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July 27, 2013 09:33PM
Journal of Garrock HendersonEntry 1

So I’ve finally gotten the hang of these new limbs, well kinda. I snapped 5 pencils just trying to write this so far. Which reminds me, I really need to talk to my staff about learning some tact. The 1st thing that someone hears after they just woke from a coma & found that their arms are not the same as when you last took inventory of them should not be “You might want to practice on a hot dog for a while, otherwise you will rip your dick off.” Good advice I suppose, but still a bit tacky.

That Daneeka chick that Slappy brought back with him is odd. She is always brooding & spending her time in the cellar & shit. Fuckin emo bullshit. Whatever though, It’s not my problem.

She pisses & moans about us tinkering with science all the time too. What the fuck? It’s called progress. Eh, whatever. Anyway, we have made some breakthroughs on on converting dead tissue back to stem cells for cloning new tissue. This could come in very handy soon. I’ll record progress as it goes along.

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August 19, 2013 05:05AM
Deep within the protective canopy of trees that is the Elurian forrests, Far to the east of the territories that make up the Kinkaid Republic, Mirrik sits in his hut closely examining old parchments & tomes. He, like his fellow Ioka live isolated from the rest of the world in their own society. Although well hidden from the eyes of the outside world, they have created a network of cities & villiages within the depths of the forrest where few outsiders roam. His is a society that has spent their lives dedicating themselves to studying the mysteries of the multiverse, seeking to discover the secrets of the fabric of existance itself. They are an odd bunch to say the least. An offshoot of an order of monks from the northeastern plains of Panetova, they migrated into the forrests to establish their monestary centuries ago. Over time, they seem to have managed to stop aging altogether. It is unknown as to whether they somehow achieved this feat through their studies, or if it is some form of effect from the forrest they inhabit, but they have not appeared to have aged a single day since they settled. Another oddity is the effect their surroundings have had on their physical appearance. Their skin has darkened to a charcoal grey tone, & their hair has turned almost bleach white. One would think that maybe so much time out in the elements, particularly the sun without any sunblock would be a likely cause, but lets face it. We have seen what tanning on crack looks like. & that aint it.
MiirikDiLowan: What is known of these strange people is not nearly as interesting as what is NOT known. They are very secretive. in fact the only things we do know about them is what can be pieced together from the accounts of random travelers who have happened upon their sanctuary. They are a lot like bigfoot in that sense, except less hairy & with less dried feces matted to their backsides.
MiirikDiLowan: On this particular day Mirrik is closely examining some odd parchment, Of what & where he got it from I have no idea. I’m just the narrator. Ask him, get off my back already. Where was I? Oh yes. He was looking it over & musing over the odd weather events that had been occurring over the far northwestern Ice shelf. North of where those outsiders, (The Kinkaid Republic) had settled a few decades ago when he gazed out his window & saw a strange cloaked figure approaching his hut.The cloaked stranger made his way through the thick under brush carpeting the forest floor. As the old man made his way along, he pondered on how exactly he was supposed to keep from interfering in matters down on… this level. But shit, something needs to be done. The cycle just keeps looping over & over & over again & even though the reset button might get punched each time for some, it doesn’t’t for everyone else. Time is running out. If something isn’t done to break the cycle soon, everything is just going to come crashing to the ground. The fact is, sitting back on the sidelines just is NOT an option any more. They couldn’t just watch & wait for these issues to resolve themselves.

Hopefully, after he finishes here, they won’t have to involve themselves directly any further. Those lower level morons just don’t seem to know how to follow directions though. They made contact 10 years ago & they have done nothing. It’s a wonder they manage to get anything done at all. At least that old fart Roberts was able to do his job. Granted he needed his damn hand held the whole way, but the fucker at least got it done.

The old haggard man stepped out of the thick brush & into the clearing, making his way through the various huts & makeshift shacks of a small Ioken village. He saw the face of man he came to visit peering out the window of his hut as he approached. He took a deep breath & walked to the door thinking to himself “well here goes nothing”.

Miirik opened the door as the cloaked figure reached it. He stood there watching the man. The cloaked figure looked back at Miirik. They both stood motionless for a few moments. Miirik took a step backwards & gestured for the figure to come in. The man stepped past Mirrik & into the living room space of Miiriks home. The room was rather plain, wooden walls, floor & ceiling. There was a hand made wooden table sitting to one side. Well made with interesting carvings along the table legs & the sides of it, 2 wooden chairs on either side, the top of the table was scattered with assorted parchment scraps, a few old books & a small lamp. There was a large bookcase on the wall opposite to the door, & on the Northern wall of the hut was an archway leading to what appeared to be his bedroom.

Miirik gestured to the one of the seats at the table as he sat in the other one. The cloaked figure sat down as well. Miirik placed his hands on the table & looked steadily at the drawn, aged face of the stranger. (Miirik) “we don’t get many visitors here. You must have come a long way.” (stranger) “not as far as you would think, & still farther than you can imagine.” (Mirrik) “You speak in riddles?” He asked, raising an eyebrow slightly, bemused at the visitors reply. (Miirik) “Would you like some water to drink? I am sure you must be thirsty.” (stranger) “no. Thank you though. I am here to ask for your assistance in a very important matter.” (Miirik) “Ah. I see. What is the nature of this matter you speak of?” (stranger) “It is a matter that, if left unresolved, will mean the end of everything. Not just for this world, but all worlds.”
Miiriks eyes widened. He did not know what to make of this man. Did his words have some merit, or was he just a delusional fool? (mirrik) “Please. Tell me more. What is this threat to all the worlds as you put it.”
The stranger rubbed his hand along the side of his face, looking both tired & as though he was searching for a way to articulate his thoughts. (stranger) “You are aware of the multiverse correct? Not just of different worlds out in the cosmos, but different dimensions, different planes of reality, yes?” Miirik nodded. (stranger) “Ok. Well all of existance in the orderly world, rotates on a central axis. Some cultures have theorized that this axis rests on the back of a giant turtle, but that is just a fable. This axis is the center point that holds all of existance in place. At the hub of that axis, there is one particular world that holds a physical manifestation of the axis in the form of a tall soot gray tower. Do you still follow me?” Miirik nodded once again. He had heard & learned uch of other dimensions & parallel worlds, He had even traversed betwee worlds as he learned to plane shift. He was not familliar with this tower that this man spoke of though. (stranger) “Now this tower is held up by these channels of energy that the people of that world call ‘beams’. Although they may not be physical objects that can be cut down with a saw or any other tool, they can be disrupted, which results in an enormous earthquake, almost like a large deeply buried cable was suddenly ripped from the ground. These beams act as the support structure for this tower. They are the only thing holding the tower in place. If the tower falls, then the entire axis falls to peices & everything will be plunged into a chaotic nightmare where logic, order, everything ceases to be. All would descend into a chaotic void where whatever still remains would be a hellish landscape that to live upon would make death seem blissful by comparison.”
Miirik nodded. He understood what the man was telling him, but he could not understand why this tower would be such a critical feature. (Mirrik) “So tell me this. If this tower is so vital to the survival of all of existance, why is it designed in such a seemingly easy to destroy manner?” The stranger looked exasperated. (stranger) “Because the architects did not plan very well. Part of the problem was that they made a set of rules which they hold themselves to at all costs. One of which is, once the creation is made, it is to be set in motion & is not to be meddled with. They insist that they let their creation manage itself, rather than have to play nanny to it constantly. So the only way for them to fix the problem would be a total wipe out & to start over from scratch. That also is not an option sadly, as there are forces at work who will not let that happen. They seek the end of the tower in order to bring about total anniahlation & to rule over whatever remains. Despite that, we still have had to interfere at times in order to avoid total collapse, however even when we get the chance to do so, we are severely restricted in what we can do. One of the permitted measures was creating the bloodline on that world of a folklore hero by the name of Arthur Eld. We did this after the last time that world nearly destroyed itself. This bloodline of Eld was to operate in a boron like manner keeping the lands society in order. Unfortunately, as time went on, the descendants of Eld became increasingly dumber & dumber. The second to last in the bloodline let society itself fall, & the last is caught in an endless trap set by those forces that I spoke of, where he spends decade upon decade on a quest to reach the tower, to climb to its top in the hopes of somehow reversing the damage to his world, or at least facing whomever he feels is in charge, & all he gets every single time is sucked through a time loop that resets him back to a random point in his journey, where he starts all over again from that point. & while he goes through this constant loop, time for the rest of us still moves on. When he started his quest, there were still 4 of the original 6 beams still in place, & the 2 that had broen were starting to restore themselves. Now there is only 2 left.” Miirik nodded again & sat deep in thought. (Miirik, What I don’t understand is this. If this tower is on this whole other world, what is it you want with me? What am I to do to stop this?” (stranger) “you have the ability to travel to that world. Not only that, but not more than 500 miles from where we sit now, there is a group of people who have been to that world, & have crossed paths with that man. One is even a native from there & was a childhood friend of this man. Go to the west & seek out a man named Slappy Kinkaid. You are to gain what knowlege you can from him & then travel to that world to aid the man in ending his loop. The only chance we have in saving everything rests on you.”
Miirik was taken aback. Although he had travelled to other worlds before, it was a very tiring process. & even when he did that, the amount of times he had been outside the recluse of the forest he could count on both hands. So this was a rather monumental undertaking that was being asked of him. (Miirik) “Is there no other way?” The stranger shook his head slowly. This is sheer lunacy Miirik thought to himself. He began stammering & trying to think of some explanation as to why he cannot do this. The stranger 1st began looking annoyed, & then outright frustrated. The strangers arms shot across the table & clamped down on Miiriks head. Miirik began to spasm violently & became rigid. the veins on his neck & forehead bulged outward as though they would burst. the strangers eyes glowed with a bright fiery light. & then, as fast as it had began, it was over. The stranger released Miiriks head & placed his hands back on the table. Miirik was coughing & wheezing. Sweat was pouring from his face as he struggled to regain his composure. Once Miirik had caught his breath he sat exhausted in his chair. (Miirik) “I understand now.” The stranger nodded. He then reached into his cloak & pulled out a long wooden box. He placed the box on the table. “Take this to Kinkaid. He will know what to do. Once he has finished, you and he are to formulate a plan, & then you are to set off to All World.” Miirik nodded his head again. (Miirik) Very well. I will rest & then begin first thing in the morning.” The stranger nodded & then rose to get up. Miirik attempted to stand, but was too drained from their discussion & slumped back into his chair. The stranger walked to the door, opened it & then stepped out. (stranger) “Remember. Everything is resting on your shoulders. You MUST complete this task.” HE then closed the door behind him & began making his way back into the woods at the far end of the clearing.

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August 23, 2013 05:43PM
Journal Entry of Daneeka RostovEntry 2

What kind of world can be so clinical, to the point that everything is perfection? Gleaming skyscrapers, and sidewalks that are free of litter. There are no homeless, not a soul goes without. Is it wrong of me to feel so out of place? In the world I remember, it was the diamonds in the rough, that made society so diverse, yet here it is a sea of grey.

I have been outside. The technology is beyond astounding. Hundreds of years ahead of the time of mankind. They use hover cars and bikes. Has the wheel been replaced by electromagnetic pulse technology? What is this reliance on machines to do everything? Street sweepers, that are automated. I had one almost fly up the back of me. I have ridden in those flying vehicles. I was so sick, when it took off and then made a hard right turn, barely no time to catch my breath. They even have these A1’s that can be a woman’s best friend, if you get what I mean. Why would I want to lay with Tin man? The old days, you just bought a battery operated toy, now they talk to you and more. So wrong.

I know, that my attitude does not fit in well with the others. I have seen the looks that Garrock gives me. Probably thinks I am too broody, not appreciative of the splendors that this world offers. But I am an alien here. I don’t belong. Like a square peg in a round hole. I look to the sky….I see the old world in the back of my mind….and I want to go home. But where is home now? I have my mission, I accept that, but at the cost of all I hold dear? Soon..they will come for me, and it starts again…..


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September 03, 2013 12:17AM
The Northern Tundra
The sprawling compound was reminiscent of a cold frozen pyramid from a distance. Smoke billowed from the top of the main chambers and many lower huts that could be seen from the countryside. It was known to be a place of learning safety and vigilance. The monks of the Order lived peacefully in the Temple of Drakkeri. The Temple lie hidden to most of Estrion only because those in the Tundra that did survive did not wish for outside interference, and most that did travel that way died soon from the many dangers in the Northern Expanse and the severe cold there. They called them Downworlders anyone outside of the Tundra.Ts-zak was recently given the higher tattoos of the order. He now had some of the highest knowledge that could be understood. They served no-one but themselves and their purpose. They had high ideals but served no man or god. Covered almost head to toe in tattoos each monk could call upon various powers and abilities. Ts-zak donned his cloak as he had been given his first mission to scout ahead as there had been many omens of late. The border tribes were warring again and the moon had risen in blood. He had left the temple monastery for near a fortnight…

Traveling back soundlessly he sees the first of the rifts appear..
Black beings appearing through holes in the air. They have bodies like beetles and armor and limbs which are like swords themselves. Obsidian and Onyx-like chitin bodies. He cannot discern their nature but seeing his brothers rent and the temple desecrated he realizes even if he reaches them it would be a futile effort. The masters of the order themselves cannot stop them. They are cut down utterly. The temple is razed to the ground for no purpose. and the village burned as well. The beings he watches for a time from a nearby cliff. They finally open more doors through the air and disappear. He realizes somewhere inside these things have a name, rifts. Hes not sure where the knowledge comes from but a slow understanding comes over him and a tattoo begins to draw itself on him, in the shape of a door. He realizes it is only partially complete and hasnt truly ascertained the meaning of it. He knows in his heart that its profound, its part of an answer to many deaths. He is deeply angered by this loss of life. Although he took a vow not to kill unecessarily he believes it truly necessary to eradicate these beings.

He sets off grimly into the night to find answers, robe tight about him covered in furs.

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October 03, 2013 03:02AM
“You going to the Figure Four show on Saturday man?” Johnny asked Slappy. “They always put on a sick show man.” Slappy laughed & nodded. He pretty much went to almost every show that was booked in the small handful of venues he liked to frequent. His friends Johnny, Gus & himself were hanging outside the Rat, a small venue on Lansdowne St just a little off Kenmore Square. “Yeah, better than the set done by these douchebags.” Gus said, referring to the opening band that was currently playing inside. Some talentless group of guys from eastern WA, some city in the middle of nowhere full of rednecks & meth heads. that jumped on a tour of some shitty Seattle band.”Let’s get out of here. These guys suck.” Gus said. Slappy & Johnny were more than happy to agree. They headed off towards Kenmore Square, planning on seeing what might be going on at the Roxy. “Hey you need to wake up. Something’s going on.” Johnny said to Slappy. “What?” Slappy said. “I am awake.” Johnny didn’t seem to notice. “Dad, you need to wake up.” Slappy didn’t understand what the hell Johnny was talking about. & why was he calling him dad? He looked at Gus as if to say ‘you seein this shit?’

“DAD!” Slappy suddenly snapped awake & was sitting bolt upright in his bed. He looked around for a moment, bewildered at the sudden change of scenery. It took him a moment to mentally wake up. His son Frank, who insisted on being called Ezio, was standing in the bedroom doorway. “Fuck.” Slappy said rubbing at his eyes & looking out the window. “What time is it?” “It is about 5am.” Frank said. “Well what the fuck Frank? Why are you waking me up at this hour for then? The fucking sun isn’t even up yet.” Frank looked annoyed. “I told you, my name is Ezio.” Slappy looked back equally annoyed. “Anyway FRANK, Why the hell are you waking me up?” Frank held out the phone he was holding. “It’s some guy asking for you. He says it’s urgent.” Slappy gestured for Frank to give him the phone, Frank walked over to Slappy’s bedside & handed it over. “This better be a damn emergency.” He barked into the phone. “Sorry to wake you, but we need you down here at the capitol building immediately. There is some bizarre stuff going on with the monitoring we have been doing on that Carrendar world. & it seems to be causing things to go haywire up on the northern ice shelf of our planet.” Slappy groaned. Just how he wanted to start his day. 4 hours early, tired & dealing with some sort of crisis. “Fine. I’m on my way. Have someone dig up that Rostov chick too. Seeing as how that is her world, she might be of some use. Plus I doubt she really has a lot filling up her schedule at the moment.”

He pressed the end button on the phone handset debating whether he should just snooze for a few more minutes, you know, to kind of ease into the day, or just get up & get it over with. He went with the latter option. Fuck it. Those last few minutes of sleep really don’t help any anyway. He tossed on some clothes, & headed off to the Capitol building, half wondering what the mess is & half wondering when he can take a damn nap. Mornings suck.

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October 06, 2013 04:13PM
The Northern TundraTs-zak traveled south for sometime. Without a word he had soundlessly moved through the expanse of the tundra towards the larger city to the south. As he walked he learned of the powers that lurked there. Seems little was known of the North. He was looked at with a little awe and wonder as he came from there. He spoke less and listened more as was his want, always scouting ahead and looking of signs of these raiders. He needed information more than anything. As he traveled he felt he was being watched many times. Though his perceptions were enhanced he could not detect the presence.
It was something truly otherworldly. The new tattoo burned upon him and at times he felt a fever deepen upon him. He would awake to chills in the night beside the campfires he built. Resting longer than he was want to, but knowing the limits of his own body and endurance. He was human after all.

Ts-zak continued traveling looking for signs hoping to come upon someone on this desolate road. He had a feeling that there was something leading him ahead. The door burned hotter the further south he moved, like it was taking him somewhere. But to where, he did not know….

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October 09, 2013 06:46AM
The morning after Miirik’s visit from the cloaked stranger, he awoke, packed & prepared for his long journey west. He was just about finished when he heard a knock at his door. Crossing the floor of his hut, from his small bedroom area, he opened the door to find a large muscular man, bald save for a long bushy beard standing in his doorstep. He had never seen, nor met this man before in his long life, in fact, truth be told, aside from his visitor the day prior, he hadn’t had contact with anyone outside the seclusion of the Elurian Forrest for decades. Yet he knew this man would be coming, just as the man surely knew Miirik. The vision thrust upon him from that cloaked figure told him all he needed to know.
The man was named Viktor Zdislav Reznik. Like Miirik himself, he lived in seclusion in a monestary in the Kazik mountain range to the far eastern reaches of Panetova. He was of an order of monks that worshiped a slew of mysterious deities & spent their lives either in deep meditation or honing their combat abilities, which over their lifetimes, they gain an almost incomprehensible mastery of.Viktor stood silently in the doorway looking at Miirik. Miirik silently looked back. “It is time” Viktor said, his voice thick with a heavy Eastern accent, (simillar to that of an Eastern European accent). Miirki nodded. “I have been awaiting your arrival. There is a third who is to join us when we arrive at the lands of the Kinkaids. He is traveling from the far reaches of the frozen north.” Viktor nodded. “Let us be off then”.

After 2 weeks of uneventful travel, they enter the province of New Cambridge. Little conversation was exchanged between the 2 of them. little to none was needed. the cloaked stranger saw to that. Viktor’s encounter with him was much the same as Miirik’s. They were both deep in thought, pondering the task laid before them. The 2 of them, plus the third from the north were to meet with this Kinkaid man, & with whatever information they gained from him, were to travel to this far off world to break a cycle that had been running for centuries. Truly a daunting task, but one that they had no escape from.

Many gave them odd glances as they walked along, making their way west. They were indeed the odd pair. A tall robed man with jet black skin & stark white hair, & the other a hulking bald, bearded mass that looked more at home in a brawl than anywhere else. But none bothered them.

Miirik pointed ahead as they walked down a busy urban street at a large structure down the road. “There it is.” he said, pointing to the Capitol building of New Cambridge. “It is there that we are to meet this Kinkaid man.” Viktor nodded. They then moved silently on towards their destination.

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October 09, 2013 07:24AM
Garrock was always an early riser. He never even needed an alarm clock. 4am he was up, awake & alert every morning. HE decided to get an early jump on the day, & was down at the Capitol building filing some research reports on the tissue cloning experimentation being done at the labs when he decided to drop in on the interdimensional monitoring center & see whats new in the world of space age 1984.”Hello Jensen, whats the word?” He said cheerfuly to a man that was staring at the bank of large screen monitors canvasing the wall. Jensen was the on shift supervisor for the night shift & an old friend of Garrocks. They were sitting in adjoining seats on the ill fated airline that brought them both here those many years ago. Jensen was a good enough old guy, well old if you consider middle age to be old. He had long since developed a bit of a pot belly, his hairline had long since said adios, bit was otherwise in reasonably good shape. He grew up in Tennessee, rural kid like Garrock was, served 15 years in the Army, then retired to work in security after moving back home. Garrock & Jenson became pretty close after they came to this world, mainly because people from the US on earth was a rarity. People from the south was even more rare.

“Hm? Oh hi Garrock” Jenson said distractedly. He was staring bemusedly at the monitors as though he was trying to piece together a puzzle of a not so clear picture. “You alright?” Garrock asked him. “Yeah” Jenson said. “It’s just I can’t make heads or tails of this. Take a look up there.” Jenson said pointing at the screen fartest to the right. The one that displays activity going on in the world ran by the Carrendars. “it just doesn’t make sense. I mean one moment, things seem to be about as normal as can be expected from them, but every few minutes it looks like the place is a full on warzone in full riot mode. then the next, it’s back to the way it was before. It’s like looking at a world where a totally separate one keeps trying to poke up from underneath or something. I tell ya, it don’t make a lick of sense to me. & take a look over there at our planet. Now there is what looks like a serious radiation pocket right up north, right about the same proximity for us as that big meltdown in Malthos point in the Carrendars world. I mean we’re talkin Nuclear bomb testing site in New Mexico radioactive. & look way further up.” Jensen said pointing way up on the frozen ice shelf, which is mostly just tundra & glaciers. “There seems to be something wacky goin on there, but I can’t quite figure it out. Shit I didn’t even know anything even lived up there. I mean I suppose if northern Alaska has people living there, then there would be no reason to assume no one would live in those kind of conditions here, but shit man.”

Garrock didn’t really catch much of the latter half of what Jensen was saying because his attention was fixed solidly on the monitors. Jensen wasn’t exagerating. On the monitor showing the home planet of the Carrendars, things seemed fine & normal, then all of a sudden it was an explosion of war, then back to that it was before. That alone looked alarming, not to mention the shit up north.

“Get Slappy on the phone. He needs to get down here now.” He said to Jensen. He barely heard Jensen explaining to whoever answered, probably that dumbass son of his who thinks he is in a video game, that he needs to talk to slappy right away. His attention was rivited back on the monitors.

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October 10, 2013 06:04AM
Capitol buildingEarlier…

Daneeka was half asleep when she got the call that Slappy wanted to have her meet with the others at Capitol building, to discuss issues concerning the Carrendar world where she was from. Groaning, she righted herself, tossing the cell phone down the side of the bed, before throwing her legs over the side of her bed, and rubbing her eyes. Her blonde hair was tousled, much as you would expect from someone that had just woken up. With dark circles under her eyes, it was easy to say she had not been able to get much sleep. In the back of her mind, something was eating away at her, but she couldn’t put her finger on what that was exactly. Pushing herself up to standing, Daneeka stretched out fully, then slouched, as she went to hunt for something suitable to wear in her small closet. A checkered shirt, jeans and boots, were the order of the day, and she got dressed fairly quickly, then searched for a brush to tidy up her blonde mop of hair. A small black tie, and she had her hair up in a pony tail, now looking fairly decent. Daneeka went to the basin in her bathroom, and splashed cold water on her face, in an aid to wake herself up further. It was going to be one of those rushed mornings, with no time for breakfast or coffee. Damn. That was not going to improve her mood.

Leaving her apartment, the streamlined city that welcomed her gaze was always a sobering reminder of where she had come to end up with her journey with Slappy and his gang. Not that she didn’t appreciate being unlocked from the prison of the cyborg, she just was a long way to finding her true self, if she ever did. Walking with a strut, she passed by many pedestrians and city folk, going about their ritual morning routines. A sea of nameless faces. None she knew, their lives alien to her. A good half hour by foot and she had reached the Capitol building. So this was it. Daneeka stood before it with her hands on her hips.

Glancing around, she half expected Slappy to rock on up behind her and try to scare her silly with his off the cuff remarks. She knew she wasn’t on his list of friends, more like this nuisance he picked up for the Carrendar world. Daneeka could be useful of course, when it came down to it. She knew more about Lisega than Slappy did, and if that was what this meeting was about, then Slappy might need her brain after all. Exhaling she was about to head inside, when a young boy ran up to her.

“Daneeka? Is it really you?” The boy must have been all of twelve years old, with a shock of wavy blonde hair and the bluest eyes you ever did see. He was dressed of this world, and his face was fresh and clean. Odd.

“Howz do you knowz my namez?” The Russian asked with a quirk of her brow. Clearly this kid caught her off guard, for she had not recollection of him at all. The boy placed his hand on his chest and then said loudly.

“It’s me, Luka. Don’t play that game of ‘you can’t remember”” he said, giving her a nudge in the ribs. This didn’t go all that well, and she shoved him back. “Your Mother never teachz you mannerz?” she said, starting to get aggravated. The boy let out a laugh, and then rubbed his side, since Daneeka wasn’t exactly a soft touch. “Come on…you have been more like a mother to me than my real one.”

This had Daneeka wondering if she was still dreaming. She started to pinch herself just to be sure. Daneeka made an ow face and then realized she really was awake. The boy then moved in and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight.

“Now I found you, I am never letting you go.” The boy cried, burying his face into her chest. Daneeka stood there, not sure if she should pat the boy or kick him to the curb. Other pedestrians were watching and she cringed at what they were thinking.

Better yet, what would Slappy think?


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October 10, 2013 05:07PM
Nearing CapitolTs-zak’s fever burned out finally but as it did the door in his mind seemed to solidify. As it did there were certian things he seem to become aware of energies around people became apparent. As did the energy of the world itself. He felt as if he could actually draw energy from the ground. Though he wasn’t sure yet how to control it. He felt it could be directed. He knew the door was part of it. That these creatures weren’t of this world they were behind that door. He continued to travel ever southward. The dreams visited him even in a state of wakefulness. Mumbling to himself various people on the road shied away from him worried that the man might stike him as he was fearsome and foreboding. He kept to himself and said little despite his mumblings…

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October 15, 2013 04:52AM
Upon arrival at the Capitol building, Slappy went straight to the interdimensional monitoring center to see what the big emergency was. He never was much of a morning person, so he wasn’t exactly in the most cheerful mood.HE made his way into the monitoring center, made a beeline straight to the coffee pot. He grumbled a bit under his breath while pouring himself a cup of joe. From there, he walked to the large bank of monitors at the far wall. Jensen, the one who called him in was standing talking with Garrock at the bank of monitors at the far end. Slappy walked over to them sipping at his coffee & squinting at the monitors as he approached.

“Ok guys, what’s the crisis here?” He asked them. Jensen filled him in on the same details he had previously discussed with Garrock. Slappy peered at the monitors as Jensen spoke, listening closely. “So what do you think Garrock? What’s your take on this mess?”

Garrock thought for a moment. “Well I don’t know what to make of the situation going on on that other planet, or that stuff way up north, but that stuff going on right there…” he said pointing to the area of the radiation anomalies, “I would be willing to bet is some sort of post fallout bleed over effect from that big incident at that Malthos point place back on their world, back some, what was it? 10 years ago?”

Slappy nodded. “Might be. That Rostov chick will be here soon. She might be able to give us some insight on it.” Slappy had no issues with Daneeka Rostov. She seemed nice enough, although really a downer with her constant gloomy attitude. He knew that she was somehow part of that creature that Jules got in a shooting match with at the meeting hall in Lorewall way back when, & that both he & she were instructed to bring her back here. But shit, that was 10 years ago & neither of them got any sort of directions on what the damn purpose for it was. & shit like that bugged him. Made him nervous.

Garrock smirked & chuckled. “Good. Maybe giving her something to do will give her a break from brooding all the time.”

“I hate to break up the morning gossip session gentlemen, but can we focus on the more pressing matter here if you don’t mind?” Jensen cut in, looking slightly annoyed. “We need to figure out just exactly how to address this issue, & I do believe that time is a factor here.”

“Sorry” Slappy said. “Do continue”. Jensen shook his head a bit. “Well whatever is going on over there, we need to figure out a way to curb any of it spilling over because if that mess up there…” again pointing to the area of the radiation spike, “is the result of things going on over there, if this big ol war going on over there bleeds over, we’re in for a whole mess of shit.”

Slappy nodded again. “Alright, once Rostov is here, we can start figuring out what to do next.”

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October 15, 2013 05:42AM
Inter dimensional Monitoring Centre

Using her special security pass, Daneeka managed to convince the guard on the duty door, that she could let the young boy, Luka enter the building with her. The guard used a special screening hand tool, to wave over both of them for signs of the chip, but both came up blank. He grumbled something under his breath, as the key pass that Daneeka had been given by Slappy to turn the activation panel to green.

“See…toldz you.” Daneeka said with her rich russian accent. She flicked back her blonde bob, while Lukas was smirking at the rotund guard, who looked like he had enjoyed one too many donuts. He lowered the screener, and then let the pair through. Daneeka and Lukas walked past a lot of the plain dressed workers in the building, all had special insignia’s on their shirt collars. Daneeka and Lukas both stood out like sore thumbs in this corporate world. Reaching the row of lifts, Daneeka stopped then pressed the up button, before standing back, to stare up at each of the lift directional panels. Lukas took out a hand held game and started to play it, with its chiming musical theme repeating over and over like a broken record. Daneeka frowned, not enjoying suddenly becoming a surrogate to a twelve year old boy.

“Mustz you?” Daneeka said, just as their was a ping, and a light arrow on the third lift pointing up. She gestured for Luka to follow her, and they both entered the lift, where there was even more nauseating music playing. It was like there was no place on this world where you had perfect silence. Just constant techo musical babble. Her mood just wasn’t getting any better, and this was sure to annoy the crap out of Slappy.

Reaching the floor of the inter dimensional monitoring center, Daneeka could see by the frenzy of activity, the rise of voices and of course, Slappy and Garrock in the thick of it, that something big was going on. Daneeka got a whiff of the smell of coffee, and she couldn’t help but go pour herself a cup, while Luka was captivated by the walls of screens, that showed images of a planet far from their own. “Woah.” The young boy said, as Daneeka returned to his side, coffee cup in hand. She took a sip, then when she focused clearly on the images, her face suddenly became drawn. It was her world, or…what looked to be her world. At first she was confused as to why the focus would be on it, and she then chose that moment to approach Slappy, who was speaking to Jensen. Luka followed closely behind, pocketing his gaming device, as the mood appeared to be serious. No time for toys.

Daneeka was not about to beat about the bush. She jumped straight in on seeing her home world.

“Someone want to tellz me vhat iz going on?”


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October 15, 2013 06:39PM
Gates of the Capital Ts-zak’s fever had continued burning unabated. And now his body had somehow adapted. He no longer felt hot or cold it was as if temperature itself did not matter. Though he was sure that he was very hot as passersby remarked at how hot he must be and he could see steam rising off his form. He now could see energy off of the different beings around him almost like their heat but he knew from his training it was their Chi or life energy. He could see it off the plants too. He no longer felt crazy, he could actually draw the enrgy into himself and manipulate it/ As he moved he gathered it in balls and spun it around. The first time he did it near a bridge about 10 miles from the capital he destroyed nearly a grove of trees with the concussive force he detonated. He decided it best to keep the energy small and focused. What had happened to him? As he traced the door shaped rune on his arm he knew now what it meant but he did not want to test it. He did not understand yet what he was or why this had happened.

Along the way he had heard of this scientist a man named Kinkaid from the travelers. He was said to know of other worlds.

Even other times and places. He wondered what else he might know. He heard he was within the capitol and made a decision to seek him there. Resolving to find him he began his search. As he crossed the final bridge into the capital proper he began to feel the energy of a odd sort coming from a central location and headed towards it. perhaps this Kinkaid could be found there.

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October 16, 2013 11:46PM
Garrock stood watching the monitors while waiting for Slappy to arrive.Every few minutes or so, the Carrendar planet, Lisega or whatever it was called seemed to go through a Silent hill like shift where it flipped between it’s normal reletively scummy self to a full on war zone. The last time that they had a huge war like that, a large land mass, (oddly the same dimensions of Lacardis) about 1000 miles off the southwestern tip of Panetova was swallowed by the sea. So it goes without saying that this was somw serious shit.Slappy walked in about 30 minutes later, getting his caffene fix.
(repeat from Slappy’s post)
“Ok guys, what’s the crisis here?” He asked them. Jensen filled him in on the same details he had previously discussed with Garrock. Slappy peered at the monitors as Jensen spoke, listening closely. “So what do you think Garrock? What’s your take on this mess?”

Garrock thought for a moment. “Well I don’t know what to make of the situation going on on that other planet, or that stuff way up north, but that stuff going on right there…” he said pointing to the area of the radiation anomalies, “I would be willing to bet is some sort of post fallout bleed over effect from that big incident at that Malthos point place back on their world, back some, what was it? 10 years ago?”

Slappy nodded. “Might be. That Rostov chick will be here soon. She might be able to give us some insight on it.” Slappy had no issues with Daneeka Rostov. She seemed nice enough, although really a downer with her constant gloomy attitude. He knew that she was somehow part of that creature that Jules got in a shooting match with at the meeting hall in Lorewall way back when, & that both he & she were instructed to bring her back here. But shit, that was 10 years ago & neither of them got any sort of directions on what the damn purpose for it was. & shit like that bugged him. Made him nervous.

Garrock smirked & chuckled. “Good. Maybe giving her something to do will give her a break from brooding all the time.”

Not long after, Daneeka came in with some kid following in tow wanting to know what is going on. “Well we were hoping you could answer that for us. You know that place better than we do. Any ideas?”

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October 17, 2013 12:14AM
Miirik & Viktor arrived at the capitol building. They made their way effortlessly through the maze of hallways & offices as they knew precisely where to go, thanks to the stranger whom had previously visited them.Approaching a bay of elevator doors, they stood in silence as they waited for the elevator to arrive. Neither of them had ever seen such a place as this building, nor anything they found in the lands of the Kinkaid Republic in thier lives. Miirik had never even left the secluded canopy of the Elurian Forest before, & Viktor had never left the recluses of the Kazik mountains. Had the cloaked visitor not crammed all this knowledge into their heads, they would have been lost in a mixture of amazement, wonder, total alienation & fear at the things they encounterd. Even with that knowledge, they still found themselves marveling at all they saw, much like passers by likely thought of them.

A bell dinged & the doors opened. They then entered & stood motionless waiting for their floor. “Vut is that noise?” Viktor asked, as the sound of shitty techno muzak piped out of the elevators speakers. “It sounds terrible.”

Miirik nooded in agreement, but remained silent. There was no arguing though, if this is what passed for music in this culture, they must be beyond tone deaf.

Once the elevator reached their floor, they walked down the hall to a security guard standing next to the door for the monitoring center. The guard’s eyes went wide with amazement looking at the pair of them.

“Hello. We wish to speak with the man known as Slappy Kinkaid. We were told to find him here.

The guard seemed as though he was about to object, but then shook his head & passed his security card over the access panel by the door. “Go for it.” He said.

As Miirik & Viktor passed through the door, they heard the guard muttering about how with all the wierd shit going on this moring it wouldnt matter anyway, not only that, but Kinkaid would do a better job fending for himself than he could do, & he wasn’t paid enough to deal with freaks like that & yadda yadda.

They emerged into a room with an amazing amount of surveilance equipment, & foreign gadgetry everywhere. They saw the man they came to speak with talking with some woman with a child at her heel, & 2 other men. They approached them & paitently awaited being addressed.

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October 17, 2013 12:26AM
Slappy stood watching & sipping at his coffee as Daneeka was talking with Garrock about the Lisega hijinks. “Well Daneeka, you are from there. Maybe there is something that you can see that we can’t.” He said. He then noticed the kid with her & gestured to him with the hand he was holding his mug with. “Who’s the fan club?” he asked. “Hey kid. There’s doughnuts over by the coffee pot. Go ahead & grab one.”He then went to return his attention to the discussion with Rostov & Garrock when he saw 2 weird looking dudes walking over. He looked them both over for a moment. “Hey Garrock. Look” he said, motioning to Miirik. “It’s your twin.” He said & chuckled to himself.

Looking back at the visitors, he wasn’t going to even ask how they got past security. Those guys were next to useless, but technically a necessity.

“So what can I do for you two?” Slappy asked them.