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December 02, 2013 08:04AM
Role play Live : Lacardis Prime : Carrendar Dynasty

Wolf Spider


shadowbowromana2: “Agh, I hate the damn snow, I hate the damn sun, I hate sand, earth, stone, water….everything…and winter…just…agh…”A man spoke, in a light tone, followed by his abyssal steps into the thick snow, he hated the winter, it was mostly the hatred for cold, which weirdly always had some sexual arousing effect. But days after travel in the snow, and ground, he had arrived to the calm lands, which had no more snow. Following the forestial paths, he had arrived to the flat grounds of the shapelands. The most common lands for taverns for travels, which gave him hope of finding a tavern to stay at. John was the name of the travelling man, John Blackspade. He wore a brown leather trench coat, along with a few pathches,, black leather pantings, and buckle strapped boots. On his upide of the body, he wore a black round hat with a black “Valkyra” feather. The face of jogn was a rather commonly and roundable face, along with only soft cheeks on both front ends, and blue pupiled eyes, with slight short cut facial hair growing under his ment, and black hair on a short cut, along with som red stripes for the blood attached to his hair. He had a black angel fending as a tattoo on his chest, along with a rosary, black un crossed. Taking his travel forward, John had seen a tavernj in the distance, or some kind of building untill he had reached further knowledge by coming closer. Outside there seemed to be an arena, and horse stable, and a well, along with two buildings. John had to choose which, and so he went further, opening the door, and saluting, qafter having reached the tavern. Having reached, and entered the tavern, he took a seat at the stool ordering.”A whiskey M’am….and leave the bottle.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Mary Muggins was a fabled innkeeper of these parts of the Emerald mountains, and no one kept a cleaner boarding house than she. Walking through the downstairs of her establishment, which was already rife with travellers, traders and the odd farmer, she spied a traveller who entered the Ox via the large oak door, which creaked on its rusty hinges. “A whiskey M’am…and leave the bottle.” The tall chap said, as he took a seat at the bar on one of the rickety stools. Setting down the blankets for one of the guest rooms, she wiped her hands on her apron, then scooted around the bar, reaching for one of the local bottles of whiskey. A fine drop it was too, from Arachnea winery and distillery. She blew off the dust, and gave the outside of the bottle a wipe down, before taking up a mug and then ambling back around toward her guest. Her long green skirts rustled along the floor boards, as she treaded lightly. Placing down the bottle and mug, she offered a wide smile, before placing her hands on well shaped hips. “Not a finer whiskey in these parts, I be tellin’ you. Bottle too. If ya be needin’ a good meal, I can have Cookie serve you a delicious rabbit stew.” Many travellers preferred the sour dough and sweet meats that were usually on offer, but it seemed Cookie was trying a new dish. You could hear the rise of voices, as the card games continued, and a few traders were showing off their wares to the usual patrons. No one seemed to notice the door to the tavern open again, as a red haired woman appeared, followed closely by her faithful Baldrick. Seemed the Prime Minister was on another one of her trips from the capital, and she favoured this inn for its good food and ale. Lorelei and Baldrick were removing their cloaks, and surveying those that were in the down stairs of the inn. One could never be too cautious. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Aye, It’ll be a good drunken slabbert M’am, be ye thankful.”He nodded, in gratefulness, and then pulled out five coopers, placing them onto the table board, and turned towards the door, nodding, and then looking,”Aye, a fine madam in my eyes..heh, rare to see these type of travellers around ye know…”He spoke softly towards the maiden who had given him the Whiskey, and then turned again.”Mind telling me who this beautiful maiden is? I’d be glad to meet her…and…I’d pay ye extra…”He laughed lightly, and then looked at the woman’s breast, face, and legs…he was rather amused, but also like the body figure of the woman, smiling when he turned, and then stood up from his stool, awaiting the response of the maiden.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- With her black hood being drawn down, and then unclasped, so she could swing the cape off easily, the shock of blood red hair only highlighted the alabaster skin of the maiden to enter the tavern. Eyes the colour of jade continued to take in all around her, as she seemed to speak in a whisper to her advisor, who simply nodded and then went back out to the stable to check on their horses. The stable hands needed to be paid well, to ensure the horses were fed and their shoes seen to by the blacksmith. With Baldrick outside, the maiden made her way to the stairs, climbing slowly. The metal buckles on her boots clinked in time with each step until she reached the top of the landing, where the bar was situated. It did not go unnoticed that she had caught the man’s attention, and she offered a simple nod of the head, before taking a seat at the far end of the bar. Mary Muggins, watched all this with a raised eyebrow, then leaned forward to the traveller. “That be Lady Carrendar, Sir. She sometimes comes down here, I hear she has an estate near Twisted wood, and this be the last tavern on the way there. I can introduce you, but you keep your coppers.”- She said with a smile, before making her way down to the bar. Lorelei ordered a local ale, and when she did this, the barmaid gestured towards John, before cocking her head, as though Lorelei should join him. Lorelei turned her head to see this man for herself, her brow knitting, like she was trying to remember if she had seen him somewhere before. Not thinking it could do no harm, she took her mug of ale, and made her way over to where John was standing. “I don’t believe I have had the pleasure. I’m Lady Carrendar…and you are?” <3>

shadowbowromana2: ~Looking over at the maiden who gave the orders, he nodded, and smiled, and then turned, somewhat in surprise.”Lady Carrendar…that Charlotte Carrendar…you must be her mother?”He smiled, and then put his whiskey back to the counter, sitting back down, observing her hips, and then going back to her face. Fact was, that he was a sucker for red heads. But he had met the daughter of the woman, and for that he had somewhat a knowledge on who they were.”An ale for this woman, and hey you! yes you guy with the flowers!”.”Hm? yes?” A man bringing up roses responded, while looking at john.”Tell ya a deal..I’ll cut on ten gold coins, and you hand me the flowers aye?” .”Aye..sounds good, here..have the rose buoquet.” He nodded, and then took the five gold coins, and handed john the buoquet, which was then handed to the lady across his side”For you M’am.”<3))

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- At first Lorelei looked bewildered when the man in the dark hat, mentioned Charlotte Carrendar. The firey red head thought for a moment, then remembered the time that Captain had brought a dark haired woman to the castle in Arachnea, claiming it was her daughter from another time. She had almost forgotten that meeting, but nether the less it left her unsettled. The man was at ease, offering a warm and inviting smile, and Lorelei was quick to regain her composure and said in a velvety tone. “I’d say that is correct. But that still doesn’t tell me who you are.” Lorelei’s eyes followed John’s as he let them wander up and down her form, taking in her feminine curves no doubt. He also took the liberty to order her an ale and then handed a bouquet of roses to Lorelei with the words “For you.” Lorelei accepted them graciously, raising the bouquet to her nose and inhaling its scent. Roses are a favourite of the spider maiden, who uttered. “You are most kind. I can’t remember the last time someone gave me roses.” Mary Muggin offered to put them in some water, to which Lorelei politely accepted. Lorelei took a seat near where John had been sitting, and she asked “So what brings you through these parts? Are you a trader, or a traveller, off to discover new worlds?” she was keen to know about this man, for he dressed well and unlike so many that passed through this way. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Aye..well, name’s John..John Blackspade…a knowledge of your daughter is what I have miss.”He answered lightly, and chuckled lightly, looking at the woman, with a warming smile, and then put the cooper coins to the board table, for the ale that he had ordered for the woman.”Kindness does not say anything..what you reach by doing is what counts..for what we do in for eternity…and me? I am just a common pistol flinging world connector..I connect dimensions..I connect minds..and I bring few changes here and for you..what is it that you do my lady?” He asked lightly, and then turned his face towards her’s , and then put his fingers along with the board table, ratlinging them towards the woman’s body softly, and slowly, approaching her with his fingers, almost as the sneaky bastardous pervert that he was at times. Man could never know what was approaching them, now could they. ❤

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – So, the man’s name was John Blackspade. He mentioned her daughter again, and this she seemed to shrug off. The last meeting she had with the raven haired girl left her with more questions than answers, and a bad taste in her mouth. But that aside, the man was inviting in his gestures, and his face showed no hint of malice. Lorelei was always quick to judge others, and though this sometimes brought her more trouble than it was worth, she was usually pretty accurate. John regarded himself as a pistol flinging world connector. Now this was interesting. The Captain was known in Lore as the Father of the Sun, and yet this man was able to connect worlds. What a great power that must be to wield, however she imagined it came with a great amount of responsibility. John asked what she did and Lorelei glanced at Mary Muggins who was trying not to eaves drop, but simply couldn’t help herself. “I…am the Prime Minister of this nation, Lacardis. I’m actually on my way up to Twisted Wood, a small village just fifty miles up the road. You could say I am taking a small vacation from political life. The last battle on the wharf left us all a bit frazzled.” She wondered if he had heard of the great sea battle where Lacardis lost two of its fleet. As she roused back to full attention, she noticed the man’s fingers approaching her across the table, and she had to admit, this was amusing. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Well, Lacardis…aye…well I’ve heard about the sea battle…two ships lost to the abyss of the sea..”He chuckled lightly, his fingers reaching her hand, and touching it lightly.”So, you are the Prime Minister aye? and you need a worthless guard like that?…well if you need help between your travels..or need someone to accompany you to your manor..I’d be glad toi help.” Yeah, john was pretty much trying to do it..he was always planning something.Looking at her face, he pulled his fingers along with hers, softly trying to get into her territory, trying to get her into bed with him if he had gotten the challenge to his own side. Well, john was pretty much a flirting bastard, without further notice, you would be getting trapped between bastards, and cash. ❤

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The tale of the Battle of the Wharf must have reached across the seas and beyond it seemed. Not something she was overly proud of, but the might of the naval forces had been tested, and shown to come up well against the foe of the day. Yes, two ships were lost to the abyss of the sea, but lessons had been learnt, and there would be no mistakes next time. Lorelei offered a nod when he gathered she was the Prime Minster. The fact he thought Baldrick was a guard left her chuckling. “Oh no, he is my advisor, not a guard. I don’t normally travel with one, to be honest.” Lorelei said taking a sip of her ale, but out of the corner of her eyes, watching the even encroaching fingers of his hand. Soon as it reached hers, he used his fingers to draw her hand towards him. A bold move indeed, and considering he had just met her, he was taking liberties, afforded to no man. Lorelei showed a wry smile and inched closer towards him, so he could get a good look at her ample cleavage. “So, you are offering your services to protect me, on my way to the manor…or did you want something more, like the key to my bed chambers?” Her green eyes shone as she waited to gauge his reaction. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Heh..well depends on your choice of mind..I’m someone..who offers anything as long as permitted.”He said lightly, chuckling, and then looked towards Lorelei, looking at her lips, yeah they would fit perfectly for something else as long as she permitted. her was lingering of a nice feeling for him, mostly arousing, and he liked that.”Well, your choice is up ahead lorelei.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – At this point the door to the tavern opened once again, only it was Baldrick returning from the stables. He was wiping his hands down his jacket, and then brought them up to his nose to smell. “Ugh…horses.” Clearly not one for dealing with the horses this time, he was keen to wash up and glanced about as Mary Muggins passed him on her way to one of the guest rooms. “Excuse me…Madame>” He asked politely, as she stopped in her tracks. “Yes, Sir…what can I get you?” He held up his hands and mouthed. “I need to wash.” Smiling at his honesty, and the fact he did smell a bit, she directed him to the side wash room, where Daisy, the wash girl was waiting. “A full bath, Sir?” Daisy asked, as Baldrick shook his hands. “Lord no, just need to wash my hands and face.” She gestured for him to enter the wash room, while upstairs, there was a small commotion, as many at the bar were watching John’s antics, in trying to get to know Lorelei better. “You, offer anything? Anything…at all?” Lorelei asked, her smile widening, as the other punters at the bar started to take bets. This was getting interesting. <3>

ArethusaSliver: Arethusa rode upon the black stallion wearing almost nothing but a mere rag draped over her body. She was a pretty young woman, although no one would really see it, as her face was covered with dirt and bruises. Her whole body had been beaten and whipped. On the back of her neck was a small triangle with a circle in the middle of it. A mark created by a hot iron, however cleverly covered by her hair. Concealed on her right thigh was a dagger, still covered in blood. She rode though the field before finally seeing the small shack. She halted her horse making him stop in his track. She sat on the horse for a moment just staring at the building before her.

shadowbowromana2: “Well, it want me to be paid? or can I do it all for your “Needs” eh?” He Chuckled lightly, moving his hand further, and then putting his second hand closer to the woman’s leg, yeah he was wanting it, he was very much lusting.”As long as you ask…I’ll do it…I dare say so..”He smirked, and then smiled upon her, his fingers moving towards her leg softly, creeping onto her, slowly, and rather furtive. Trying to get his hands on her, he pulled his leg towards her, trying to challenge her for her pleasures. Imagination had gotten him further than he wanted, and then pushed forth, the agony of a perverted commander, yeah that was pretty much the perverts card, not that she wasn’t warned. ❤

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Baldrick emerged from the wash room, with a cleaned face, and a happy expression. Daisy had been more than helpful of ridding him of the foul stench on his hands, and he was now refreshed and able to join Lorelei up at the bar. Only as he mounted the stairs, he could see that she was already being entertained. Baldrick frowned, and stomped past the pair angrily, making his way up to the bar, where Mary Muggins was wiping the bar slowly with her damp cloth. She could see Baldrick was not that happy with the goings on, and she leaned towards him as he rested his elbows on the oak bar top. “He has no idea what she is, does he?” the Inn keeper said, with something of a curl to her lips. Baldrick rolled his eyes, and blew out his mouth in exasperation. “Clearly no. Is he seriously running his hand up her leg? God help him. Give us an ale so I can keep myself occupied. I don’t want to look.” He mumbled, as Mary fetched him a drink. Back at the table, Lorelei was rather enjoying this man’s forward behaviour. In fact, she showed a slight blush to her cheeks, and then said. “ I can pay you to do both, you know.” Lorelei then chewed her bottom lip and said. “So many dangerous things out there…you know…murderers, rapists….evil evil..sick and twisted beings. Sure you got what it takes to protect me. I mean, what do you wield besides a pistol?” <3>

shadowbowromana2: : “Heh….And he thinks I don’t know..what can he know from a dimension breaker..”He had thought to himself, yet he had the power of being resistant to any succubi, or poisonous creatures, like spiders mostly. Looking back, he looked at her blushing, and thought to himself “ I really wanting know what…fuck it…I’m going all in.”. Thinking after that, he looked back at the woman. smiling mischievously.”I have my hands…And I do not need anything else my lady.” He smirked, and then created a flame, along with fire, making a flaming tornado heart.”I have my uses you know..”

shadowbowromana2: -As Ryo walks throughout the realms, he spots the Ox and Cart Inn off in the distance. Decideding that he could do with a drink, and the possibility or some favorable company, he makes his way to it. He reached into his short pockets and pulled out the coverings or his knuckle spikes and absently affixed them into place as he walked in a straight line, without bouncing up and down as he had seen some do in this day and age. He had a 5.5 foot broadsword that in many ways looked similar to the Celtic Ulfbert, and sets it against his throne. When he had been a part of his last family, it had been given to him in commemoration of becoming a pureblood when his queen had given him some of her blood, 4.5 millon years ago. It had a phrase along the indention along one side of the blade, reading “Humans are but cattle, ripe for the slaughter.” On either side of the crossguard, there were hummingbirds set in flight, with the wingtips of one touching the other’s, creating an openended handguard. In the center of the pommel, at the bottom of the handgrip, the letters “LRP” wrre emblazened upon it. He wore it straped to his back, and as it slipped off of his shoulder, he readjusted it, and tightend the leather strap to help keep it in place. Nearing the front door, he straightened his clothes and pulled his hair back and into a ponytail, not letting any loose hair fall back down around his face and obscure his vision. He opene the door and stepped inside, closing the door silently behind him. He then took a look around to see what manner of patrons were there, and gave them a nod of the head in greeting as he walksed over to the bar. Ryo sat in one of the stools, and looked to the bartender, Mary Muggins, and ordered a glass of bloodwine. Once she returned with his drink, he slid the correct currency onto the table with a thank you. He picked up his drink and took a sip of it, sliding it around in his mouth, savoring the taste before swallowing it down his throat and turning back around and standing up. He then walked over to one of the empty tables and took a seat.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei was taken aback by this sudden show of flame, that turned into a tornado heart. Clearly John was talented, and the heat from the heart was proof of this. Lorelei even went back in her seat slightly, for she marvelled at his skill. “You have skilful hands, I will grant you that, John.” She used his first name almost casually, and found his humor to be witty. As she took another sip of her ale, she noticed another traveller enter the bar and order a drink from Mary Muggins. He was certainly dressed differently from the other patrons, and Lorelei had to ask. “Do you know him?” in a low tone, not trying to draw attention to herself. One could never be too careful to upset others especially those that were armed. Glancing back at John she said. “Alright, if you feel that you can put up with me, you can travel with me to Twisted Wood. But for now, I am happy to enjoy the amenities here. And find out more about you. Do you have family at all?” <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Hah…Well, alright then….well, there isn’t much to say…I…Ahh…nevermind…I have no family at all…”He spoke lightly, but the question had hit him, which he couldn’t answer. John wasn’t one for revealing sadness and sorrow, so he just smiled, and accepted her terms. The family of john wasn’t exactly alive..most of them were dead, and he was always rejected. Talking slightly, he would put a smirk on his face and then think “I’ve hit gold..heh” . And to think that between an aracnia and dimension manipuilater there could be a story, it was a rare thing indeed . Though to pull out anything of his own history was a challenge, a rather hard one. ❤

LordRyoPulizzi: -As he listens to the two others in the inn speak to each other, he takes not that the male’s names was John. He continued to listen to them, smirking a little bit when the woman asked John if he knew him. He continued to listen to them converse as he took a sip. He silently stood up and took off his weapon, setting it next to him, with the pommel facing away from him. He was not really one who really enjoyed unprovoked violence, it did not suit him, but he was always ready, just in case. He decided to speak up then, keeping in a nonthreatening tone- “No, I have not seemed to have met either of you before, you may call me Ryo.” He thought to himself, and decided to be polite. “What are your names, if I might ask?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Watching the man disarm, but place the weapon within reach, she noted he had been listening to their conversation the whole time. She had mentioned John’s name, but not her own, and she responded in kind. “Lady Carrendar, but my friends call me Lore or Lorey.” Looking over at John, she gave a little shrug, as she truly had no clue who the other man was. “Guess we talk about your lack of family later.” She wasn’t meaning to be rude, but she felt there was more to this story than met the eye, and she preferred somewhere a little private to hear it. Preferably; her chambers in Twisted Wood. Lorelei also was aware that John had his hand on her leg, and she asked. “How far are you willing to go, in public, John?” <3>

shadowbowromana2: “Huh? name?….for you..I have no name..and shall not say either..a broken shattered glass is all I am for you…but we seem to have met at the Gifted Goblin..and for that…”He smirked, but then had a cutting smile, a stiking anger of pain only between seconds, and then turned back to Lorelei.”Private chambers? seems better in a deserted forest my dear.”He spoke softly, and then put his hands closer.”How far? maybe I’d go all the way? it all depends on your allowance..”He laughed lightly, and then looked at the weapon being disarmed, and then back to the woman.”I know him..but slightly…don’t worry..”He looked back at her, and then grabbed for his whiskey, taking a slight sip, revealing his trembling eyes for only a few seconds, and then put his bottle down, looking back at lorelei.”Now..tell me about yourself..”He had spoken, and pulled his card. Wolfs bite, but do also bark when visitors unwanted arrive. ❤

LordRyoPulizzi: -He listened to the woman, Lore, as she spoke to him, taking note of her appearance. He raised his glass to her and bowed his head slightly.- “Pleasure to meet you then, Lore.” -He spoke her name with an air of respect. He turned his head to the man, listening to what he said and hid that he did not like what he was hearing.- “Well, John…I am not like others, I drink from those who are willing, or get my fixes from simple blood wine.” -He stood up and walked over to the fire to stare into it for a few seconds before turning back around to face them, still holding his drink.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei allowed only so far in the company of those in the inn. Her eyes were a vivid green shade and she placed her hand over his and then said in a low tone. “I’ve never really been one for attracting that kind of attention, however my chambers in Twisted wood, you can go as far as you dare.” She said, taking the bait in this challenge of wills. But for now, she was interested in the one known as Ryo, who had shown her a level of respect that she found pleasing. On hearing that John had encountered Ryo before at a place known as the Gifted Goblin, she seemed to wrinkle up her nose. “Goblins? Aren’t they ugly?…*shudders*..never really been attracted to them.” She had never been to the inn in question, but it sounded like a social place. Voices were being raised around them, as others entered the inn to get a drink or one of Cookies meals. John had asked Lorelei about herself, and she chuckled. “What is there to say? I have been known to spin a web or two. It’s kind of how I like to catch the things that interest me. Like…you for example.” She said, batting her lashes. <3>

shadowbowromana2: “An aracnias little web..heh..”He smirked, and then looked back at her eyes, seeing how she responded.”Then…goblins eh? well, I’ve never liked them anyway..the Gifted Goblin was a tavern my dear..I hunted a bear..paid with his pelt..poor beast went for my I killed it.”He said lightly, and then looked at Ryo.”Aye, ye would want to fix youserlf a virgin for blood..that way you will get yourself some fine blood…ahaha..”He smirked, and then looked back at Lorelei.”Then I am nothing less than a lone wolf hunting for his survival and his pleasures.” He smirked lightly, and then smiled warmly. ❤

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei nodded gamefully, as John said “An aracnias little web..heh” It was a pretty accurate description for her, though in truth, she was anything but little when it came down to it. Lorelei downed her ale and set down the glass neatly upon the table before her. She listened politely how the Gifted Goblin was some wayward Tavern, and though it sounded interesting, she had always preferred the Ox and cart. Rising to standing, she smoothed out her dress, and smiled down at John, offering him her hand. “Why not join me in one of the guest rooms here, and we can get to know each other better. You can tell me more about your..lack of family, and I can show you a much darker side to me.” Would he take the bait? <3>

LordRyoPulizzi: “Again, I only drink from the willing living. I have accustomed myself to need less and less, until now, where I need only this glass before I am fine for the night. But you go ahead and think what you will. Frankly, I could care less.” -He takes another sip as he goes to sit back down in his chair.-

shadowbowromana2: “Me?…I’d rather wait here instead of going into private rooms…I’d rather not get into your spindling little web my dear.”.”You asshole, why did you just say that! you could have had her in your bed!” He thought after saying his words, but didn’t exactly regret them, since he didn’t want to get spindled into a web and get eaten.”You should get some rest before the travel..I assure you with me it will not be easy.”.”Yeah, like that is going to convince her..”Again he thought, and then looked back. A wolf was rather protective instead of a bedling. ❤

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – At first, Lorelei could barely believe what she was hearing. First, he practically ran his hand up her leg in search of her…and then when she finally caved and offered to take him to a private room for sex…..he then bawked at it, saying that he didn’t want to get into her spindling web. “What?” Lorelei’s face was one of shock, and you could hear the groan coming from the bar, as he knew Lorelei did not take rejection at all well. But the follow up. Oh give the man a shovel. He told her she needed rest. What? Did she look old and tired too? She made a funny sound as she placed her hand up to her cheek. You could see the quiver of her chin and she pulled back from this man….John. “Well…I never!” she growled, and turned on her heel. “BBBAAAAAAAAAAAALDRICK. Guest room…NOOOWWWW!” Oh she was pissed, and stormed down the stairs, as Baldrick went to follow her. “Thanks mate…now she is going to beat me black and blue for what you just said. She nearly broke my willy last time. Thanks a bloody lot.” With that he quickly followed after Lore who took the guest room on the left to the front door of the tavern and slammed it shut. <3>

LordRyoPulizzi: “Whatever you say, I do not need to justify myself with you.” -He takes another sip before looking back to the woman.- “I apologise, it was not my intention to dampen the mood here.” -He then turns around in his seat so that his back was to them, and rolled the bottom of the glass on the tabletop.