as it goes along.

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August 19, 2013 05:05AM
Deep within the protective canopy of trees that is the Elurian forrests, Far to the east of the territories that make up the Kinkaid Republic, Mirrik sits in his hut closely examining old parchments & tomes. He, like his fellow Ioka live isolated from the rest of the world in their own society. Although well hidden from the eyes of the outside world, they have created a network of cities & villiages within the depths of the forrest where few outsiders roam. His is a society that has spent their lives dedicating themselves to studying the mysteries of the multiverse, seeking to discover the secrets of the fabric of existance itself. They are an odd bunch to say the least. An offshoot of an order of monks from the northeastern plains of Panetova, they migrated into the forrests to establish their monestary centuries ago. Over time, they seem to have managed to stop aging altogether. It is unknown as to whether they somehow achieved this feat through their studies, or if it is some form of effect from the forrest they inhabit, but they have not appeared to have aged a single day since they settled. Another oddity is the effect their surroundings have had on their physical appearance. Their skin has darkened to a charcoal grey tone, & their hair has turned almost bleach white. One would think that maybe so much time out in the elements, particularly the sun without any sunblock would be a likely cause, but lets face it. We have seen what tanning on crack looks like. & that aint it.
MiirikDiLowan: What is known of these strange people is not nearly as interesting as what is NOT known. They are very secretive. in fact the only things we do know about them is what can be pieced together from the accounts of random travelers who have happened upon their sanctuary. They are a lot like bigfoot in that sense, except less hairy & with less dried feces matted to their backsides.
MiirikDiLowan: On this particular day Mirrik is closely examining some odd parchment, Of what & where he got it from I have no idea. I’m just the narrator. Ask him, get off my back already. Where was I? Oh yes. He was looking it over & musing over the odd weather events that had been occurring over the far northwestern Ice shelf. North of where those outsiders, (The Kinkaid Republic) had settled a few decades ago when he gazed out his window & saw a strange cloaked figure approaching his hut.

The cloaked stranger made his way through the thick under brush carpeting the forest floor. As the old man made his way along, he pondered on how exactly he was supposed to keep from interfering in matters down on… this level. But shit, something needs to be done. The cycle just keeps looping over & over & over again & even though the reset button might get punched each time for some, it doesn’t’t for everyone else. Time is running out. If something isn’t done to break the cycle soon, everything is just going to come crashing to the ground. The fact is, sitting back on the sidelines just is NOT an option any more. They couldn’t just watch & wait for these issues to resolve themselves.

Hopefully, after he finishes here, they won’t have to involve themselves directly any further. Those lower level morons just don’t seem to know how to follow directions though. They made contact 10 years ago & they have done nothing. It’s a wonder they manage to get anything done at all. At least that old fart Roberts was able to do his job. Granted he needed his damn hand held the whole way, but the fucker at least got it done.

The old haggard man stepped out of the thick brush & into the clearing, making his way through the various huts & makeshift shacks of a small Ioken village. He saw the face of man he came to visit peering out the window of his hut as he approached. He took a deep breath & walked to the door thinking to himself “well here goes nothing”.

Miirik opened the door as the cloaked figure reached it. He stood there watching the man. The cloaked figure looked back at Miirik. They both stood motionless for a few moments. Miirik took a step backwards & gestured for the figure to come in. The man stepped past Mirrik & into the living room space of Miiriks home. The room was rather plain, wooden walls, floor & ceiling. There was a hand made wooden table sitting to one side. Well made with interesting carvings along the table legs & the sides of it, 2 wooden chairs on either side, the top of the table was scattered with assorted parchment scraps, a few old books & a small lamp. There was a large bookcase on the wall opposite to the door, & on the Northern wall of the hut was an archway leading to what appeared to be his bedroom.

Miirik gestured to the one of the seats at the table as he sat in the other one. The cloaked figure sat down as well. Miirik placed his hands on the table & looked steadily at the drawn, aged face of the stranger. (Miirik) “we don’t get many visitors here. You must have come a long way.” (stranger) “not as far as you would think, & still farther than you can imagine.” (Mirrik) “You speak in riddles?” He asked, raising an eyebrow slightly, bemused at the visitors reply. (Miirik) “Would you like some water to drink? I am sure you must be thirsty.” (stranger) “no. Thank you though. I am here to ask for your assistance in a very important matter.” (Miirik) “Ah. I see. What is the nature of this matter you speak of?” (stranger) “It is a matter that, if left unresolved, will mean the end of everything. Not just for this world, but all worlds.”
Miiriks eyes widened. He did not know what to make of this man. Did his words have some merit, or was he just a delusional fool? (mirrik) “Please. Tell me more. What is this threat to all the worlds as you put it.”
The stranger rubbed his hand along the side of his face, looking both tired & as though he was searching for a way to articulate his thoughts. (stranger) “You are aware of the multiverse correct? Not just of different worlds out in the cosmos, but different dimensions, different planes of reality, yes?” Miirik nodded. (stranger) “Ok. Well all of existance in the orderly world, rotates on a central axis. Some cultures have theorized that this axis rests on the back of a giant turtle, but that is just a fable. This axis is the center point that holds all of existance in place. At the hub of that axis, there is one particular world that holds a physical manifestation of the axis in the form of a tall soot gray tower. Do you still follow me?” Miirik nodded once again. He had heard & learned uch of other dimensions & parallel worlds, He had even traversed betwee worlds as he learned to plane shift. He was not familliar with this tower that this man spoke of though. (stranger) “Now this tower is held up by these channels of energy that the people of that world call ‘beams’. Although they may not be physical objects that can be cut down with a saw or any other tool, they can be disrupted, which results in an enormous earthquake, almost like a large deeply buried cable was suddenly ripped from the ground. These beams act as the support structure for this tower. They are the only thing holding the tower in place. If the tower falls, then the entire axis falls to peices & everything will be plunged into a chaotic nightmare where logic, order, everything ceases to be. All would descend into a chaotic void where whatever still remains would be a hellish landscape that to live upon would make death seem blissful by comparison.”
Miirik nodded. He understood what the man was telling him, but he could not understand why this tower would be such a critical feature. (Mirrik) “So tell me this. If this tower is so vital to the survival of all of existance, why is it designed in such a seemingly easy to destroy manner?” The stranger looked exasperated. (stranger) “Because the architects did not plan very well. Part of the problem was that they made a set of rules which they hold themselves to at all costs. One of which is, once the creation is made, it is to be set in motion & is not to be meddled with. They insist that they let their creation manage itself, rather than have to play nanny to it constantly. So the only way for them to fix the problem would be a total wipe out & to start over from scratch. That also is not an option sadly, as there are forces at work who will not let that happen. They seek the end of the tower in order to bring about total anniahlation & to rule over whatever remains. Despite that, we still have had to interfere at times in order to avoid total collapse, however even when we get the chance to do so, we are severely restricted in what we can do. One of the permitted measures was creating the bloodline on that world of a folklore hero by the name of Arthur Eld. We did this after the last time that world nearly destroyed itself. This bloodline of Eld was to operate in a boron like manner keeping the lands society in order. Unfortunately, as time went on, the descendants of Eld became increasingly dumber & dumber. The second to last in the bloodline let society itself fall, & the last is caught in an endless trap set by those forces that I spoke of, where he spends decade upon decade on a quest to reach the tower, to climb to its top in the hopes of somehow reversing the damage to his world, or at least facing whomever he feels is in charge, & all he gets every single time is sucked through a time loop that resets him back to a random point in his journey, where he starts all over again from that point. & while he goes through this constant loop, time for the rest of us still moves on. When he started his quest, there were still 4 of the original 6 beams still in place, & the 2 that had broen were starting to restore themselves. Now there is only 2 left.” Miirik nodded again & sat deep in thought. (Miirik, What I don’t understand is this. If this tower is on this whole other world, what is it you want with me? What am I to do to stop this?” (stranger) “you have the ability to travel to that world. Not only that, but not more than 500 miles from where we sit now, there is a group of people who have been to that world, & have crossed paths with that man. One is even a native from there & was a childhood friend of this man. Go to the west & seek out a man named Slappy Kinkaid. You are to gain what knowlege you can from him & then travel to that world to aid the man in ending his loop. The only chance we have in saving everything rests on you.”
Miirik was taken aback. Although he had travelled to other worlds before, it was a very tiring process. & even when he did that, the amount of times he had been outside the recluse of the forest he could count on both hands. So this was a rather monumental undertaking that was being asked of him. (Miirik) “Is there no other way?” The stranger shook his head slowly. This is sheer lunacy Miirik thought to himself. He began stammering & trying to think of some explanation as to why he cannot do this. The stranger 1st began looking annoyed, & then outright frustrated. The strangers arms shot across the table & clamped down on Miiriks head. Miirik began to spasm violently & became rigid. the veins on his neck & forehead bulged outward as though they would burst. the strangers eyes glowed with a bright fiery light. & then, as fast as it had began, it was over. The stranger released Miiriks head & placed his hands back on the table. Miirik was coughing & wheezing. Sweat was pouring from his face as he struggled to regain his composure. Once Miirik had caught his breath he sat exhausted in his chair. (Miirik) “I understand now.” The stranger nodded. He then reached into his cloak & pulled out a long wooden box. He placed the box on the table. “Take this to Kinkaid. He will know what to do. Once he has finished, you and he are to formulate a plan, & then you are to set off to All World.” Miirik nodded his head again. (Miirik) Very well. I will rest & then begin first thing in the morning.” The stranger nodded & then rose to get up. Miirik attempted to stand, but was too drained from their discussion & slumped back into his chair. The stranger walked to the door, opened it & then stepped out. (stranger) “Remember. Everything is resting on your shoulders. You MUST complete this task.” HE then closed the door behind him & began making his way back into the woods at the far end of the clearing.

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August 23, 2013 05:43PM
Journal Entry of Daneeka Rostov

Entry 2

What kind of world can be so clinical, to the point that everything is perfection? Gleaming skyscrapers, and sidewalks that are free of litter. There are no homeless, not a soul goes without. Is it wrong of me to feel so out of place? In the world I remember, it was the diamonds in the rough, that made society so diverse, yet here it is a sea of grey.

I have been outside. The technology is beyond astounding. Hundreds of years ahead of the time of mankind. They use hover cars and bikes. Has the wheel been replaced by electromagnetic pulse technology? What is this reliance on machines to do everything? Street sweepers, that are automated. I had one almost fly up the back of me. I have ridden in those flying vehicles. I was so sick, when it took off and then made a hard right turn, barely no time to catch my breath. They even have these A1’s that can be a woman’s best friend, if you get what I mean. Why would I want to lay with Tin man? The old days, you just bought a battery operated toy, now they talk to you and more. So wrong.

I know, that my attitude does not fit in well with the others. I have seen the looks that Garrock gives me. Probably thinks I am too broody, not appreciative of the splendors that this world offers. But I am an alien here. I don’t belong. Like a square peg in a round hole. I look to the sky….I see the old world in the back of my mind….and I want to go home. But where is home now? I have my mission, I accept that, but at the cost of all I hold dear? Soon..they will come for me, and it starts again…..


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The Northern Tundra
The sprawling compound was reminiscent of a cold frozen pyramid from a distance. Smoke billowed from the top of the main chambers and many lower huts that could be seen from the countryside. It was known to be a place of learning safety and vigilance. The monks of the Order lived peacefully in the Temple of Drakkeri. The Temple lie hidden to most of Estrion only because those in the Tundra that did survive did not wish for outside interference, and most that did travel that way died soon from the many dangers in the Northern Expanse and the severe cold there. They called them Downworlders anyone outside of the Tundra.


Ts-zak was recently given the higher tattoos of the order. He now had some of the highest knowledge that could be understood. They served no-one but themselves and their purpose. They had high ideals but served no man or god. Covered almost head to toe in tattoos each monk could call upon various powers and abilities. Ts-zak donned his cloak as he had been given his first mission to scout ahead as there had been many omens of late. The border tribes were warring again and the moon had risen in blood. He had left the temple monastery for near a fortnight…


Traveling back soundlessly he sees the first of the rifts appear..
Black beings appearing through holes in the air. They have bodies like beetles and armor and limbs which are like swords themselves. Obsidian and Onyx-like chitin bodies. He cannot discern their nature but seeing his brothers rent and the temple desecrated he realizes even if he reaches them it would be a futile effort. The masters of the order themselves cannot stop them. They are cut down utterly. The temple is razed to the ground for no purpose. and the village burned as well. The beings he watches for a time from a nearby cliff. They finally open more doors through the air and disappear. He realizes somewhere inside these things have a name, rifts. Hes not sure where the knowledge comes from but a slow understanding comes over him and a tattoo begins to draw itself on him, in the shape of a door. He realizes it is only partially complete and hasnt truly ascertained the meaning of it. He knows in his heart that its profound, its part of an answer to many deaths. He is deeply angered by this loss of life. Although he took a vow not to kill unecessarily he believes it truly necessary to eradicate these beings.

He sets off grimly into the night to find answers, robe tight about him covered in furs.

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“You going to the Figure Four show on Saturday man?” Johnny asked Slappy. “They always put on a sick show man.” Slappy laughed & nodded. He pretty much went to almost every show that was booked in the small handful of venues he liked to frequent. His friends Johnny, Gus & himself were hanging outside the Rat, a small venue on Lansdowne St just a little off Kenmore Square. “Yeah, better than the set done by these douchebags.” Gus said, referring to the opening band that was currently playing inside. Some talentless group of guys from eastern WA, some city in the middle of nowhere full of rednecks & meth heads. that jumped on a tour of some shitty Seattle band.

“Let’s get out of here. These guys suck.” Gus said. Slappy & Johnny were more than happy to agree. They headed off towards Kenmore Square, planning on seeing what might be going on at the Roxy. “Hey you need to wake up. Something’s going on.” Johnny said to Slappy. “What?” Slappy said. “I am awake.” Johnny didn’t seem to notice. “Dad, you need to wake up.” Slappy didn’t understand what the hell Johnny was talking about. & why was he calling him dad? He looked at Gus as if to say ‘you seein this shit?’

“DAD!” Slappy suddenly snapped awake & was sitting bolt upright in his bed. He looked around for a moment, bewildered at the sudden change of scenery. It took him a moment to mentally wake up. His son Frank, who insisted on being called Ezio, was standing in the bedroom doorway. “Fuck.” Slappy said rubbing at his eyes & looking out the window. “What time is it?” “It is about 5am.” Frank said. “Well what the fuck Frank? Why are you waking me up at this hour for then? The fucking sun isn’t even up yet.” Frank looked annoyed. “I told you, my name is Ezio.” Slappy looked back equally annoyed. “Anyway FRANK, Why the hell are you waking me up?” Frank held out the phone he was holding. “It’s some guy asking for you. He says it’s urgent.” Slappy gestured for Frank to give him the phone, Frank walked over to Slappy’s bedside & handed it over. “This better be a damn emergency.” He barked into the phone. “Sorry to wake you, but we need you down here at the capitol building immediately. There is some bizarre stuff going on with the monitoring we have been doing on that Carrendar world. & it seems to be causing things to go haywire up on the northern ice shelf of our planet.” Slappy groaned. Just how he wanted to start his day. 4 hours early, tired & dealing with some sort of crisis. “Fine. I’m on my way. Have someone dig up that Rostov chick too. Seeing as how that is her world, she might be of some use. Plus I doubt she really has a lot filling up her schedule at the moment.”

He pressed the end button on the phone handset debating whether he should just snooze for a few more minutes, you know, to kind of ease into the day, or just get up & get it over with. He went with the latter option. Fuck it. Those last few minutes of sleep really don’t help any anyway. He tossed on some clothes, & headed off to the Capitol building, half wondering what the mess is & half wondering when he can take a damn nap. Mornings suck.

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The Northern Tundra

Ts-zak traveled south for sometime. Without a word he had soundlessly moved through the expanse of the tundra towards the larger city to the south. As he walked he learned of the powers that lurked there. Seems little was known of the North. He was looked at with a little awe and wonder as he came from there. He spoke less and listened more as was his want, always scouting ahead and looking of signs of these raiders. He needed information more than anything. As he traveled he felt he was being watched many times. Though his perceptions were enhanced he could not detect the presence.
It was something truly otherworldly. The new tattoo burned upon him and at times he felt a fever deepen upon him. He would awake to chills in the night beside the campfires he built. Resting longer than he was want to, but knowing the limits of his own body and endurance. He was human after all.

Ts-zak continued traveling looking for signs hoping to come upon someone on this desolate road. He had a feeling that there was something leading him ahead. The door burned hotter the further south he moved, like it was taking him somewhere. But to where, he did not know….