“The Dark Ages”

“Unforeseen consequences” 


Writers: CharlotteCarrendar, Conansilverfang aka TheGorya, ImayrukOdinGorya, WatcherThorodan who is now known as xXWatcherXx

ConanSilverfang: -Conan had got into the lift with Charlotte not saying a word as they went down the foyer. They both walked outside Conan still had not said anything as they had  gotten to the street as Charlotte pointed in the direction to go as she said told him to lead on. He sighed as he said.- “lets get this over with. I don’t know if you have any idea what this could be but I am unsure whether this is just a joke or serious business.” -he started walk down the block beside Charlotte only to wonder what would happen  after they had gotten there.-

-In the outskirts Shika had been talking as Imayaruk asked her about her god. Before she could  even answer she walked past her. She clinched her jaw in a growl she said in an instance.- “How dare you talk to me with your back turned to me. How dare you ask a question then expect to get an answer. Yes my god is Dao Tsu Arren! However you are a disrespectful disciple of the favored Alpha..” -she quickly took her spear and spun it around off her shoulder throwing the butt end of the staffing towards Imayaruk’s calf as he walked forward. If this hit him she would spin it around again to throw off the cover laying the spear head that was 9 inches wide with a silver blade that shined in the sunlight on his shoulder. The blade had an engraving of flames in the middle of the spear head as it length was at least 10 inches long. Shika spoke with a violent tone.- “Don’t you dare walk away from me when talking. You are by far a disappointment knowing you are Conan Silverfang’s disciple. You disgusts me, if I had it my way you wouldn’t be here. However Arren has requested you to be here therefore I cannot kill you.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Walking alongside Conan briskly, she shrugged and replied. “I’m as much in the dark as you are about this.  Let’s just get this done and over with.  I just got back to Lorewall and I am yet to see the rest of my children.”  She had a point.  Many were beneath the capital in the Spire of Arachne.  Though Seven and luna were the leaders of her children, and she cared for them greatly, she knew that they were in safe hands with Li and Lin.  Her many other children had been under the guard of Ettercaps, well as far as she knew.  Charlotte picked up her pace, weaving between pedestrians and looking up ahead, where she could see the signs that indicated the start of the industrial estate.


Watcher Thorodan : – Jalal  continued following his new found companions, doing more listening than talking. This strange land did not make sense as of yet. Overhead his falcon soared. Looking within he saw through the birds eyes, seeing this huge city. It spires and entrances looming before him through the familiars eyes. He was not sure what to make of it. He kept the marks close at hand the knight and the sword were easy to touch but he had already felt the sword vanish as he had willed it back within his flesh. The weapon was a creation of the energy of the leylines and his inner chi and as it was not needed, it was better not wasted. It could be called at any time. HE briskly continued walking the path keeping an eye on both of his new companions wondering what might occur next. He was not even sure what the name of this place.” What do you call this world? ” he asked simply-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay stepped to the right just barely avoiding the butt of the woman’s spear. He would quickly turn to face the woman again while walking backwards and calls out. “I”m only walking away because your stand still. Obviously we are needed in the city. And as far as Conan is concerned I am barely a disciple as the only thing he taught me was how to use my uncle’s blade.” To emphisize his point he brought Sound Strike to bare towards her though in a non-threatening way. “And as far as my uncle needing me this is news because last i heard he was dead and now isn’t the time for a fight. Besides i would rather have a drink before starting a needless brawl.” He would then turn to Jalal as he asked what the world was called, “I don’t know the name of the world but the city behind me is called Lorewall.”

ConanSilverfang:-Conan knew that Charlotte had yet to see her other child which he did feel for her. They walked  as they had made it into the Industrial estate. Conan could see the factories the smoke and the waste like air. He looked around for anyone that could be waiting for them. A man who was leaning against the wall with a s Wabshi sword next to him that was resting against the hard brick  wall had spoken.- “Warrior Code 101?” -the man had head down staring at ground his glasses were brimmed in a small oval style with a black frame. His clothes were that of a business man with a Japanese styled touch to his with wearing a blue tie. His hair was laid down but it was black with a blue highlight in the front that seemed to curl down between his glasses. He waited for Conan to answer. However Conan stopped hearing the phrase as he grabbed Charlotte’s shoulder to make her stop. The people around them had seemed to all  vanish going on about their daily business. He only spoke truth that came from his voice.- “never attack without reason even when your enemies back is turned.: -his eyes turned to see the man leaned against the wall his scent was so similar to his own he didn’t know what to do in this situation. The man smiled looking up to him.- “Welcome Dear Alpha. Welcome M’lady Carrendar. We have been waiting all morning for you both.” -Man from the alleyway who was built like a brick shit house that was at least six feet tall had come out only to be a few feet away his shirt had no arms it seemed to be wearing a wife-beater t-shirt. His hair was silver as he stood by saying.- “welcome.”

-Shika down right was disgusted as she said.- “fine have it your way. We shall be going, as far as Arren goes. Your dead wrong his isn’t dead, he only ascended.” -she brought her spear over her shoulder as she started walking towards Lorewall the on the Industrial entrance as she said.- “Everything will be explained when we arrive to a safe location. AS for both of you, you better be on your best behavior any disrespect will result in your removal from this domain.” -she walked with such bliss and meaning. As they started to walk towards the town as she said.- “Keep up I don’t like to be late for meetings.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte felt the press of Conan’s hand on her shoulder and she instantly came to a stop, her face angered since she really didn’t like being touched.  “The hell?” she uttered, and then listened to what Conan had said.  “I attack people that wander through my bedroom at night uninvited sure…but not out on the street without cause.”  Her eyes then darted to the man in the black suit, who had his head down yet was armed with some sort of fancy sword.  The Bebilith raised an eyebrow, and wondered how he knew her name.  He spoke with familiarity towards Conan, and Charlotte leaned slightly and said out of the corner of her mouth.  “Friend of yours?”  He had to be, or an enemy.  One that knew that Shadow was an Alpha wolf.  Apparently this man and his crew had been waiting all morning for them, and Charlotte shrugged and said.  “My bad, kids kept me up half the night.  You know how it is.”  There was a tone of sarcasm in her voice but she then saw the brick shit house who was coming out of the alley in the wife beater shirt and he also greeted them curtly.  “Okay…why do I get the feeling that this is going to be a boys club meeting?”


Watcher Thorodan: ~Lorewall, he mused as he looked at the gates of the city. This was quite a large place especially for such an isolated world. Sector 178 was an outpost really in terms of the way the ley-lines intersected. It was not a prime nexus point however it still contained much energy in certain key places. However something had pulsed here. It had drawn his attention and others. He felt it across the expanse of time and space and he knew that his powers were far less than others. This had been happening for some time, and others knew of it far sooner than he. He was drawn here to help, but his purpose was yet to be revealed. Even to him. The gods of his people were taught to reveal their ways in time. One thing was told in signs. He would be shown the ways. He continued watching the other two for signs and the town seeing people in his path but saying nothing. Keeping his robes about so as not to reveal much about his nature. He was not used to being known or this place.~

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay would turn back around to face the city keeping his back turned to the others he was with while he drew out a flask. After a quick sip he would hold it out towards the others just in case they wanted some as well. Imay couldn’t help but wonder what he had gotten himself into by showing up outside of Lorewall the first time that led to the fight with Conan, now this news about his uncle still being alive was just starting to make his head hurt. “Well this is just going to be a dandy trip. I’m stuck with a woman that has an ego as mine, and an lost warrior that has new clue about where he has ended up. Uncle you better have a good reason for this or so help me someone will die after I’m done.” As Imay was ranting to himself he completely lost track of his flask and pulled out a pipe filled with tobacco and began to smoke it while they walked.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan could feel Charlotte’s frustration as he said.- “I don’t know them but they know both of us. Seems to me they smell as if they are wolves.” -The man leaning against the wall smirked as he looked up at Conan and Charlotte as pushed his glasses up kicked off the wall still with his hand on his blade.- “We are here to take you to meet the person who wrote the letter. We are both Volfen’s here. As well we are filed under the Alpha Conan Silverfang. I am Danzo Aquashatter Aqua wolf branch of the Volfen race. This here is Ganzu Groundcutter. We are not here to fight or cause problems. I am sure M’lady Carrendar would like answers to the happening of last night?” -he looked over to Ganzu as he nodded only to standing shorter than both of them his height was only 5’5 for a man that’s short compared to Conan and Ganzu. He sighed as he looked around trying to see if Shika was here.- “though we do need to wait for the others. Shika should be bringing them along shortly.” -Conan clinched his jaw only to show he was annoyed to know they were both Volfen’s as he spat out.- “How did you get here? How can you be alive after the war?” -Danzo looked back at Conan as he said with a chuckle.- “Clueless are we Conan? Well Arren did tell you that you were not the only Time ward under him. I guess you can say we were placed on the back burner. Arren did mark as his favorite however  we are linked under you since your are the Alpha bloodline. We know of everything that happens, when you draw your sword, when you swear an oath. We know that your oath to M’Lady Carrendar. This is how we know of her. We can only Honor her as a ally to our Alpha.” -Conan went quiet as he didn’t even feel like talking with him anymore as his last remark.- “i will wait to hear this from Arren himself.” -he was upset however he wasn’t willing to talk about it he had answers. Danzo looked over to Charlotte as he asked her with a peak of curiosity.- “Do you have any questions that need to be answered while we wait M’lady Carrendar? I can answer a little bit of what you ask however I am limited on information.” -Ganzu stayed quiet as he stood there looking for Shika as Danzo talked with both of them.-

-Shika ignored both of them as they walked only to arrive at the outskirt entrance of the Industrial side of town as she said.- “Just follow me everything will be explained when we arrive at the location. Geez for a young kid your so full of talk.” -she wasn’t the happiest person to be here as she  only ready for her afternoon drink. However she was interested in the other only to see he wasn’t used to modern life.-

CharlotteCarrendar:-  Charlotte was growing uncomfortable with the way this man, Danzo was making his introductions.  So he was from the same time and place as Conan?  Charlotte shot Conan a quizzical look when Conan himself appeared to be out of the loop, wondering how they got to Lorewall.  ~I smell a set up~ she thought to her, as Conan and Danzo faced off.  The pleasantries said, under a veil of suspicion.  He explained how he knew of the pact between Charlotte and Conan, and this in itself made her even look around to see who else was watching them all speak.  Her turn would come of course, and she folded her arms defensively.  “An ally to an alpha…right.  Hey, do you even know what I am?  Bit of a tall order if you don’t.”  Charlotte said, with an intensity in her gaze.  Sure she wasn’t going to try anything rash, but the temptations were there if they tried anything.

When Conan mentioned that he would not speak again till Arren had spoken to him, another question mark hung over the conversation.  Who was Arren, and what was his role in this? she wondered.

“Yeah I have a question.  Does Jackie Chan know you raided his wardrobe?”


Watcher Thorodan: ~Following their way into Lorewall he felt a passing presence again the tattoo burned. His marks of heritage the secondary tattoo of the wooden stake which warned him of evil intelligences especially beings like the Splugorth and Vampires was on fire. He could not tell where they were but felt eyes upon him. He looked around his body tensed but he could not draw his sword in the common market in the middle of town especially when disguised like this. He must remain unknown at least for the time being. He was used to being a rigue but not hiding who he was, he had always been stromng and a traveler. He would kill or fight first ask questions later. He hated those who would whine. Problems begged solving, crying was the realm of women. He kept calm as precise as he continued scanning, the presence having left the tattoo stopped burning but he watched the room and kept a close eye on his companions~

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay frowned to himself obviously annoyed, and thought to himself ‘Why can’t a find at least someone willing to talk that doesn’t have something against me’? Imay knew the question was pointless but that never stopped him from wondering about such things. As the reach entrance to the industrial area from the outskirts Imay threw his cloak back on pulling the hood up. After doing this Imay pulled together a very simple glamor that would make Sound Strike seem like a normal walking staff instead of a weapon, before falling in line behind Shika with a deathly silence.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan stood silent as Charlotte made a smart ass remark as he watched them both like a hawk still not trusting them completely. As Danzo listened to  the remark of Charlotte he smirked a little bit as pushed his glasses up towards the bridge of his nose, then he smiled as he stood up looking up to her as he said.- “well at least Ma’lady Carrendar has a  sense of humor. As for that no Jackie Chan does not were Japanese silk. We all have lived in different places I’m sure you have your own style and your own taste when it comes to clothing.” -he quickly looked around Gonzu quickly as he was wondering what was taking  Shikia so long as he bit his lip. Trying to figure out what he could do. He reached inside his suit jacket reaching down into his pocket. Conan instantly reached for his sword at the moment Danzo reached for something he truly didn’t trust him at all perhaps it was the fact he was an Aqua wolf. Danzo saw Conan reaching for his sword as he said.- “Relax, its just a cell phone.” -pulling out the small flip phone that he was reaching for. He quickly flipped it open as he started to punch numbers in only to hit the send button as he said- “Gonzu I’m calling Shikia I want to know what is taking her so long…” -Gonzu turned his head slightly as he nodded not saying a word as he continued to watch the roads. It seemed that the roads were now empty which was odd only because it was a Monday the road and sidewalks should be filled with people. As Danzo placed the phone up to his ear he was waiting for the dial tone. It started to ring as he waited, Suddenly the sound of what sounded like a gun shot was fired the phone in Danzo’s phone shattered as he leaned to the side as it grazed his cheek only to have both Conan and Gonzu prepare as he they turned around from behind them. They only could expect what was there only to see that they were surrounded by over twenty five men with guns with a crate behind them that had a pin number lock on the side of it. It wasn’t just any crate in fact it was pure metal that had holes in top of it. Danzo tried to regain himself only to pick up his wakizashis in hand as he clicked it open saying.- “well that was rather rude of you gentlemen to do.” -the soldiers in the combat uniforms and guns had a pack that was something familiar to Charlotte from the night before. Conan pulled his sword from his sheath only to grip it tightly. One of the soldiers had a megaphone as he clicked the siding of the mic saying out loud.- “surrender and come quietly with the key in hand or else.” -Danzo smirked tightly his head giving off a very sadistic laugh, Gunzo was now pulling his gloves tightly on his hands as he cracked his knuckles you could hear the joint making the loud popping sound. Conan took one hand off his blade as he pushed his neck to the side still taking his vow of silence, he took his foot trying to give Charlotte the signal to get him behind by tapping it behind him. Unless she wanted to get her hands dirty.-

-Mean while in the outskirts of  Lorewall Shikia had been taking them through sub sector of the town trying to get the two warriors to where they needed to go. Her phone rang as it sounded playing a howling wolf ring tone as he said.- “ok one minute guys need to answer this call.” -she reached under her skirt as he pulled out a phone trying to answer it. He hit the answer button only to hear a dead tone. Her hears perked as she heard a gun shot as instantly through her phone to the side gripping her spear as he said. Turning back.- “ok change of plans follow me and try to keep up! NOW MOVE!” -she quickly started taking off running as fast as she could towards the check point they were supposed to meet at the gun shot had echoed when she answered the phone the sound echoed to where everyone would hear it as they were about to charge in.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Right…not Japanese silk.  Never thought that made a difference, but what would I know?”  Charlotte said, shooting Conan a look and rolling her eyes.  Oh this clown was a comedian. On the gesture to remove something from his jacket, Conan was every ready to attack, drawing out his sword.  A tense moment had eyes darting back and forth till it was revealed to be just a cellphone, and not a mass weapon.  Conan was right to be on his guard.  They truly didn’t need the aggravation after the last bunch they ran into. One of the soldiers brought out  a megaphone, and he turned it on with a light snap of his fingers.

 “surrender and come quietly with the key in hand or else.”

 “Or else what?”  Charlotte repied, only to find herself shielded by Conan.  Peeking out from behind him she shook her fist.  “This is not how you do negotiations, Faggot.”


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal was content to follow this lot but atm his falcon was boticing remnants of some choice wreckages. Through the eyes of the bird, Jalal was able to see the outskirts of Lorewall and the fighting. He was able to see much of the carnage. His keen eyes shifted back inwards as he wasn’t sure if this was something that was happening now or was about to happen, the magic was cyclical and worked differently especially in different places. He wouldnt think much on it but he knew there were strange things afoot. His body was tense as he followed the companions. He kept alert and vigilant. Letting himself go forth without preamble or pretense.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay watched silently as Shika fished out a phone and couldn’t help but wonder where she actually stashed it at first. At her sudden out burst after answering the phone Imay bolted forward with a blast of sound and air to send him hurtling forward at a much faster rate then his feet alone could ever make. He soon heard the boom of the gunshot and lept high bouncing off the sides of close by buildings using even more bursts of sound of air before he was crossing the city shortly behind Shika from the rooftops. Imay had then started to focus power into Sound Strike making sure he had a decent blast ready for when they found trouble.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan and the other wolves were ready for anything at a moments notice. The soldier with the megaphone clinched his teeth as he grabbed his radio after Charlotte made her remark. He clicked the side button speaking into it.- “send in the copse demons sir.” -it was only a moment later that the soldiers with the assault rifles loaded their guns as they pointed directly at the small group. As the man spoke again as helicopters came blazing in unloading what seemed to be people that seemed normal they all were very pale in the face and even had fangs as fifty of them dropped from the helicopters. They all hissed in waiting for the orders.- “Alright if you do not comply we will be forced to slaughter you.” -he grinned as he laughed in a very evil tone.- “On second thought why don’t we just get it over with.  Bring me that woman’s head boys!” -as the man said it soon after soldiers began to open fire upon the small group as the corpse demons waited in excitement as most of them snarled out yelling in a rage. Gonzu acted quickly only to stomp his gigantic foot on the ground which sent a shock wave into the ground only to shoot a giant wall of stone out from the asphalt blocking the bullets as he said.- “it seems were are getting a part today Danzo.” -Danzo wiped the fresh blood from his cheek as he said in an excited tone.- “Music to my ears!” -he quickly unsheathed the Wakizashis its blade looked like it was pure ice as he quickly moved around the stone wall the siding throwing Ice shards towards the soldiers instantly when he throw the shards of ice. Three of the soldiers were impaled with them as blood sprayed out on to the ground, as they fell one of them holding their throat from choking on his own blood his trachea was pieced by the ice as he was drowning his own blood. You could hear the sound of his struggle to stay alive even with the gun fire going on. The other two were instantly killed by the impact. Danzo let out a grand laugh that sounded as if he was enjoying himself. Conan looked behind him as he said.- “I guess it cant be helped.” -he quickly used the sound vibration through the gun fire to quickly move straight around the wall gunning for the corpse demons as three of them was heading straight towards him as he started to channel sound through Saundo as he growled. The corpse demons completely started to charge as five of them ended up moving behind the wall two on Charlotte’s side and three on Gonzu’s side as they charged towards them both claws extend running in for the kill.-

-mean while the other grew closer not too far from the battle as Shikia saw Imayaruk zone forward at a high speed. She quickly jumped into the air over a moving truck rolling on the was carriage as she pushed off the back to the side walk again. They were in a rush of time. As they were almost there as Shikia could only think about the others as she wanted them to hang in till they got there.-

CharlotteCarrendar:-  “I prefer my head on my neck, asswipe!”  Charlotte roared, throwing her arms out either side, as long clawed talons rocketed out of her fingers.  Snarling, she whipped around, as it seemed there were choppers in the sky, dropping down more reinforcements.  “What is this…a freaking surprise party for mercs?”  Shit got real, real fast and the guys, well Conan he had his work cut out for him, as Charlotte had her own demons to deal with. “Corpse demons, smelling bad, and twice as ugly.  Come and get me, boys.”  she taunted,  leaping closer then dropping to do a full 180 leg spin, that could topple them off their feet while springing back up.  A quick flick of the wrists, and she fired sticky gloob balls of webbing, to cover their eyes, as they lay on the ground trying desperately to get up.  “How’s the view, suckers?”  she taunted.

Checking out the three that were going after Gonzo, she spun around and got into a defensive stance.  “You want the threesome for yourself, tough guy?”


Watcher Thorodan: Jalal touches a tattoo that marks his leg a knight in shining armor that adorns his leg. This tattoo glimmers for a moment then seems to create a effect upon his body that is almost invisible to the naked eye. Though to the others this might not yet be an awareness he has now coated his body with an invisible armor. The mega-damage armor is akin to that of what might be known as tanks in this lorewall as what he had heard them called here. Though it would not be able to be seen he would look like he was himself a lone warrior, it also gave him an intensified agility allowing him to begin moving at an increased rate of speed. Jalal began to pace ahead ready to face the charge and onslaught of the warriors and tide the would be facing. As a final gesture he touched again his marks of heritage to again call upon his blazing mega-damage sword as he moved into the fray!

“Death to the Splugorth!!!!!” he yelled

ImayarukOdinGorya- As Imay continued to build more power into Sound Strike, his free hand dug into one of his pouches, quickly drawing out a stone orb and a vile of multi-colored fluid. Imay brought both up to his mouth and quickly pulled the cork from the vile with his teeth. Imay quickly twisted the vile to pour out onto the orb sending it into a blaze of white runes. With the blood doll not ready in his hand Imay started to add soulfie into Sound Strike as a chorus of chirping sounds started to ring from the blade.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan and Danzo were a bit busy to notice what was going on as Dazno had started trying to get a direct shot but now with the soldiers focused on him firing at him at random. He quickly dodged around knowing full well that he couldn’t handle them alone as yelled.- “Gonzu a little help here!” -Gonzu turned around after seeing Charlotte make short work of the corpse demons as they screamed clawing at their faces pealing there rotting flesh off their skin as the ripping of the skin was something of a slimy sounding like cutting into jello that was hardened. The exposed muscles let off a nasty smell that was if they were decomposing faster with the skin ripped off.. the muscle underneath the skin started to steam causing bone to be shown. As Gonzu turned around he threw his left hand at two off the corpse demons instantly from the impact the shattering of bones was immediately sounded as they flew thirty-seven yards in the opposite direction they were heading. He quickly grabbed the third one by the head with his right hand only to plant its skull in the stone wall he created. The corpse demons skull was crushed on the impact of strength and the hard stone used. The blood poured from its body and the smell of decaying brain and organs was quickly starting to come into the area. Gonzu said to Charlotte looking over his now coated in blood and brain hand as he smirked.- “i think they are more fragile than I thought. But thank you for the offer Ma’lady.” – before they could even start to talk soon they were being rushed again by five from each side. As Conan was charging he quickly used his blade ti slice through multiple bodies as five of them were cut completely in half by his blade form the mid section as the blood soon started to pour on to the streets the smell of decaying corpses had filled the area all you could smell now was death in its purest form on the now blood covered battle field. Conan was covered in blood from the bodies of the demons that had be cut by him as he was now surrounded. All the demons watching him carefully as he placed both hands on his blade. Hoping they would try something. They only hissed and snarled at him as they waited for the moment to attack Conan as his eyes were looking at all of them. He was a warrior with meaning his eyes were like a warrior that would die for his cause.

-Shikia was darting as fast as she could as she could smell the decaying corpses  only to know they were close. She turned the corner only to see the battle raging on. She saw a woman with talons for weapons. Along with Conan and the others fighting on with the strong smell of blood she could only get a turn on. Charging in she struck her blade on the asphalt creating a spark of fire going straight towards the mercs with guns. She jumped in a high volume as she was falling in a high speed only to land between two soldiers with a 360 degree spin from landing her heels landed right on top of the mercs heads as she had landed a split down wards kick. Forcing them to land face first on the asphalt you could hear the breaking of cartilage and they screamed in pain. Shikia pointed her spear directly at a couple of mercs as the spark from a moment again blasted them with a blaze of fire catching them up on fire. As he turned around to the other two.- “you both get to work we have a party on our hands” -she gave a smile as started making her way around the mercs trying to kill them before they had a change to redirect their fire on her.-

CharlotteCarrendar:  “These things break faster than electrical appliances from honkers.”  Charlotte mused, but still ready for a fight either way.  Spinning around she caught sight of Conan, covered in blood and scratches he looked a damn sight.  Being surrounded by demons himself, he was in need of some assistance.  “Try and steal all the fun, why don’t ya?’  Charlotte chorused, getting Gonza’s attention.  “I take the left flank, you take the right….and then Conan can go up the middle..  That way…he’s got about a sixty percent chance of making it out alive.”  Maths was clearly not her strong suit, but neither was fighting without a decent weapon.

Watcher Thorodan: Jalal spun forward wielding the flaming ethereal nearly 7 foot long sword in a a long circular arc as he moved forward cutting a line through a path of what he could only guess from his senses to be lesser minions of the intelligence dwelling on this plane .

 His mind raced and body tensed as he spun the sword laced with power as it clove these lesser creatures in two their bodies stern in pieces before him. He was bracketed on all sides by various blows. Though many expected him to fall from some of the attacks the tattoos power had granted him additional strength. He was battered at various points as he made his way forward but he was able to slide his blade through many different creatures each blacker and more vile. Why the evil things seemed so attracted to him he wasn’t sure. A day in the life of a True Atlantean Undead Slayer, he thought as he skewered another low man.

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imayaruk cleared the edge of the last building around the the battle field, staring intently at Shika’s exotic attacks. At her command his head snapped to the men right below him, seeing only mercs and monsters, and quickly throwing the doll to smash right in the middle. “Burning Harpy!” Imay screamed as he dove straight down into the resulting ball of fire, when the blood doll broke. The poor mercs caught within five feet of the blood doll where left in a living agony as their whole bodies were covered in third degree burns. As the fire ball disappeared a Woman of pale skin, fiery orange hair and wings, with a dress composed of raw fire, was left in the epicenter of the blast. The woman couldn’t help but smile with unnatural joy when she launched into the air, leaving a small blaze in her wake, as she circled over the battle field immolating some fighters while rending others with Sound Strike.

ConanSilverfang:-the battle begun as the mercs screamed in burning agony at the top of there lungs as they fell over rolling around still trying to put out the flames. The corpses that were heading towards Charlotte and Gonzu were still charging as the big man opened his mouth.- “Gotta it!” -he was about to pound through the five on his right until five bright lights came out from the roof top behind them as the bright lights quickly shot through the heads of the corpse demons in the ground were arrows as Gonzu looked up seeing a woman like figure. The woman had a bow as well as a mask to cover her face as she pulled back her bow again only to shoot another shot towards three demons near Conan. The arrow split into three single bright lights only to have the arrows travel straight through them. The lady jumped down off the roof top as she landed in front of Charlotte as she pulled off her mask only to show her long black hair as well as her bright white eyes, her face was similar to Conan’s kin tone but she looked a lot like his mother in the image.- “Well come on lets see how these boys can truly use a woman’s helping hand” -she winked at her as he pulled another arrow out of her quiver on her back loading her bow again. Gonzu charged in as he pulled his hand back going towards  the right flank as he smashed the bodies into shambles of parts. Conan quickly took that chance to charge at the man on top of the platform with the crate. The man scrambled as he was starting to punch numbers into the key panel in a panic. The fire that was used from Imayaruk’s attack was taken up by Shikia and redirected towards the middle of the horde of demons burning the middle flank. Danzo was still trying to catch his breath as he held his sword in hand only to allow the Ice turn into water as it slide on the ground. As the group took on the horde Conan slashed his sword into the man who was punching in the numbers right after he his enter. The man chuckled in a scream as Conan’s blade alright cut his back wide open as he said while his last breaths were fading.- “subject 2 will take care of you son of bitch.”

-as Conan stood in front of the crate the sounds of chains unlocking only had him start to wonder what the man meant by subject 2 was he got back a little with his blade ready. As the doors opened slowly as  the chains on a small figure of what seemed to be a small person was wiggling around. Steam was going out from the crate with the steel doors open as small singing voice that was all to familiar came out as a small Blonde haired girl with blue eyes walked out of the giant box. Her dress was a bright white dress as she twirled around to face Conan. In the moment saw her face Conan instantly dropped his sword from his hand and fell to her knees as tears started to fall from his face as he said.- “I…I….Iris” -he gave a breath of relief as he smiled looking at her as he was crying tears of joy as everyone else was taking care of the horde that was coming. In the moment he said that Iris smiled seeing her father she said.- “Hello daddy. You smell good today” -As Conan placed his hands out to her in the chance to get a hug from his darling daughter. Her eyes turned black around the white as she screamed lunging straight at him with her hand pointed like a blade.- “DIE!” -Conan’s eyes opened as his heart was broken from the happiness as he could feel more than emotional pain, he looked down to her left side of his chest to see Iris’s hand into his chest the sound of his skin being ripped right through out to his back. He couldn’t do anything but cough out blood form his mouth as he gasped for air. Iris quickly planted her foot on his chest pulling her hand out. He looked over to the others as her eyes turned into a demonic wolf like pattern as she said licking her father’s blood of her hand.- “mmmm so tasty.”

photo 3

CharlotteCarrendar:- Surprised by the sudden emergence of the black haired woman who looked remarkably like Conan, Charlotte found herself blocked out of the fight.  Course the woman had advice for young Charlotte, that sounded comical when you actually thought of it.  “It’s not our hands they favour, but nice to see someone beilieves in the old ways.”  Charlotte of course, went in after ‘bow lady”  still feeling a bit miffed she had no weapons, other than….herself.  One of the corpse demons tried to make a run at Charlotte, screaming and moaning…just disgusting too.  Charlotte thought for a moment, then as it raised its clawed hand, she spun side on, gripping the corpse demon’s forearm, and then doing  a front forward flip, so the creature would go flying over the top of her, only thing was its arm broke off in her hand.  “Eww.” she said, as the arm was still animated.  “I don’t need a back scratcher.” she squealed and as she turned, the arm smacked the head of another corpse demon coming behind her.  It growled and snarled at her for the whack, and Charlotte…well she roared back, then donged the corpsed demon on the head with the limb, which still had twitching digits.  After downing that one, she dropped the arm like it was a hot potato, and tried to wipe the slime off her hands.


Watcher Thorodan:  -Jalal felt a sudden tear in his mind a screaming agony as if something was trying to pierce his consciousness. The second set of marks of heritage the wooden stake burned against his skin, his flesh almost glowed. He felt a keen awareness in the pitched battled he nearly lost his edge and had to redouble his efforts not to get lost to the horde as the fought against him. Now however he saw that the big man had fallen and sensed that this might be where the feeling was coming from. He fought foward swing his flaming sword with deadly accuracy cleaving apart the creatures in his path. These minions of the undead were no match for a weapon of the Atlanteans, he thought to himself. Though as he made his way forward the dread increased. There was much more at work here. They had summoned many beasts and creatures a swarm increasing as he felt this dark presence ahead he moved foward sword ready looking to try and help the man who had fallen.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- While She was flying over the horde she had looked up in time to see Conan go down. Things were looking bad for everyone she thought as power flowed from her body at great extremes turning her burning trail from a fiery orange to a cold icy blue. She would then fly back towards Shika and circle her in a funnel of blue fire. “Clear this horde! We just lost Conan, I will try to keep what ever dropped him from getting to the rest of us.!” she called to Shika over the roaring inferno she had basicly handed Shika before turning to fly towards Conan and Jalal.

ConanSilverfang:-Everyone was beginning to noticed that Conan was done Danzo saw Iris impale him her bare hand as he yelled.- “NO!” -he tried to get up off the ground as he fell instantly he was bleeding from his thigh and his shoulder he was hit from the gun fire that was overwhelming. He growled as placing his hand on his leg trying to push the blood to stay in so he didn’t bleed out on the ground. Shikia in the moment she was handed a weapon of blue fire as she bite her lip only to get upset over that they fact had done all this work and was about to lose the alpha that could unite them. She quickly said out loud to everyone.- “Back up now everyone!” -she quickly took her spear and took the flame gladly absorbing it into the head as she spun it her spear around only to start blazing the fire form its head pointing it towards the horde. Shikia closed her eyes only to know that this was going to end badly for her. He she released the fire from the head as blasting out a large wall of flames. Gonzu saw the flames of fire up in the air as he saw Charlotte in the cross fire running straight towards her a ran next to her attempting to push her out of the way. Conan was fading however he wasn’t dead he could only lay there in shock of his daughter standing right in front of him as he was bleeding out. His only thoughts were to himself. “Why? Why did this have to happen to her? My only daughter before turned into a monster, Arren did you forsake our family?” he coughed out more blood from his throat. Iris started walking towards the group as he licked the blood of her hand only to say.- “Who wants to be my next meal? I am awfully hungry today.” -Destiny quickly ran towards Conan as she notice that the horde was taken care of only to have Iris looked at her hissing. Destiny knew that she needed to act fast. she laid down her bow looking at Iris placing her hands on Conan’s chest to attempt to stop the bleeding as much as possible. She looked into Iris’s eyes only to say.-

 “Gone on, kill I dare you. I am going to die trying to keep him alive. You’re no longer his daughter, your something completely different from what was born from him!” -she snarled only to press harder down on the wound only to start allowing her own spirit glow from her hands on his wound. Still watching Iris. She wasn’t afraid to die at this point.-

 CharlotteCarrendar: – Feeling pretty chuff about dispatching a few demons using their own body bits, Charlotte thought the bulk of the fighting was over, but little did she realize that Conan had suffered near fatal wounds, and it seemed that the assailant was one of his own kin.  Confused by all the shouting and noise, she was unaware she was in the cross fire of what would be a nasty experience.  Bebilith aren’t able to withstand fire attacks, like most demons are, and so as she stood there, gawking at Conan, she missed the cry of Gonzu as he ran at her.  Only in the dying seconds, would she turn her head and see him charging for her.  He collected her right off the ground and in a tackle that would do a rugby forward proud he slammed her into the ground and out of harms way.  She landed awkwardly, and made a sound like she was winded.

 “Conan?…is he okay?” she asked, as she tried to recapture her breathe.


Watcher Thorodan: Jalal would come forward with blade in hand his body moving quickly trying to reach the large man. The presence was ahead but he still had some distance to traverse, he cut a swathe through the remaining forces in his way as he made the last few strides using his blade like a hammer. Its fire burned like a wayward candle against the skin of these petty undead creatures as he moved through them.

ImayarukOdinGorya- The woman quickly wrapped fire around the blade of Sound Strike. As she was about ten feet away she brought the blade down in a strike that would send the flame right between Destiny and the child. “Hey kid you want to play, then lets play!” She had called out trying to draw attention away from Conan and Destiny as she circled over head. Hoping the child would take the bait she started to force power out in the air creating a flow of currents about ten feet in diameter that seemed to flow harmlessly around her.

ConanSilverfang:-Iris Laughed at Destiny only see fire become between them hearing the flaming woman. She glared at her as she hissed her. The little small child hissed again and then started to gag pulling her head back then jerking it forward something gurgled out. Iris closed her mouth as she seemed to have something filled into her mouth only to follow the flaming woman that seemed like she wanted to play. Gonzu had saved Charlotte from getting burned as he could feel some intense pain in the back of his calf knowing full well Shikia didn’t expect that much to hit them. he looked to Charlotte as she had asked him if Conan was ok. The problem was that he was no liar and he couldn’t help but feel bad about what he was about to say.-  “Conan is down Ma’lady, The demon child got him.”  -he gripped his leg only to struggle getting up off the ground his balance was a bit shaky only since his muscle in the back of his leg was destroyed from the 3rd degree burn. He reached down to off Charlotte a helping hand  to her. Shikia looked at the child as she could something in her heart that prevented her from attacking with the intent to kill. It was if it was a sense of respect she couldn’t attack Iris then again it could be for the fact it was Conan’s daughter. She looked over at Danzo who was trying to hold as much blood into his leg as possible. It was the hardest thing on all of the Volfen’s perhaps this was a curse for what has happened. Mean while Destiny was relived it was far from over she quickly looked down look at Conan’s wound trying to keep him alive. She could see that Iris missed his heart completely but had ripped right through one of his major artery’s as well what made it worse was that it went straight through his back.  His wound as great but to destiny she questioned how something that was bare handed had enough strength to break the skin of a Volfen. She made question everything she knew, although her questioning would only get in the way. Destiny was now focusing on his wound after this was closed she would need to begin a blood transplant as soon as they transported him. Conan was still conscious of Destiny as he tried to speak. “Nazedesu ka? Naze anata wa watashi o tasukerudeshou ka?” (translation: why? why would you help me?) -he was now speaking in his own native tongue to her since she would understand it. Destiny shook her head as tears started to run down her face. Only to respond in a crying tone trying  to focus at the same time.- “Watashi wa shiranai!” (Translation: I don’t know!) –she was crying not sure how to explain something that she knew. Other than she was a Spirit wolf.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Gonzu was still smoldering obviously hurt from the fire blast but he did shield Charlotte from harm and she was grateful.  Helping her to her feet, her question about Conan was answered.  Fearful that Conan was in dire need of help she tried to get across to where he lay.  Charlotte then looked at the demon child that had caused the injuries to Conan and roared at her.  “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”  She herself was a mum, and knew how to scream well at kids when she wanted them to pay attention.  The child was not quick to respond, and the woman helping Conan was speaking to him in a language she didn’t understand.  None of this was making any sense at all.  Gonzu was bleeding profusely and Charlotte was torn on attacking the kid, or helping Gonzu with his wound.


Watcher Thorodan:  -Jalal finally made his way to the source of the foulness and while the others were circumspect about their choices, his path was clear he must cut down this being. Though female in form she was now part of the intelligence, one of the undead. He knew them to be splinter cells operating in many dimensions, and though this was one of their agents she was no less powerful. Calling on his superior strength and speed he spun his flaming sword towards her, moving towards her midsection aiming toward her heart one of the truest ways to end them. As he did he yelled ” Death to you demon ” in atlantean, though to everyone it sounded as if in common tongue as the rune of language had not been deactivated upon him.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- Seeing the fairly creepy kid take the bait, she started to fly in irregular patterns making it harded for her to be hit at any given moment. She would then push energy through her burning trail causing it to catch in the wind currents starting to form rings assembled in a sphere around her. With her energy split between the air currents and the flames, her power was starting to drain rapidly shown by the blue flames slowly fading to white as she swung back near Jalal to shout, “Focus on getting them out I will keep her busy for you”!

ConanSilverfang:-Iris noticed form the strange man with the flaming sword who had yelled at her. She smirked only to spray the contents in her mouth at Jalal. A dark green yet steaming liquid spouted towards Jalal at his face. As she laughed only to take her small fingers and wipe her lips. She jumped back a few feet from both of them noticed she was being baited only to feel disappointed. She wasn’t blind or dumb for being an undead girl. She looked at Charlotte as she smirked again to say.- “My beloved name is Iris Silverfang, though that’s when I was ALIVE!” –she gave a very evil devilish grin only to see her eyes start to change again. She wasn’t impressed by anyone only to point at the flaming woman with the ball of fire around her.- “you know I really don’t think your fun at all. You like to run away.” –she then directed herself towards Charlotte only to tilt her head in questioning about her. She then knew she wanted to play with the woman since she looked pretty but she needed to die for yelling at her. Iris took her left foot and jumping towards Jalal she spring boarded over top of him. If he was still charging at her since she did spray some green ooze at him. She glided in the air only to land on the other side of the strange man. Only to Charge directly at towards Charlotte. –

-Gonzu quickly looked at Charlotte saying.- “go take care of that girl. We are powerless as Volfen’s we won’t be able to harm her since she is born form Conan’s blood.” –the other volfen’s were only watching trying to stay back they felt weak for not being able to attack one such as this girl.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Oh Hell no!”  She had this demonic munchkin doing some rather nasty shit, and she seriously needed a time out, or to be put over some’s lap and given a spanking.  Either way, this kid was going to learn you don’t mess with a bebilith.  So the kid had the same name as Conan.  This was his kid?   Charlotte spat on both her hands, and then closed her fists, so she started to excrete webbing from her wrists.  Slamming them together, she then drew the two apart, and their was a solid line foming.  Another grunt of exertion ans she formed webbing balls on both wrist end.  One was larger than the other, and she snapped them off, forming a bola.  It was a weapon, that was used more commonly to take down cattle, and she spun the bola in the air, the two balls spinning round and round, with the tension line between the two to be used to help take the kid down.  Charlotte hurled it at speed, so that if the right ball struck her leg, it would send the left ball around and wind up, to bring her down to the ground.


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal felt the acid hit his face as the fiend attempted to brush past him. She would not get away so easily though he thought. The liquid would have probably cause immense pain and maybe death had not the armor tattoo protected him. However the movement and the liquid caused him to lose his concentration for just a moment. He turned quickly on his heels sword in hand screaming for this creatures death. He moved quickly against her this time coming up from behind her and seeking to remove her head with a swift strike of his sword.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- The woman couldn’t help but feel insulted when she was accused of running. Now she was going to really show the up how to play. ” No young lady what would your grandfather say about that? I’m sure family should mean more then that!” she called out flying towards Iris’es left side while seeing Jalal coming from behind and the bolas Charlotte had thrown to trip up Iris.

ConanSilverfang:-As Charlotte had hurled the Bola at Iris the two balls would catch her legs. She instantly started to fall as such her hands went into the air as Jalal missed  his attack to take her head off only to cut off the small child’s hand. She screamed at the top of her lungs only to see her wrist was now burned which closed the wound. Iris was now balling after all she was only five years old.- “MOMMY! IT HURTS! MOMMY!” –in the instance of pain her eyes started to go back to the original blue they were only to see her insanity completely vanish. She was the Iris Conan would know, however it seems that even so she was still an undead creature. She rolled over on to her stomach trying to figure out what she could do. She looked up at the woman that had thrown the Bola. She started to crawl away to the right slowly dragging her stub on the ground. She still cried out.- “MOMMY! DADDY!” –crying for her parents it seemed that even her own actions were not her own.-

-Shikia moved towards them only to be confused on what to do. Danzo had crawled over to the ally way as he was drawing on the wall a circle of some sorts. Gonzu sat there as he bowed his head not able to watch this at all. It seemed this was his weakness to see that of a man who is his leader by birth right, it seemed to not just affect him but others of the group. Destiny still had not looked up from treating Conan as she could feel the fatigue set in only a little longer is what she would need. For her she knew that it wouldn’t be perfect to regeneration. Conan was looking directly up into the clouds coughing still every so often as he clutched his locket in his left hand.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The aim of her bola was true and mixed in with another attack from Jalal.  Charlotte was in shock when the little girl cried out for her parents, and acted completely different from the insane munchkin earlier.  She stood back as the child tried to crawl away, a blooded stump seeping all over the ground. Charlotte lowered her arms, and actually felt bad about what she had done to the child.


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal’s aim had cost her her hand but not her life.. yet. The child’s eyes returned to their blue hue as he watched but he still sensed the undead nature of what she was. However she was not as crazed, the larger part of the presence directing her had fled for the time being. He knew however she was still a threat. She was a vessel they could move into at any time. Once possessed and created these things could inhabit them much like cells in a larger organism. They were an infection that spread across all the universes and dimensions. They had eradicated what was once a proud nation and much of the history of his known world. They left the Earth he knew vastly emptied of magic and his people torn asunder adrift. He had to make amends by killing as many of them as he could. Though her form was only a child he knew he must eradicate her. ” We must kill it now, it will strike again” he said quickly before stepping forward to finish the job-

ImayarukOdinGorya- The woman swooped in towards Iris as she crawled away. She would land five feet away from Iris and right in front of Jalal. She would bring up Sound Strike up in a defensive stance as She pushed the last of her fire into the currents causing intricit binding runes flowing around each ring, that was starting to move to surround Iris. “Stop! I will not let you destroy my blood. She is a little girl and deserves to be purified. I don’t have enough left in me to do it so I’m making sure she can’t get to us or vice versa.” at the woman’s words power snapped into effect that would prevent all physical contact to halt at the edges of the rings from inside or out.

ConanSilverfang:-Iris crawled as far as she could however she was stopped by rings of fire. She was still crying from the pain, she only could roll over and give up only to curl into the fetus position mumbling to herself. This was a hard choice for everyone to destroy the child of Conan the man who has given everything for his friends. Even though Flain has stood forth to protect Iris, she has also given a reason to respect Conan allowing him to have the chance to bury his kin.

As Shikia heard this she could only feel sarrow for Conan to know that your child has become something unspeakable had to weight not just on Conan but even Arren. She listened to Imayaruk only to say in response.- “We can take her to Arren. He is a god of light I am sure he can release her soul and allow her peace. Though before we move Conan will need to be stabilized.” –Danzo who had been drawing in the ally way on the wall had finally started to walk over using his sword that was now sheath as a cane only to say.- “The portal seal is basically ready Shikia….” –he looked over to Destiny who was still trying to close the giant hole in Conan’s chest. As he started to walk over to her still limping from the pain in his upper thigh. He finally stopped as he asked Destiny.- “how much longer?” –she was already feeling the fatigue as she noticed the wound was sealed from both sides. She was out of breath as she looked up only to say.- “we can go….” –she couldn’t get the entire statement out as she started to fall forward only to have Danzo catch  her as he looked at the others.- “His wound is closed. He is stable enough everyone. Figure things out and let’s get moving, I need some of you to help with Conan, I will carry Destiny for now. So hurry it up.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte stepped forward, ready to help lift Conan with the others to a safer place.  Though his wound had been sealed over, he was still at high risk with internal injuries.  Crouching down, Charlotte got into position to help carry his right side, if another would help with his left.


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal growled at the one who stopped his strike. ” You know not what you do lady. Blood or no, That is naught but the form. What dwells in her know is an impurity that cannot be removed without death. She dies the minute they infected her. She is in a state of unlife. She is dead already. Fell it with you min and magic if you possess any. Or do your gods forsake you?! ” He turned with disgust at their pride, knowing that this would lead to only doom should they not listen and heed to his words. Sins such as these were made many times by many men and women for the sake of loved ones and plagues had risen and killed countless victims all because someone was too foolish to realize this. He stood aside a moment and watched them hoping that they would have more sense than that.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- “I don’t do I? Boy you do not know how many souls have been saved like my own. Her god has not forsaken her that I know, another may have.” Flain stopped for a moment to draw in a deep breath, as the burning flames making her dress faded into just normal cloth. “You are ignorant when you can’t see the flame of rebirth right in front of you. A very thing the souls of many worlds thrive on to exist in the time they are permitted.” Flain was starting to breath heavily as a mehogony fur coat started to grow rapidly from her skin. As she started to change shape to look more wolfish she growled out at the man. “And i can promise you at least one Fallen won’t let her suffer a fate she doesn’t deserve.”

ConanSilverfang:-Danzo bit his lip as the two fought as he yelled out.- “ENOUGH! Lets get things moving. We shall take the undead creature to Arren. I am tired of all this rambling about this.” -he started walking towards the portal. Gonzu who had saw Charlotte walking to lift Conan he could only help her as he walked over to the left side of Conan as he said to Charlotte.- “1, 2,3 Lift” -he lifted with Charlotte only to know she would help him as they would make their way to following Danzo. Shikia sighed only to know that Danzo was right but she didn’t think of Iris as a creature to her she could see that she was just a child. She was having troubles dealing with such a thing. Mostly everyone was hurt expect for the others the Volfens fought in such an unorthodox manner they were wounded all but Shikia. She would make her way towards the seal for the portal as she said to Danzo.-”allow me to open it Danzo your hands are full.” -Danzo would grumble under his breath at her only to show he was annoyed by what had transpired just moments ago. Destiny who was completely passed out on Danzo’s back only made a slight coo from her sleep she was unaware of that she was being carried. Shikia who was now standing in front of the seal sighed as she knew that they were about to get yelled at. She took her hand and placed it on the middle of the large circle that had symbols all around it. Most would know that the five points on the seal were that of the elements. There was a moment of silence as the seal started to glow a bright light through out the lines of it. Shikia spoke only to say in a soft and gentle voice.- “i ask of thee to allow entrance to the sanctuary of the wolves. I claim to those of the five natural spirits. Fire, earth, water, air, and Spirit.”  the seal stopped glowing only to create a mirror of sorts one that seemed to be liquid almost. The mirror soon started to beam an image to the other side. It was showing a beautiful meadow that was covered in flowers of all colors. In the middle of the valley seemed to be a house that was one story however it was massive, the entire house was a traditional style known as Sukiya-zukur. This was known to be a Japanese styled house that would be in a known to almost be the size of a large business. Sliding side doors on each room with hazing a garden in the center of the house that would be open roofed. Normally this style of housing has a master bedroom or that could be a lounge or living room. This was by far a sight to see. Shikia turned back around to everyone as she said.- “just walk through don’t worry about the distance we will end up being a bit further than what it looks like.”- Shikia and Danzo walked through with destiny on there back only to show that they were really at the door steps of the house as they waved for everyone else to follow. The house would be more detailed close up only to show it was white with black trimming all around it.-

CharlotteCarrendar: –  “1, 2,3 Lift” Gonzu called out as he took the left side of Conan and she took the right.  With the two working in unison, it meant that the lift would not be as much of a strain as it would be if it was just the one doing it alone.  Not only that, they couldn’t afford to exasberate his injuries further.  The concern was etched on Charlotte’s face, as she shuffled along, trying to keep up with Gonzu.

With Danzo leading the way, they hopefully would be able to get Conan to safety and possibly some medical attention.  But with the people around them at the moment, Charlotte was unsure as to who was who…and what that meant for their small group.

“You’re gonna be okay, Conan…just…hang in there.”  Charlotte whispered to him, trying not to draw to much attention to herself.


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal was glad they had moved the big man out of battle. He was worth saving he felt. Something told him that he must follow them. However the mere fact they wouldn’t listen to him only seemed to highlight to him their lack of knowledge. He was troubled that it would become worse for the whole lot of them as they moved. The girl was a danger. He would leave them to it however. He had to leave some choices to the winds as they said. The Atlanteans worshiped no Gods but they believed in the concept of fate and destiny. He turned to heel following them quietly marshaling his composure as he kept a solemn mask. His silence a testament to his warning.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay was seething with rage of Jalal wanting to kill Iris but didn’t say anymore as he felt his most familiar shape, that of a humanoid wolf with mahogany fur, come about. With a sigh and a bit of energy Imay caused the burning cage to lift off the ground slightly, as a few runes made sure that Iris wouldn’t be burned for just touching the edge. He waited as the others started toward the opened portal tell he was the last one. He knew it was best that he give them some time to warn whoever besides Arren was beyond that portal of what Imay was bringing. When he was sure there was a safe enough pause he step forwards through the portal and felt something off about himself as he brought Iris through with him quickly moving to catch up with everyone else.

ConanSilverfang:-as the group had fallen together they had appeared right at the doorstep of the large house. The portal seemed to close behind them  only to see a woman open the front door holding a pot in her hands only to be smiling. Danzo was walking forward as he looked at the woman. Who was wearing a kimono that was a dark purple, her hair was tied back as she said.- “Welcome ba….” -she saw Charlotte and Gonzu holding Conan in a rescue carry position as she dropped the pot instantly looking at everyone in the group in shock. A small strain of black hair fell in her face as she said.- “Don’t say a word Lord Danzo! I will get the room ready and call the healer!” -she ran down the hallway making a turn as Shikia looked over to Ganzu and Charlotte said.- “come on follow me both of you. We will take Conan to the healer first and meet everyone else in Arren’s chambers when he is there.” -Danzo struggled to hold Destiny as he spoke up to Shikia- “hey take Destiny for me. I will take the others to Arren. I cant hold her any longer.” -shikia nodded only to take Destiny from Danzo holding her in a bridal style as she started walking down the hall only to hope the others would follow. Ganzu nodded to Charlotte as they would follow Shikia down the hall. Only to make a left turn at the end showing a garden that had a small waterfall off to the side. The rest had a sand zen garden that had different colors of sand all swirling around to the center that had a small table perhaps for placing games or having tea with someone. They would keep walking down the side hall only to hear the birds singing in sorrow. They would come to a side room only to have the sliding doors open with the woman that was there at the door. There was another standing behind a table that was placed in the center of the room. The small person looked up to Shikia as her hair was a black and was wearing a long red and white kimono that seemed to over lap her hands she looked like she was only five years old with her height but her eyes were soft purple. She took a bow when seeing Charlotte and as well Gonzu, pulling up her sleeve as made a motion with it for them to place Conan on the table for her to examine him properly. She did not speak one word to them. Gonzu would know Charlotte would follow them only to set Conan on the table. Gonzu didn’t say a word to Charlotte as he bowed to her only to take Destiny from Shikia’s arms as he bowed to her. Shikia was sad but this wasn’t the time to shed tears. She looked to Charlotte as she bowed then introduce herself.- “I am sorry that I didn’t get the chance. I am Shika Miku Carrion. I pleasure to meet you Miss Carrendar. I am sorry it had to be at such a horrible time. You can stay here with the healers or you can follow me to meet with Arren.” -she looked to Charlotte with sad eyes trying not to cry. She is a woman she has respect for Conan in ways that words could not explain so easily.  <C>

-Danzo turned around to the other two as he sighed scratching the back of his head.- “Alright sorry for the late introduction but I am going to make this quick. I am Danzo Aquashatter I cant say much since we need to be going to see Arren fair warning. He might get a little heated since we were not supposed to engage in a fight. You can introduce yourself on the way to his chambers.” -he motioned them to follow him as he limb a bit making his way down the hall slowly only thinking to himself. ‘well this is the pits, seems like I really did this time.’ as they walked down the hall they made a right turn at the end only to pass the gardens. You could seem multiple servants bowing to them as they passed by Danzo paid no attention to them as they made it the door way only to stop as Danzo sighed he wonder if everyone was ready. He turned around hearing the low growl from behind the door as it sent shivers up his spine as he looked to the two men. He wondered what to do.-  <E>

CharlotteCarrendar: – This was turning into a real trip, having crossed over through a portal into what appeared to be a Japanese styled garden and house.  Charlotte really didn’t have time to admire and take it all in visually, since she was struggling with Gonzu to hold up Conan.

The door to the house opened, and they were met by a woman in a kimono, who looked to be expecting someone other than them.  Charlotte made a light grunting sound, as she helped carry Conan over the threshold.  The womn bowed to Charlotte and all Char could do was nod in reply.  Still having no idea where they were taking Conan, she could only hope that it was for the best.  Down a hall and throught sliding doors, they came to a table, whereby to lay Conan down.  Charlotte heaved him up and then helped him rest on the flat surface, before wiping her brow.

 “I am sorry that I didn’t get the chance. I am Shika Miku Carrion. I pleasure to meet you Miss Carrendar. I am sorry it had to be at such a horrible time. You can stay here with the healers or you can follow me to meet with Arren.”   The woman in the kimono introduced herself and Charlotte made a choice without even having to think.

 “If you don’t mind, I would rather stay here with Conan.  I don’t feel comfortable letting him out of my sight.”  She said, leaning up against a wall and rubbing her sore arms.


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal found their  portal to be of simple design and the trace energies that were here he could easily track back to where he had now arrived. As a dimensional traveler it always paid to be attentive should a door become nonfunctional. Luckily he could make doors from almost nothing, using the energy of the ley-lines of each world or dimension. As he found solid ground he surveyed the area with a narrow view keeping his body composed so not to appear as a sneak thief. He meant no harm nor was he one to take anything from anyone elses property. He simply wanted to know the lay of the land. When he was introduced to Danzo he made quick introductions. ” I am Jalal. A traveler and friend” he said quickly. He did not want to appear to withhold information yet he was also not one to divulge anything to someone he just met unnecessarily. This was a new place with new people. He needed to take care with the,. He kept the pace up following them. As he did the marks itched again. reminding him of the undeads constant presence.-

ImayarukOdinGory- Imay focused a small portion of his concentration on the cage holding Iris as it started to shrink down to a size safe to move through the house. Imay couldn’t help but smirk seeing the woman that greeted everyone lead Char and Gonzu away to find a healer. ‘Something never change it seems.’ Imay thought pleasantly to himself. He turned and followed Jalal and Danzo as a short introduction was made. “Heated is assuming my uncle is in a good mood. I am Imayaruk Odin Gorya, nephew of Arren and i have a feeling at least one of us will think something was broken after this chat.” Imay said in a polite but emotionless voice he saved only for his uncle, who could only be presumed to have growled through the door they stopped at.

ConanSilverfang:-Shikia listened to Charlotte only to nod to her as she said.- “I can see you are a close friend to him. That is good to see that the favored Volfen has someone who cares for him as deeply as his own kin does.” -she bowed her head to Charlotte as she  told her.- “I shall be off for now. I will have one of the servant girls come and bring you tea and some food.” -Gonzu had placed Destiny in the side of the room on a bed roll as he covered her with blankets. Shikia who had just bowed was now walking down the hall towards Danzo and the others. While the small girl in the kimono looked over Conan still rolling up her sleeve of her Kimono only to look to the lady next to her as she made signs with her hand towards the woman next to her. The lady bowed as she walked over to Charlotte.- “I am sorry miss. My name is kai if you need anything just give me a call. Rika  the healer you see behind the table will be working on Lord Conan. I promise she will do everything in her power to heal him.” -she looked up to her only to smile as a way of trying to lift her spirit. She too would wonder off continuing her chores. Rika who was now trying to pull off Conan’s jacket was having troubles with it since he was so big. He was a bit flustered about it as she shrugged. She close her eyes only to breath slowly placing he hands over Conan’s body. The small girl went from looking like a normal little girl into a small wolf like being. Sher fur was a very fine white color. Her snout was very small as well  yet she had paws that seemed to  like hands that had the image of paws like a wolfs. She still had her eyes close taking her paws over Conan’s body as she hummed only to show that a small glimmer of light came from her paws slowly moving them up and down Conan’s body as if she was trying to find more wounds. Only to open her eyes again. She frowned again looking to Ganzu and Charlotte still in questioning of how she was going to get Conan’s shirt off to properly work on him.-

-Shikia had finally joined up with the others as it seemed that she too could hear Arren’s growl from behind the door as she looked at Danzo.- “move it along the longer you keep him wait. The more upset he is going to be with us. Be a man Danzo.” -Danzo swallowed his pride sighing as he turned around and slide the doors right open. The room that he had opened was very large it was completely decorated by swords of all styles around the room. The floor had a mat that was off the ground only to be a step up. Along up on the mat at the far side of the room was a being that seemed to be facing towards them. Sitting on a pillow. Danzo moved forward only to sit down on the edge of the mat along with Shikia they both laid down there weapons waiting for orders for them to approach. Shikia snapped her fingers at both of them to sit on the mat and follow along with them. The being that was on the pillow stood up only to move into the light. A 5’10 figure walked into the light only to reveal a wolf like creature that was wearing a pure white Kimono that was tied off at the ankles. His face was that off a wolf covered in a sliver like fur his eyes were that of glowing blue lights that seemed to flow like water. His sliver fur was covered in markings a crossed his snout and ears that were coming out of that top of his head. His long pure white hair was laid down that went passed his shoulders only to show a few strains of hair over his snout. His arms where also marked down from what you could see. His hands were like paws of a wolf that had the ability to bend and be used like normal human hands the thumb was the only difference from a real wolf paw. His feet were shaped exactly like a wolf having claws that came from the toes, as the back of the paw itself was slightly lifted. He walks forward towards them looking over the few in the group as he grabbed his bow staff from the pillar that was next to him.-

Arren darkness

– He walked forward as he looked at his two disciples with disappointment as he spoke in a very deep, but very sooth voice.- “I see you have failed to do what was asked of you  Danzo and Shikia. I guess its to be expected with you both failing at every task that was laid before you.” -he kept walking forward towards the group only to stop half way as he gazed over to the other too. He gave a grin for a moment then started to speak to both Imayaruk and Jalal.- “please please come in both of you. I see my own nephew has taken a liking to the formed blade. As well it seems that someone unexpected has come as well.” -Arren quickly remember in the moment of Imayaruk only to see Iris in a cage as he raised his voice.- “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF HER IN THAT CAGE!” -he pointed directly at Iris in a serious tone to where the house shook form the very foundation itself his voice raised in a tone. The foundation would shake for a brief moment waiting for them to explain themselves. At this time Arren was only reacting on pure instinct to his family. He may be a god however he was not at all expecting to see his granddaughter in a cage let alone pay attention to the scent of an undead body.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte was trying to keep an eye on how the treatment of Conan would be undertaken.  Leaning to the right slightly, she narrowed her gaze, and looked concerned, till she was approached by another carer, an assistant to the healer.

“I am sorry miss. My name is kai if you need anything just give me a call. Rika  the healer you see behind the table will be working on Lord Conan. I promise she will do everything in her power to heal him.”

This was at the very least encouraging, and Charlotte nodded.  “I just want to see he is going to be okay.”  Charlotte said, acknowledging Rika with a slight nod, then going back to watching Conan.  He really looked to be in bad shape.

Rika was having a lot of trouble just in removing his coat, puffing and exerting herself, getting into a bit of a lather.  Charlotte was unsure if she should butt in and help, but by the time came to get his shirt off, she was in dire straights.  This was now getting to painful to watch.

“You would think you never undressed a man before.  Normally its more fun when they are awake.”  She added, coming over and then starting to peel back the shirt, to work it over his head, then unthread it from his arms.  Once it was off, Charlotte said.  “No need to thank me, but I am not touching his pants.”


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal heard the man’s words and was about to follow the direction out of respect for the house. However he suddenly began to scream about the undead creature. He moved out of the man’s way but knew immediately that he was not in any right mind. His anger was getting the best of him it seemed. He had enough of these hot tempers. If fools must rush in, he would let them do so, to their own folly. He had already seen what these undead could do. He had been made as a counter to them. His whole body reconstructed through magic specifically to fight the undead. Yet his advice had not been heeded. He would hope that now they would do something about the threat. It could not be left unfinished. He knew better than others that if this creature escaped in the night some might not make it to day as it ate them in their sleep , silently. He knew how they behaved, Especially those dearest would be targets. He quietly watched as the goings on continued and said nothing further.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay started to follow the volfen to the mat as his uncle came into sight. He reached the mat and kneeled down with his hand holding Sound Strike out towards Arren in offereing. At the sudden power and anger in Arren’s voice at the sight of Iris drove Imay to his feet and looked his uncle dead in the eyes. “She is in the cage because something BROUGHT HER BACK.” Imay answered making sure to emphisize the last three words for his uncle. “And Almost all of us thought it best she was purified instead of simply distroyed”. At Imay’s second statement he kneeled back down and extended his power holding the cage out towards Arren so he could easily take control and handle Iris.

ConanSilverfang:-Rika heard Charlotte as her ears perked up as she listened. She tilted her head in a questionable look at her about her comment only to try to figure how what she meant. Gonzu  chuckled in the corner as he said.- “she wouldn’t know what you mean by that. She is Chichiagwa the first form of creation from Arren. They do not reproduce normally.” -Rika watched as Charlotte pulled off both the jacket and shirt for her as she got excited and said in a vice soft but very child like voice.- “Ni pon!” -she clapped knowing that’s what she needed help with as she made a gesture with her hand saying in sign language. – “Thank you” -She looked at Conan’s chest only to see that a large fragment of bone seem to be poking slightly from the center of his chest. She frowned only sighing softly. She started to make more gestures with her hands trying to speak to both of them. Hoping one of them would know what she was taking about. She would say in sign language- “His sternum is cracked slightly I can only tell that it was from the wound that has been recently been closed. I need you to both hold him down while I try to place it back into place.” -she sighed hopping Charlotte knew sign language she couldn’t talk only for good reason. She only knew one word that was what she had said before. Her voice box wasn’t built to speak in a full blown language. She still was a bit worried that Charlotte wouldn’t understand. Gonzu stood up as he nodded while looking over to Charlotte as he asked.- “do you know sign language? Or do you need a translator?” -he waited for her response.-

-While Imayaruk explained himself to Arren. The old wolf could sigh as placed his paw on his forehead as he said. – “I should have foreseen something like this. I apologize to both of you. I shall purify her body at once. My greatest fear has come to life.” -Arren walked forward to the cage as he looked to Jalal as he nodded knowing full well he seemed to understand what he was about to do. He brought his paw to his bo staff only to take it bring the end of the staff towards Iris. The small girl within the cage pushed herself into the left corner of the cell trying to stay away from her grandfather. The end of the bo staff emitted a bright light  from the end of it. The light beamed towards Iris as she started to struggle a bit not sure what was happening. Her body would start to go limb slowly progressing as her eyes started to slowly close as Arren said.- “Be at peace my Iris.” -for those who could see it her body went completely dead as her soul was banished from her body only to send her to the afterlife. As the light slowly faded Arren stood firm pulling his bo staff back to his side as he turned to Jalal.- “I am sorry for not introducing myself but that had to be done. If I didn’t do it now, I would refuse to do it later.” -he stepped back as he nodded to the man yet again.- “I am Dao Tsu Arren Darkness. Elder God of wolves and Creator of the Volfen race. You are?” -he waited for Jalal’s answer only to ignore his nephew for the moment. Shikia and Danzo instantly went to the cage and quickly removed the body of Iris and moved down the hall to keep from further emotional feelings becoming a problem.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Not a clue….but by the looks of that bone sticking out of his chest, and if she is going to do any…magic healing, we are going to need to pin this sucker down.”  Charlotte said with a firm nod, moving into position and then looking up at Gonzu, as she placed her hands down hard on his shoulder and arm.

“He is going to bitch slap me silly when he comes too.”  This was what Charlotte thought, anyways.  Looking back at Rika she said. “Better now than never, my arms are already tired from carrying him here.”


Watcher Thorodan : -Jalal now understood  what they had meant by purification. They meant removing the undeath so the body could be buried clean. It was possible but doing so still meant the bodies death. There were ways he could have done so in the field had they explained what they meant, he had not understood what they had wanted or how much this one had truly meant to them. He understood a little better now and also some of their power. They must be descended from dragons because his powers came from the Tsun Tzu Dragons as the Atlanteans were taught by some of their ilk and only a few of them knew of this knowledge. He bowed in thanks to the elders as they finished the ceremony knowing the deed accomplished. It was at least finished. He stood stoicly looking to the rest of the party wondering what other powers they might possess if they were of dragon kind.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- “Traveler! Don’t be rude introduce yourself.” Imay called out to Jalal trying to get his attention. Things were already tense enough after that fight, where Conan was gravely injured, and he didn’t want to see what would happen if his uncle was ignored. He would wait a few moments to give Jalal the chance before calling out, “Uncle, do you know anything about what might have turned Iris, or why they attacked Conan and Danzo?”

ConanSilverfang:-Rika’s left eye would twitch as Charlotte said she couldn’t understand sign language. She was a bit annoyed that no one seems to understand her at times. She shrugged it off only to nodded to both of them  as she placed her hands together. Gonzu nodded as he said.- “she did point out about the his chest. I know how to read Sign language.” -he walked over to Conan’s legs and waist placing his gigantic hands on the honored Volfen only to pin that part of his body down. Rika who had her hands together looked to make sure both of them were ready to begin. She brought  her hands apart as they began to glow with a white aura. She smiled only to bring her hands towards Conan’s chest only to hear him sigh in pain when Rika touched his chest were the bone had been touched. She stayed focus on her patient only to start pushing on his sternum harder as her hands pushed on the bone you could hear the cracking of the bone having it being pushed back into place. Conan gave out a blood curling scream that started to shake the room form the sound volume. He struggled to move his arms and feet with a reaction that even with Gonzu’s big body he was having a hard time keeping Conan’s legs pinned down. Conan was strong for his size he was lifting up a Earth wolf that weighted more than twice his size. In the blind agonizing reaction he opened his eyes trying to reach for Rika feeling his sternum being pushed back into place. He wasn’t noticing who was holding his arm’s and shoulders  only that he was in pain. He wasn’t in his right mind only knowing he was reacting to the pain as he screamed again as the snapping of the sternum sounded again this time Rika pulled away from his chest only to hold her hands up making a signs with them as she said.- “Hold him down for a minute I will be back with a syringe and a sedative.” -as if Charlotte would even know what she said. Gonzu translated as he struggled to hold down Conan- “She said she will be back with something to put him asleep!” -he could feel Conan’s strength making a difference as Rika ran over to her medical kit. Running through things even though Conan Reached for her she was out of his way. Conan was still struggling to move around as he was now in a blind rage trying now to throw Charlotte over him, he was so angry from the pain he couldn’t even see who it was he was trying to throw.-

-Arren stood there waiting for an introduction from the traveler. As he hear Imayaruk speak out of line as he slammed his staff on the floor end first sending a vibration through the wood to make sure that his nephew would notice his own mistake. He growled hear Imayaruk continue to talk as he said.- “If I would have known exactly what we are dealing with I would have told you already.” -he turned around  only to stare at the ceiling as he sighed. Only to continue.- “What turned Iris was something that is known as Necromancy, And not of the lower level. All I know is that their after two keys. I know Conan is hurt. We cant do anything until Conan is awake.” -he walked forward as he sighed again only to stare at the picture on the wall of Conan, Sirah and Iris thinking of the times when he wasn’t dealing with evil. It seemed the God of wolves has more feelings towards his family than one would ever care to understand. He did not turn around to look at the two only to know that he didn’t care to speak at this time. As he said with tears falling form his eyes.- “please leave me for now. I need time to mourn for my granddaughter’s death.” -he started to sob quietly only to know that he was not able to speak at this time with such sad thoughts. A small little wolf that looked like rika but had silver hair came up behind Imayaruk and Jalal as she bowed with saying in such a small squeaky voice.- “if you both would come with me. I can show you to your rooms. Master Arren needs time to himself. I can also show you to the training court yards if you wish to practice anything or just need a place to think for the time being.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Again Rika was making a wild flurry of hand movements, trying to convey what she wanted to say.  Charlotte looked at her with an “Eh?” expression, not understanding a freaking thing.  “I don’t understand!” she shouted, as though Rika must have been deaf.  Thankfully Gonzu knew it and was able to translate it into English.  “she did point out about the his chest. I know how to read Sign language.”  Charlotte rolled her eyes.  “Yes, I get that…she is going to work on his chest.  Gotchya!”  Charlotte said with a bit of gusto.  She wasn’t too sure how this was going to go, treating him without drugs of any kind.  What if he suddenly woke up through the searing pain?  Her questions were about to be answered.

The cracking of the bone in his chest caused a blood curdling scream to escape his mouth, as he roared in anger and excruciating pain.  Charlotte was doing her best to hold him down, and so was Gonzu, but when you had an alpha wolf like man on a table, and he was doing his block, with the build up of adrenalin, it was going to be a tall order to keep him pinned down.  At this part where the sternum snapped, Rika started again with the hand waving arm flailing jibber jabber. “WHAT?!” Charlotte exclaimed, only to see her turn away to get for supplies for her medical kit.

“YOU’RE NOW GOING TO DRUG HIM?”  Charlotte was now hanging on for dear life, her eyes wider than ever, till Conan…went berserk.  He struggled to move and then he caught sight of Charlotte as she mouthed., “Hell no!”  He was going to throw her across the room.  “EEEEEEEKKKK!” she was up and off her feet in a trice and then flung across the room, hitting the opposite wall with a loud crash.  Charlotte’s body slid to the floor, knocked out cold.


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal would look to Arren and realizing his rudeness apologize. ” I am Jalal, My Lord. I am a Atlantean and Slayer of The Undead, One of the Walkers of the Worlds. I have not said much so far as I tend to observe. However i see your kind are also of Dragon ilk or power. We too were given power from Dragons in ages past, our people. We were friends to dragons and defended our realm and many others for eons until Atantis itself was destroyed. Since then the rending of my people have fought throughout the worlds against all those who are of purest evil. I am one of the last that was was born on Atlantean soil that is living. Only because time itself warps my body am i still among the living. It is well to meet you Arren. “-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay stood still feeling the vibrations directed at him. He had realized he was a little rude but knew it was acceptable only as it allowed another to save face. Imay was a little troubled by his uncle’s response, ‘Ok what is going on if uncle doesn’t even know.’ He couldn’t help but smirk At Jalal seeing the Chichiagwa before once his uncle dismissed them. “Well Jalal we might want to find a quiet spot to talk.” Imay said towards the Atlantian, before addressing the servant, “Please take us to one of the spare sitting rooms. Oh and would you mind preparing some tea for us I’m sure Jalal probably would like to know what we could give him, child of Old Blood.”

Conansilverfang:-Rika noticed Conan had thrown Charlotte across the room as she sighed only to pull out a small straw made of bamboo loading a small dart into the end of it with a swift fast movements. As Conan moved to remove Gonzu in a clash of berserking rage, Rika blew into the end of the straw only to shoot the dart coated with a high rating sedative that would knock out someone Gonzu out of the other end towards Conan’s neck at a high speed that Conan wouldn’t be able to detect  as it stuck his neck with enough pressure to pierce his skin. It seemed she hit a vein directly only to notice it took effect quickly. As Conan started to lay back down seeing everything in a whole not prospective. Through his eyes he would see flying pink elephants flying about not sure what to think he could only feel tired as he slowly laid back down. Rika huffed as she started flailing her hands in a bunch of different mixed messages at Gonzu the only thing that was really able to be known was that she was more angry with Gonzu than Charlotte. As she walked back up her stepping stool only to point to Charlotte for Gonzu to check on her. Rika pulled out some bandaging starting to wrap Conan’s chest as she shook her head. Gonzu sighed letting go of Conan seeing that he was now fast asleep, he walked over to see she was out cold. He placed his hand on her shoulder as he said.- “Miss Charlotte wake up. Its over now.” -she shook her a little bit and took his hand patting her left cheek trying to get her to come too. Waiting for her response he kept trying to do so.-

-Arren had went quiet as the Chichiagwa had came to them quickly closing the doors behind them. She turned around hearing Imayaruk as she said.- “Ok well I shall tell you where the  Garden is. Its the quietest place here in Den Lira. I will be bring you tea. You can get to the Garden’s by going down the hall here to your left and taking a right when you come to the end. The door is just beyond that next hall. I will be right out there with your tea.” -she bowed quickly running off to the kitchen in a hurry hopping they had tea ready. You could hear her speaking in an odd language to the people in the kitchen as she had left.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- She was out.  A nasty whack to the back of the head, her hair so long and dark now covering much of her face, as she landed like a rag doll.  Gonzu tried to wake her up, shaking her shoulder to get her to snap out of it.  Slowly the movement jarred her enough to groan, and her eyelids fluttered open, though she was clearly in some discomfort from being tossed so violently.  “Anyone get the number of that bus?” she asked her voice slightly groggy from the head strike.

Looking up, she suddenly remembered what happened, and then saw Rika was bandaging up the now sleeping Conan.  Getting to her feet, Charlotte was pissed.  She stormed over to Rika, and tapped her shoulder.  “Next time you gotta crack someone’s sternum….USE DRUGS FIRST!”  The last few words sure to be practically spat out.  Turning on her heel, her hair whipped off her shoulders, and she went to find a place to sit down.  Her own head throbbing.  She gave Gonzu a sideways glance that was fierce.  She was not about to apologize for her outburst.


Watcher Thorodan :  -Jalal would look towards Imay hearing his words as suggested they find a quiet place to have discourse. Tea sounded like a good idea at this point he thought. He followed Imay to a spot in the corner as he pointed it out. Sitting down he look at the chaf, taking a cup he inspected it and then poured himself a cup neatly sipping it.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay couldn’t help but grin seeing the girl run off after the directions. He quietly led Jalal to their destination. He sighed heavily as Jalal was severing himself the tea already set out for them, “Ok Jalal, first I must tell you that your only half right about the dragon ties to my family. My uncle Arren and his line actually have no connection to the dragons like that, though My father’s blood is tied deeply to them. Next thing is what i can figure out so far from our fight earlier. Who or what ever is actually behind this can obviously travel between worlds, like your or me. This is proved by them using Arren’s granddaughter, my second cousin, As a creature my family has called Necrobane. These are the worst monsters a Necromancer in my history can call up and command. Unlike the other undead things they make these are made in what i would call the closest mortally possible way to truly resurrect someone. As was seen by her behavior at first the soul gets corrupted and twisted though there is still something of what they use to be. Now whatever is behind this has to have some dire knowledge about part of us or is extremely lucky, because the man Iris had tried to kill back in that fight is her father, and by all rights my uncles left paw so to speak. With that said I will try to answer anything else I can.

ConanSilverfang:-Gonzu noticed that Charlotte hit her head pretty hard as she got up and started picking on Rika. Rika didn’t take to kindly of it only to huff a bit as she yelled at her saying she could of used the drugs first. She didn’t care anymore she wanted to finish the job and be done with it. Quickly Bandaging Conan up and looked over to Charlotte and then to Gonzu as she made signs with her hands. Gonzu sighed as he walked over to Charlotte.- “she is asking for us to leave since she needs to examine his other half for that she needs to be alone with him for a while.” -Gonzu rubbed the back of his neck as he sighed as he said.- “why don’t I take you to the the temple of Sound. It’s peaceful Miss Charlotte I am sure it will help you relax” -he waited for a reply from her hopping she would do so.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Rika started on with the hand signing again, and Charlotte dragged her hand down her face, clearly frustrated by this woman and her unorthodox treatment methods.  She grimmaced as her hand fell to her side and she turned to look at Gonzu to have the interpretation explained to her again.  Apparently Rika wanted them both to leave, so that she could attend to Conan in peace.  Charlotte didn’t need to be told twice. Getting to her feet, and smartly wiping off the dust that coated her clothes.  “Yeah well, when she gets tossed around like a garden salad….I ain’t going to be here to administer…THE DRUGS” she said, making sure Rika got that Charlotte didn’t like her or her methods at all.

Marching out with a huff, Gonzu would be able to hear her say. “Only sounds in that temple are going to be me, screaming FUCK for a good ten minutes.”


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal looked toward Imay and listened to him talk for a time. Sipping his tea thoughtfully he didn’t open his mouth till he was finished speaking, as he wanted to hear his thoughts on all matters. Imay said that his fathers blood was tied deeply to the dragons. He had felt that and understood that intuitively. Though not exactly how these creatures were connected. As for these necrobane’s they were lesser creatures. Imay thought they were higher on the echelon. They were not. Jalal addressed him after a moment. ” Imay these Necrobanes as you know them are servant beings. Each serves a master in a plane. Normally they are summoned by a necromanacer and are far less powerful and one such as I would take no notice of their ilk. As they would not have this kind of power. What you are seeing are creatures with far more power in this world. Why you might ask? Well there are entities. Larger beings that exist in many planes. Their actual minds touch into many different planes at the same time. They are known to the Atlanteans as Alien Intelligences. These Powerful beings can do much. Some like the Splugorth and Vampire Intelligence’s worked together to destroy Atlantis. One of these has come to this plane. I know not which. I do know however That this power has given great power to these Necromancers. they are far more than what they seem. When I told you that you must end the girl’s life it was not out of spite. It was not to carry her taint. Had i known her importance I could have purified her myself on the field. I too posess the same power. I am a True Atlantean Undead Slayer. A Rift Walker. I can travel the ley lines of any world or plane. When you found me I had come by one of our ancient pyramids. We built them in ancient times. They were our gateways. This was once an outpost of ours and we visited here in our youth. Though I had never been here. I cannot tell you more Imay for I am not an expert in all things. I am a hunter. I have come to find this thing and kill it.  That is all. “-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay sighed serving himself some tea, as he listened to Jalal. When Jalal finished Imay had just drawn out an old pipe he used for his various smokeable herbs. “I understand what you mean, I have personally witnessed such cases though this one like others are different. The power isn’t coming from a creature like the ones you speak. Its the force of the universes that bring this power that would be to blame. You see not all the necromancers and their creations have a higher will driving them even if they have someone giving them orders. And as for the necrobanes yes they are just more creations, but what is their truth threat is who they were, not who brought them back. Any necromancer without a pan-dimensional being behind them can only summon what is within their power, and most without that aid wouldn’t be able to call a necrobane like these because they can’t bring them back. Iris was direct blood of a creator being and almost no creature should be able to due that without the proper ties to her or her blood. To be honest this was the main reason I was so pushy towards you before, though my pride wouldn’t have let me see her suffer a true destruction instead of purification.” Imay sighed hoping this wouldn’t turn into an argument. “I understand if you don’t want to quiet believe that about who or what is behind this. What we need to focus on at the moment is recovering, and preparation. If they had Iris I won’t be surprised to see a few more necrobanes of similar strength.”

ConanSilverfang:-Gonzu knew Charlotte was upset with Rika’s methods of medical performance as he sighed as she raged on outside. Rika listened making gestures with her hands as she left. Gonzu gave her a glare as he walked out behind her only to close the door behind them. He gave a big sigh as he placed his hand on his head. He looked to Charlotte as he  said to her.- “I need to go get some tea. I will be back in a few moments. If you want you can stay out here  since you seem to be upset.” -he walked down the hall leaving Charlotte alone for the time being. As Gonzu disappeared the sounds of a staff thumping against the ground was heard as Arren was now walking towards Charlotte’s way as his kimono was swaying around with his eyes filled with sorrow only to stop seeing Charlotte outside the doorway. He walked forward and right on past her if she was any person to know the resonating sound that was so similar to Conan’s own walking path she could almost pick up who he was. Even though his form was different looking like a wolf for the most part he glanced over as he stood in front of the door ready to open the door. As he asked her.- “Friend of Conan’s I presume?”  -he stood their still having a glum aura about him.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- What she would have given for a cup of coffee right at that moment.  Charlotte was pissed, hurt, and annoyed, and well out of her comfort zone.  She had bigger things to worry about at the moment, and yet here she was, being banished from Conan’s side, to go to a temple of sounds and calm down.  Bugger that.  It was going to take a lot to snap her out of her foul mood.  What on earth must her kids be doing now?  What of anya?  the more she thought of it, the more her head started to throb with a dull ache.  She reached back and felt the large egg size lump and grimmaced.  There was no sign of a place to get an ice pack, and she continued to rub her head softly.

Just then, a creature passed her, dressed in a kimono, and then spoke back to her in a flat tone.  “Friend of Conan’s I presume?”  Charlotte shrugged, and gave a slight nod.  “Something like that.  What’s it to you?”  she said now placing her hands on her hips.


Watcher Thorodan: -Jalal was surprised Imay understood as much as he had imparted. Most in the outposts did not exactly understand all he would impart. Especially given where he came from, his origins were from an early earth. I would not argue those points with you Imay either. “All I will say is what drew me here was a dark force. Something that is not pan dimensional is not strong enough to even blip our radar as it were. So whatever is here is something vastly powerful. I am here to help kill whatever has created this evil and help you in your task, if that would please you and your family. ” He then took another swallow of his tea and watched the room-

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay took a long drag from his pipe as a fragrant smell from the herbs started to fill the air around him and Jalal. “Well I agree it would take something that can reach multiple planes with ease i have a feeling this is more then influence of a universal force more then a being. And as far as my family goes only ones it will matter to are my uncle and myself. None of my blood are left to get involved, as i know of only there are only two left, and they are far from here. Thanks none the less, we need all the help we can get if Conan was taken down so easily even if it was his daughter.” Imay leaned back a little and sipped at his tea starting to wonder how Conan was actually doing, and how he would react to what had happened since he was hurt.

ConanSilverfang:-Arren had noticed that the woman seemed a bit annoyed and simply upset. However it seemed she was not going to be so open with him as he answered her question.- “I ask because I am his God the creator of his very race, his mentor, but most of all I am his Father in law. My name is Tsu Dao Arren Darkness.” -he opened the door only to walk in hearing Rika throw something on the floor as he started to clean Conan up placing different clothes on him. If Charlotte was to follow behind Arren she would notice that instead of him wearing his street clothes he was now wearing a black Kimono that was more of a kendo uniform so to speak he was bandaged   all along his chest yet he was mostly covered up. He seemed to be sleeping almost as Rika was making gestures to Arren. He nodded as he said.- “Thank you again Rika. I am that his pain level wasn’t as high as it was when he was a child. Go rest now.” -Arren stood there watching over his Son in laws body trying to take in all of what he learned today.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- “You’re what?”  Did he just say he was a God.  No way.  Why would a God be hanging out down here?  She gave him a look like he was talking out his ass.  Clearly she had lost the use of her manners when she hit her head on the wall.  “OH…well I am the Queen of Zimbertuckumpton, pleased to meet you.”  She said, then gave something of a royal wave and rolled her eyes.  The GOD opened the door, and inside, Rika was still tending to Conan, who now was changed into a kendo uniform, his body heavily bandaged.  Arren spoke to Rika…lord knows how, and the woman finally left the room, and Charlotte stepped around her, coming in to see Conan again.  She kept her arms folded, and then shot Arren a look.  “Father in law?  So…you created him for your daughter?  Struth, I could have used you back in the day to whip me up a bloke.”


xXxWatcherxXx : -Jalal was wondering what had become of the rest of their companions. It had been awhile since they had arrived. He had been talking to Imay for sometime. He explained the relations between his people and the dragons. It was obvious that he had some dragons blood as well within him. He had some respect for his kind. He didn’t know much about the rest of them as of yet however. ” So Imay, what next? What is your next plan now that we have arrived here? I am sure we will not find this necrobane here. ” He continued to sip his tea while he awaited his answer.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay sighed heavily at Jalal’s question before taking a long drag from his pipe. “Well unless the other woman knows something I’m afraid we can wait for them to try something again, or for Conan to wake up. And as far as those necrobanes go I’m sure we will see them again soon, though if you would like i could try to whip one up for you to kill, but it might blow up as soon as it is touched by anything but the floor.” Imay had flashed an old and tired smile at his own joke knowing it was beyond any good taste. Imay had then put out his pipe and drew out five stone orbs, each of a different material. The first was pure white marble, followed by a brilliant garnet, a pure black obsidian, a ruby, a simple river stone. “Unless you are going to drink tea and keep me company, I suggest finding one of the Chichiagwa and asking them for directions to what you might need.” Imay said calmly as he pulled out a small odd tool and quickly started to dig markings into the stones he pulled out, starting with the river stone.