Role play Live : Lacardis Prime : Carrendar

Sora’s first break


LoreleiRoseCarrendar: There was much excitement at the ancient arena as the Great Ronan was putting on a show in the centre ring, fighting hand to hand with a smaller man, Javach. Both were glistening in oil, their bodies were extremely muscular, and so far Javach had more bruises thatn Ronan. Another roar from the crowd, as Ronan gets an upper hand, now pinning the smaller Javach to the stone floor, his right arm held back, and with his knee to his lower back, it looked like Javach was going to concede. Lorelei was leaning against one of the stone partition walls, a cheeky grin on her face, as Ronan’s loin cloth rose up just enough for her to get a peek. ~Well hung too.~ The bebilith though to herself, as Javach’s arm suddenly broke, from the exertion applied by Ronan. He screamed in agony and the judge came in and lowered the flag of Javach. The man had lost and Ronan leapt up off the injured Javach and danced around the ring victorious. Lorelei did a small golf clap, as many that had bet on the match went to collect their winnings. <3>

CarbonGenocide: -A stifled yawn echoed the arena as the flag of Javach changed to that of a Carrendar’s with Sora’s personal heraldry upon it. Of course this drew many gasps from the audience as a scrawny fifteen year old male measuring in at four foot five inch’s tall walked through the crowds and dropped over the retaining wall into the arena. The youth was unarmed as he preferred to fight with his fists even though he was highly unskilled in that fact but he still cared little for that size or the skill of his opponent. He like his mother was a bebilith meaning he was a spider demon and he could shift from his human form to that of his namesake when completely enraged. Though he was scrawny runt so to speak he made up for this with a firey determination and iron wrought will as well as a nimbleness that his youthful frame would grant to him before speaking with a cocksure tone. Whilst Sora spoke the audience would titter softly while he raised a brow mockingly. Of course Sora was obviously trying to get under the warriors skin. The young Bebilith would watch the warrior stop his dance around the arena with a murderous glare on gracing his features though that only made the male smile. “Oh come on now…..that whelp was nothing….you want a fight then face me unless you’re a complete pussy and afraid of getting your ass wiped across the floor by a mere child but i don’t want you to hold back though…”

LordRyoPulizzi: -As Ryo walks through the realms, he starts to get bored at just simply looking at the sites. He stops for a moment to take a look around, and sees his destination off in the distance, and decides to make his way over to the Ox and Cart Inn. As he reaches the entrance, he removes his 5.5 foot broadsword that in many ways looked similar to the Celtic Ulfbert, and sets it against the wall beside the door. When he had been a part of his last family, it had been given to him in commemoration of becoming a pureblood when his queen had given him some of her blood, 4.5 million years ago. It had a phrase along the indention along one side of the blade, reading “Humans are but cattle, ripe for the slaughter.” On either side of the crossguard, there were hummingbirds set in flight, with the wingtips of one touching the other’s, creating an openended handguard. In the center of the pommel, at the bottom of the handgrip, the letters “LRP” wrre emblazened upon it. Once he had set his blade down, he turns back to the door, and straightens his loose fitting black and red top, and reaches up, wrinkling the fabric in the crook of his elbow as he unbuttons all three of the buttons located at the top of his shirt. He then reaches up and pulls his long black hair into a ponytail, being sure to not let any strands back down around his face and obscure his view.Using his right hand, he places the necklace that had an Anck on it given to him by Ramses the II. It had the ability to further help him in the accelerated healing ,if the injury were to prevent him from using an appendage, that being a vampire came with, making it easier to mend injuries in a battle. He also had knuckle bone spikes, a procedure that few beings can endure: putting a spike into the knuckle bones, protruding from the skin for an inch, on each bone, and making it so that they do not bury deeper into the bone, or not breaking it, do not catch against anything.He had gotten the help of inserting them by Daedalus and Ajax. He steps inside and finds a seat, pulling out the flask that he kept in his left boot and took a sip.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Lorelei noticed that one of the twins, Sora had decided he wanted to take on the meat mountain that was the Great Ronan. Well over six and a half foot of rippling muscle, he was all beef, no braun. Sora did his usual. Speaking to Ronan with a condescending tone, and Lorelei knew that this was not going to be pretty. “Oh come on now…..that whelp was nothing….you want a fight then face me unless you’re a complete pussy and afraid of getting your ass wiped across the floor by a mere child but i don’t want you to hold back though…” Ronan cocked his head back. So, the runt of the Carrendar litter wanted a fight, eh? He looked over at Lorelei, knowing full well her wrath was considerable, if harm came to her sons. She shrugged, knowing her son had his own mind, and at fifteen, he should be able to handle himself. Ronan grinned, showing off some spaces where his teeth should have been. “Puny spider…Me crush!” Yes, he wasn’t the full deck of cards either. Too many hits to the noggin does that to people. Lumbering towards Sora, he got ready to strike the lad, his right arm pulled back with elbow bent, then like a cannon firing, he aimed to strike Sora’s left temple, if he was not fast enough to get out of the way. <3>

CarbonGenocide: -Sora sighed gently and shook his head slowly before he at the last possible second ducked the flying fist and doubling over. No sooner had he done that he would jet forwards in a sudden burst of motion before dropping to his knee’s and skidding between Ronan’s legs. Though as he slid though Ronan’s legs Sora would smirk to himself as he lashed out with his left elbow aiming to catch the massive male right in jewels where he knew it would hurt the most. Should the blow connect with Ronan’s jewels Sora would leap onto the back of the warrior and attempt to lock his legs around his windpipe to cut off all air intake and choke him out before speaking with a venomous tone. After he had spoken he would tighten his legs around Ronan’s throat and fist his scrawny hands into the hair of the male to anchor himself to the being. From the words uttered through Sora’s very lips it was clear that the fall towards the shift into a bebilith had already begun though it was far from its impact at this point.- “Call me a puny spider one more time you dolt…go on i dare ya!!!.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Lorelei knew that Sora was a wily lad, and capable of pulling some rather unorthodox attacks, when the heat was on. Mary Muggins, the innkeeper came up from the Inn, to see the latest fight, and nearly swallowed her tongue when she saw Sora up against Ronan the Great. “Good heavens and tarnations, M’lady. Why you be lettin’ him fight that mountain of Meatballs?” Yes, she was shocked as much as the rest of the crowd, and Lorelei simply grinned and pointed in to the arena. “Cause it’s about time he learnt to fight his own battles. Annnnd here he goes.” Sure enough, Sora did a valiant move…(hur) sliding between Ronan’s open legs, after avoiding the massive hammer fist of Ronan to the temple. What got the crowd on its feet, was how Sora clocked Ronan right in the balls, as he glided beneath. The look on Ronan’s face? Priceless. A collective gasp from many a man, some even reaching to cup their own privates, had Lorelei burst out laughing. “A nut job!” she exclaimed, giggling insanely. But Sora was not done, as Ronan was hunched over, wincing and clutching his balls. Sora leapt onto his back, and attempted to anchor himself to the mountain’s back. But what Sora didn’t understand, was that the bigger they are…the harder they fall. Eyes now cross eyed, the Great Ronan swayed, and then fell backwards, aiming to crush the annoying spider boy beneath his great bulk. “SPIDAH SQUISH!” he roared loudly. <3>

LordRyoPulizzi: -Ryo sits there, watching the other patrons converse between each other. He stands and walks over to the fireplace and warms up.-

TonberryShuffle: The best was reigned in. While saddled and rigged up in much the same way this was by no means a horse. Nor was it even a quadraped. Or….a mammalian creature. Even so it handled the load it was expected to well. A pair of scaled legs clawed at the dirt impatiently; the limbs unnaturally thick for…whatever this thing seemed to be. Atop the legs its body was covered in an array of bland oiled feathers. Okay, so it may have been a bird of some time until someone caught a glimpse of its bare fleshy spaded tail swishing nonchalantly behind it. Its wings and tail alike however were avoided by the array of leather straps used to tie down the saddle and the packs; among them at least one sheath and accompanying belt attached. The final piece of the puzzle of course just had to be completely covered. Encasing its entire skull something akin to a rigid leather helmet with vents and holes in appropriate locations for nose, eyes, and a possible slit and hing for a mouth or possibly a beak; though none of that was visible at the time. The point of this aesthetically at least appeared to partially be tied to the reigns that ran back to the single occupant. The woman clad in array of clothing that historically would’ve been reserved for men at arms; though the articles seemed refashioned to fit her well enough. Riding boots running up to just before her knees where they overlapped with a plain set of breeches. Even as warm as it was she still bore sections of protective leather suitable for simple travels. Enough in fact when coupled with the rest of her clothing–riding gloves included– that the only pale flesh visible started at her neck and worked its way up. Bright crimson hair was pulled back into a loose collection with a single thong holding the whole thing together. The woman could really only be called a human if aesthetics were the only thing to base it off of; even with her ears drawing to a point she had the face and the comparatively ‘plump’ build that wasn’t exactly known to elves. Of course, a thin or in her case athletic human could pass as plump elf nearly any day. Her eyes scanned the outside of the building looking for suitable stables or even a trough and post to tie off this…thing she still sat upon.

CarbonGenocide: -Sora’s eyes widened to saucer’s as the great behemoth fell backwards before he leaped away only to land in a heap off to the left closer to the retaining wall. When he landed an audibile crack of a bone giving way under the brutal impact of the landing was soon followed by the howl of a youth in pain. Which bone had been broken under the impact? The left ulna of Sora’s arm was now straining against the skin of his arm but he grunted and slowly stood back up. By now the fall towards the bebilith shift had begun to accelerate being now about maybe a quarter of the way to completion and the undoubtly painful shift. The only indicator of Sora’s rising ire was the sudden surge forward Sora took towards the fallen goliath only to come to a stop and swing his booted foot around to collide hard enough with his right temple to hopefully put him down for the count. Should he miss Sora would swear to himself as he babied his left arm visibly before stepping back and making his way to one of the pillars to start to scale it so he could drop down onto the mountain of flesh that was Ronan.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- A flurry of hands went up as betting was being made, the chance to see the young spider being downed was too good a temptation. Lorelei chuckled at the crowd’s enthusiasm. Though Mary Muggins was tutting, and making all sorts of cursed remarks. “He be flattened like a pancake.” She exclaimed, all the while Lorelei had faith in her boy. “It’s not over till the fat man sings.” Lorelei enthused, a twinkle in her eyes as she heard the sudden crack of bones. Someone was hurt in the fall of the titan Ronan, but whose and which? Many a neck craned to see how the young Bebilith faired and sure enough, he had been injured. Ronan chuckled as he lay on his back, partially winded, but he knew he got a win on. That was until he felt the sudden kick of a boot to his temple. Ronan’s head lolled and then his eyes closed, knocked clean out of his senses. The fight was over, and the judge sprinted out to lower the flag of Ronan. Sora had been victorious…this time. Lorelei had seen enough, and turned on her heel as the scalpers were racking in the rends. Mary scuttled after her, catching her skirts in her grip so not to trip. “You be fancying an ale, M’lady?” the innkeeper enquired. Lorelei smiled as she said to Mary, as they entered the door. “You know me too well.” <3>

LordRyoPulizzi: -Ryo goes over and sits down at the bar, and not knowing what to say, he just sits down and take another sip from his flask. He sets it back down and just stares down at the counter, he begins thinking about the ruins of his old home and loses himself-

TonberryShuffle: The stable located and the woman guided the winged mount on in. Any stable boy would be dealt with with a polite smile and a warning that was halfway towards being a threat. Her beast was not to be messed with and once food was provided–which also came with special instructions– that the boy and any other employees were to stay away. It was of course the responsible thing to do, right? More than anything by mentioning that she felt like she relieved herself of any obligation to take care of injury for mistreatment. They may have disagreed but that was a bridge they would cross when they got to it. In the meantime in the enclosed stable she had situated herself and the beast. Saddle removed, packs removed, and even some adjustments to her wardrobe were done. The gloves for instance were replaced and a belt normally a hair too wide to be comfortable while riding was slid on. With it a variety of pouches and knives. The sword in question was to remain in the stable with the now unhooded creature. She was patting herself clean all the way from the stables and on through the door to the Inn. She paused there and just a hair out of the way to allow her eyes time to adjust.

CarbonGenocide: -Sora scuttled off through the arena before chasing down his mother Lorelei before walking at her side as he continued to baby his left arm with the broken ulna straining against the skin of his arm. He then looked to Mary before shooting her a cocky grin as he spoke softly unsure of what his mother was thinking. After asking the question Sora would fall silent and stare at his arm with a muttered curse that was bound to get him into some serious trouble if his mother heard it as one so young as him should not have such a vocabulary yet. Sora woul then proceed to follow his mother wherever she went like a lost dog so to speak before making his way to the bar counter and hopping onto a bar stool to sit there silently.- “So Momma what did ya think of that hmm??”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Mary first noticed the lonely looking stranger, that had been drinking from a flask, and he had that sad look about him. Lost perhaps? Maybe the wife up and left him. Wiping her hands on her apron, she headed across the room and came to be at his side, looking down as he sat. “Top of the day to ya…what I be gettin’ ya? We have some lovely local ales, wines..or perhaps something from our kitchens?” She asked, getting out a small piece of paper with the menu. “Roast pig, with greens and potatoes. :: Lorelei turned back when her son walked in after her, sporting a broken bone in his arm. He asked her what she thought of his display in the arena and tilted her head as she spoke “You could have been killed.” Not exactly the words he would have wanted to hear, but least she was being honest. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a woman enter the Inn, dressed with an adornment of feathers and leather. Odd. Perhaps she was from the north. Lore looked back at her son then, and down to his arm. “Do you want me to fetch the healer?” <3>

TonberryShuffle: She was finally winding down from the journey. The odd sensation of everything just slowing down once a break point had been noticed and the second or third wind was no longer needed just to keep the person going. Upon seeing the inside of the place she too caught the final bit of reassurance. Following a deep breath all she could say–or more whisper– was a single syllable of relief to herself. “Whew…” Even so her shoulders did not slump and she did not radically change her demeanor. This was still a strange place to a strange person. Any glance given to her–including from a fellow ginger (hah!)– would have been responded to with a smile and a nod politely until a real conversation might have started up. In the meantime she’d make her way over to the bar.

CarbonGenocide: -Sora’s eye’s practically dropped to the floor as the words hit home. Then slowly Sora spoke meekly and in a subdued fashion as it was clear that his mother’s words had brought him to his senses and made him think about his decision to face off in the arena against Ronan. “If you could Mother i would greatly appreciate it…and i’m sorry i acted brashly…it was wrong of me and i now realize i could have in fact been killed in that arena.” The words rang with true sincerity as he hung his head slowly. Sora had only wanted to better himself in his fighting prowess and had thought nothing of the consequences like he should have beforehand but there was nothing to be done about the past now. Sora then proceeded to lean against his mother’s side silently all of the cockiness instantly wiped out by his mother’s words that shook him to his very core before his attention was drawn to the women who had just entered the bar. The attire of the women was intriguing and caused the brow of the youth to raise slightly even though he was dressed in a pitch black outfit made of linen.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar :- The healer, a man known as Grimbo, stood up from his table of books in the library, and glided out with his long cloak trailing along the floor. Lorelei cocked her head toward the boy, Sora and Grimbo had a strained look on his face. “A break?” Lorelei nodded. Grimbo then leaned forward and said quietly to the pair. “He…can heal it himself…in about six hours.” This was true, for Bebilith could regenerate and mend themselves. Course, it was up to the boy if he wanted to endure the pain of that for…six hours. Grimbo looked at the boy and then shrugged. “Let this be a lesson, Son.” He took the boy’s arm and then started to chant in a mystical tone, as the healing process accelerated rapidly. Lorelei could see that the woman that entered was giving them a curious stare and Lorelei beamed a smile. “Always the odd ones this time of year.” <3>

CarbonGenocide: -Sora watched silently before narrowing his eye’s nervously while grimbo did his healing thing. Then slowly Sora turned his eyes to his mother and wrapped his arms around her waist in a tight hug. Even though he was a young Bebilith he was proud of his heritage and glad to have no greater mother then Lorelei. Sora would then nudge his mother lightly with his forehead.- “Momma can i have some Juice seeing as i’m not old enough for booze yet?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei ruffled her son’s hair, at his sudden show of affection. He was like this, and she really didn’t mind. “I am sure they have some apple cidar that you can drink. Come on, that arm should be nearly healed, and we can get a meal before going home.” Mary walked passed and gestured towards one of the booths, where they would be served and given a hearty meal before their travels back to Arachnea. Much was happening in the capital of late, and Lore knew she couldn’t put off her duties any longer. <3>