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October 17, 2013 01:19AM
Inside The Capitol Building

Ts-zak followed the pathways easily he now heard this incessant buzzing in his head. A voice seemed to keep talking to him.
It kept telling him to turn right or turn left. He would have argued with it yet it seemed to always be right.
He found it oddly amusing yet at the same time infuriating he didnt like feeling so at war with himself. He was going to have to have a talk with this KinKaid fellow. He thought to himself he must have something to do with these strange happenings.
He had been at peace with his fellow monks. A quiet order was now destroyed to a man. He was angry, no longer at peace. the vows he had believed in no longer held meaning to him. He felt as if he lacked definition.
Yet at the same time he felt newly defined, his form now more truly one with the energy of life. his chi was now connected to the world itself. He could pull in vast amounts of energy. He was almost scared at the amounts he could draw into himself. He had to level himself for fear of melting objects as he moved.

As he came up the escalator there were marks made in the sides of the handles and ground where the track caught. It became immobile and he tried to be inconspicuous about it. He walked forward being more cautious so as not to scare the guards or others. He asked carefully after this KinKaid Fellow. He had to find the scientist before it was too late. The guards luckily did not notice the damage he had done to the escalator and allowed him through.

He made his way into the main compound. As he came into the main chamber he noticed several people. His body resonated energy and he tried his best not to alarm anyone but he realized quickly that these people would probably be freaking out before he could say much so he said quickly, ” Mr. KinKaid, I was told to see you and that it was very urgent as you can see. ”

As he said this the energy off him was crackling and it became apparent to everyone in the room that he was barely able to control the energy spikes within him.

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October 17, 2013 06:31AM
“I’m Luka…and I’m with her.” The twelve year old boy gestured towards the statuesque blonde russian, who had become transfixed by the many screens, that were showing a variety of images of her home world. Snap shots, that kept changing. Her focus was on the screens, and not on the boy interacting with Slappy.

“Hey kid. There’s doughnuts over by the coffee pot. Go ahead & grab one.” 

“Gee thanks, Mister.” The boy said, going off to find a plate and heap as many donuts on it as was possible. Daneeka caught sight of the boy out of the corner of her eye, and muttered. “Don’tz eat do many…dhey makes you zick.” Almost speaking like a mother would to the boy. Lukas laughed and stacked up at least four donuts, and then went to sit on one of the large leather control chairs, that had been vacated by one of the leading hands in the room.

Daneeka approached one of the holographic screens and reached up, flicking it with her finger, and the oddest thing happened. The same satellite like images of a town in the west of Nemaues, went from being populated and standing tall, to then ruined by war, and a smoldering ruin. Then it would change back with a static like interference. It was like someone was changing stations, but this was the same place. It looked so real, and the truth was…it was real.

“It shouldn’t bez like dat.” Daneeka uttered, her fingers flicking it back and forth, the same repetition of the change in the scene happening over and over. The Russian turned her head to Slappy, then a large video shot of Lorewall appeared. It was in the middle of a terrible war, a fight between the vast armies of the Krieg, and the national Nemauen forces. Sky castle had been downed, and had taken out a good quarter of the city.

“Oh noez.” Daneeka cried, her hand moving up to clamp over her mouth, to stifle her shock, when all of a sudden, the images changed, and the city looked perfectly normal. No sign at all of the war, in fact….it looked to be booming with prosperity and wealth. Daneeka’s eyes brimmed with tears, as she hoarsely whispered. “What iz goingz on?”

Rounding on Slappy, she now thought this was some sort of sick joke. “Why are the zcreenz showing up it changingz? It iz my home vorldz? Iz your machinez faulty?” By looking at the constant changing images, it was like they were looking at the same world, but in two different realities. The question was, which was real to her, and which was another time in space?

Lukas came up to Daneeka and offered her half a donut. “Sweet things always cheer me up, D” he said, and she looked down at him again. Why was this kid so attached to her? As she was not looking at the screen, the images of the West showed up, and if only Daneeka had looked, there was a shot of M.E.R.C.Y with a twelve year old boy with a cybernetic leg, pushing a cart. The image then flickered and the boy and the cyborg dissapeared, the city becoming new once more.


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November 03, 2013 10:08PM
Miirik was pleasantly surprised by how hospitable this Kinkaid fellow was being. He was confused as to why he was being reffered to as the other darker skinned man’s “twin” however, for they had no relation that he was aware of. “We were summoned to seek you out & to gain your aid in addressing this matter with Roland of Mid World & his repeating quest for the Dark Tower. The man whom had comissioned us for this task also requested that I bring this to you.” Miirik said as he brought the large wooden box out from beneath his robes. He opened it to reveal a stack of several books. “He told us that the information contained in these pages, along with your own personal knowledge will help us formulate a plan of action & solution to this problem. It is a mater of urgency that we address this straight away. Time is short. I have traveled many miles, my companion has traveled even further.”

Viktor looked back towards the door as Miirik spoke with Slappy & noticed another man enter seeking Slappy. “The third draws near.” He said, in his heavy accent. The man looked like a walking electrical storm.

Miirik looked over to the newcomer as well & nodded. Everything was beginning to fall into place nicely.

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November 03, 2013 10:32PM
+-Slappy stood sipping his coffee & listened to Miirik talk about his & his overly roided looking friend’s quest to find him & pick his brain about the Dark Tower. Slappy wasn’t quite sure exactly what kind of info he was supposed to have for them, & really didn’t have the time for it either, considering the pressing matters of his own that he was already in the middle of dealing with.

“Well that’s all real fascinating & such, but as you can see, we are already in the middle of trying to figure out a more imminent crisis which needs our full attention at the moment. You can feel free to make yourselves at home here though & I will do the best I can to speak with you when I have some free time.”

As Slappy was speaking, Miirik presented him with the box of books. A bunch of novels written by some guy named King. He took the box & set it aside, “Ok well I tell you what. I’ll read them when I have time & get back to you, But we really do need to focus on this matter. Make yourselves comfortable, I’ll check back with you in–FUCKING SHIT!” He yelled as Daneeka started yelling at him, demanding to know if this was some sort of prank.

He wheeled around & turned his attention towards her, He was already in a less than chipper mood having to be up so damn early, & her jibber jabber wasn’t helping any. “Yeah ya got us. I guess your too fucking clever for us to pull one over on you huh? Yeah Rostov. It’s AAALLLLLL a BIG fucking practical joke to fuck with your head. We deliberately fucked with national security systems & dragged ourselves down here at 5 in the fucking morning just to play a fucking prank on you.” He said sarcastically. “Now could you cut the fucking bullshit & stop fucking around please? Thanks. We need to figure this shit out before it becomes a major problem. So can you help or not?”

Slappy started to turn his attention back to Miirik & Viktor when a third man looking like a walking Tesla coil walked in. “SERIOUSLY, WHO IS LETTING ALL THESE FUCKING PEOPLE IN HERE?” He asked exasperatedly. The man was causing lights to flicker as he walked under them & caused the microwave by the coffee machine to blow up as he walked past it.

Slappy pointed at the man. “Nope. I don’t think so pal. We have expensive & delicate electronics in here. You just go wait outside. Someone will be out there shortly.”

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November 03, 2013 10:44PM
Garrock was not in the least amused by Slappy’s “twin” comment. “Ah ha ha ha ha ha. I get it. He’s my twin cause my skin is dark bluish gray from my argyria, (A skin discoloration caused by thesla use of colloidal silver), & I have gray hair. & he has white hair & black skin. ha ha ha ha super funny. Jackass.” He said dryly.

Slappy didn’t seem to notice, as he was talking to the newcomers. He turned his focus back to the monitors, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. He had been staring at the monitors for a few minutes when he heard Slappy going off on Daneeka. “Hey”. He said to her after Slappy had finished his ranting. He gestured for her to come over to him. “Look, let’s just focus our attention on trying to sort this mess out. No one here is playing any kinds of pranks. So, do you have any ideas whatsoever as to what might be going on here?”

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November 05, 2013 12:35PM
Inside the Capitol Building

Ts-zak realized his body was creating an issue for the control room when he heard Mr. Kinkaid say…

“Nope. I don’t think so pal. We have expensive & delicate electronics in here. You just go wait outside. Someone will be out there shortly.” 

He realized there were many answers to his questions here and didnt want to destroy them with his body. Trying his best to maintain his structure he began to focus and using mediation found a quiet place to still his mind. Nodding in acquientcience and understanding before he sought a place to do so.

Having found a suitable seat outside the control room, a small metal chair. He went into his mind picturing a lake that was once near the monastery. Seeing each ripple unfold as if it was part of himself he let it flow through himself within. Trying to keep the energy contained.

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November 05, 2013 10:14PM
Garrock seemed to be the only one that wasn’t going to come down on Daneeka like a tonne of bricks. Slappy was his usual morning self, and read her the riot act just for appearing. She was this close to just spinning on her heel and offering the single finger salute, when Garrock acted like a gentleman, and not a caveman.

“Look, let’s just focus our attention on trying to sort this mess out. No one here is playing any kinds of pranks. So, do you have any ideas whatsoever as to what might be going on here?””

Daneeka huffed, and brushed off Lukas attempt to give her the half eaten donut. Lukas lowered his arm slowly, defeated for now, but kept close to Daneeka regardless. They had an unusual bond, and one that could not easily be explained, especially now. Focusing on the screens, which showed images of various parts of Nemaues as it should be, she then started to see a flicker pattern, that was consistent in each frame. From the North, to the West to the South and the Captial. Her eyes darted, from one to the next, recognizing places as she remembered them. But one place…one image that captured her attention…was…

“Vait…dat cannot bez. Malathos point…vas destroyed.”

Again, the image flickered from a fully built town…to a snowfield. She recognized the buildings, from her time there as the borg. Then she looked at Lorewall. Everything was fine…then the next minute…the screen flickered and it was a battle between Nemauen forces and the Krieg. The men from the stars were fighting the national forces on the streets. Daneeka’s eyes were set to bulge, as the image reverted back to a peaceful city. She fell back slightly, as the enormity of what she was seeing was too great to comprehend. She looked at Garrock and Slappy.

“Can’t you see it? The break in time. That is not one planetz….it is dwo. It’s like one world iz runningz…err…how you say…parallel to the other. One..iz at war….otherz notz.”

Lukas dropped his donut, as he started to see the same pattern emerging. “You mean, time has been spliced?’

Daneeka nodded slowly. “I am notz an expert….but itz vhat it zeemz to bez.” She looked at Slappy and shrugged. “Do you havez a betterz idea?”


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November 08, 2013 04:29AM
(Posting for both Slappy & Garrock cause there’s dialogue & shiz)

After the 3rd newcomer left, the one that looked like he had licked a few too many batteries, Slappy returned his attention back to the more pressing domestic issues. Walking back over to where Daneeka & Garrock were standing, he heard her commenting on some kind of timeline split.

“So what you’re saying is there are 2 Lisegas? Great. Just what we need. Clones of that place. So what are the implications here? How is this going to affect us? Is it just going to keep flipping back & forth from our visual standpoint, or is this going to meltdown into some shit?” Slappy asked the both of them.

“No way of knowing for sure. Daneeka, Jenson & I will keep working on this, You go deal with your new fan club over there.” Garrock said nodding his head towards Miirik & Viktor.

Slappy was more interested in getting to the bottom of the current mess, but he agreed. After all, it would just be poor manners to keep their uninvited guests waiting. “I’ll be with the 2 of you in just a few moments.” Slappy said to them as he walked back to the monitoring center’s door. He stepped outside & looked around for the other visitor, where he soon found him sitting in a metal chair out in the lobby. “Well that’s new. When did we get metal equipment?” He thought to himself. He looked around & noticed as well ne of the escalators was out of order & looked warped & half melted. Likely the cause of that guy as well. He walked over to where the man sat. “Holy shit sparky. You gotta get whatever overcharged battery you have going there under wraps before you trash the whole damn building. So anyway, what can I do for you?”

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November 08, 2013 01:06PM
Outside Control Room


Ts-zak tried the calm and it helped a bit. the storm seemed to be easier to control within him but it was still a challenge. It was as if he was fused with too much energy. He had trouble holding it all in. The man had asked him to leave then come out to speak with him. Kinkaid stood before him saying… “Holy shit sparky. You gotta get whatever overcharged battery you have going there under wraps before you trash the whole damn building. So anyway, what can I do for you?” 

” I sought one called Kinkaid. If you be him then it is well. I travel from far to the North, what your people call the tundra was my home. my people were part of an order. We ran a large monastery. Protected those throughout the North from the wild and kept out any who might accidentally venture to their peril. It is a harsh place there. Most cannot live there easily. Our people adapted through our tattoos, each has its own power. The gifts we learned made us protectors. However I saw as I was scouting even our best warriors killed to a man by dark beings coming out of holes in the air. The whole of the monastery was destroyed by them and overrun as they maniacly took all of their life force into them. When they left as I knew I could not aid them I became aware of a new power within me and a new tattoo wrote itself upon me. We are usually marked by others. The magic itself marked me with a door. As it did I began to travel south and became aware of energy. Feeling the power of the world rather than just my own chi. It was as if, I could now touch the own worlds energy. I dont know what i am. But I must find the meaning behind the door and I think you are one of the only people that may help me. I blew apart trees on my way here and partially melted one of your escalators on the way up. I apologize Mr. Kinkaid. I am doing my best to control these abilities but they are new to me. ” 

Thinking of his masters and teachers he knew they would be in his heart, always.

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November 13, 2013 01:00AM
Control Room

Lukas was sitting in one of the large control chairs, nomming on a donut, when one of the screens showed the West again. But it was fine, and Lukas sat forward in his chair a moment. The icing of the donut settled on his pants, as the boy’s gaze narrowed, and he then rubbed his temple. As he did this…the screen flickered and changed to the apocalyptic scene…featuring two beings walking together, a boy of twelve pushing a rickety cart, and a tall blonde Russian. On closer inspection, the boy looked exactly like Lukas, with only one difference. He walked with a cybernetic leg. This was plan to see, as he hobbled along awkwardly.

“Daneeka?” Lukas whispered, while she was too busy listening to Slappy and Garrock discuss the fact there were two Lisegas. As she looked back over her shoulder at the boy, he pointed to the screen, only to see it falter and then change back to a normal city again. “Vhat?” Daneeka asked, looking at where the boy was pointing. Course, he looked back and saw that the beings were gone. Lukas started coughing, and rose to standing…the realization hitting him.

“It’s not just two planets, Slappy…it’s two realities. Like…two of everything running in different directions and…in different places.” The boy had twigged, but then he came to think of another frightening prospect. “What happens if the two collide? What if…what if….this is more than a break in time…what if time itself, has been damaged?”

Daneeka heard the boy speak, and was having trouble comprehending it all.


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November 18, 2013 12:04AM
Garrock looked at Slappy from the corner of his eye as he turned he went off to deal with the other newcomer who wa now waiting outside/ Looking back to Daneeka, as she was watching the monitors he exhaled a tired sigh.

“Sorry for his temper.” He said referring to Slappy. “We are all very stressed out by these issues as of late. It’s taken a toll on our tempers.”

He walked back over by the monitors & narrowed his eyes, squinting at the imagery popping up here & there. “That being said,” He continued, “I think you should consider what effect suggesting that all this might be just a prank might have on ones temperment had you been in his shoes.” He turned his head to look back at her again. “Mind you, I am not speaking so as to justify his words any. I’m just saying that you’re own temperment & how you present your own self might have a signifficant effect on getting more favorable response from him.”

He paused in silence again for a bit continuing to look at the monitors while Lukas climbed into one of the chairs. “That’s delicate equipment there son, Don’t go getting any crumbs on it.”

Returning his attention to the monitors he rolled Daneeka’s comment over in his mind. 2 planets? Nah, that can’t be right. If there was another planet there, they would have picked up on it & it would have registered as a totally different thing entirely..

He was just about to vocalize his thoughts when Lukas suddenly commented:
“”It’s not just two planets, Slappy…it’s two realities. Like…two of everything running in different directions and…in different places.” The boy had twigged, but then he came to think of another frightening prospect. “What happens if the two collide? What if…what if….this is more than a break in time…what if time itself, has been damaged?”

Garrock looked at the kid then back at the monitors. “well for one thing, Slappy went outside.” He said pointing with his thumb towards the door, “& 2, if they do collide, or if there is some break in time itself, then we might all be thoroughly fucked.”

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November 18, 2013 03:50AM
Miirik sat quietly observing the excange between Kinkaid, the oddly colored man & the Russian woman as they bantered about. Viktor sat silently beside him & stared straight forward. “What do you make of them?” Miirik asked Viktor. Miirik observed the manner of urgency to other matters with which they seemed to be so swept up in.

“Their affairs are of little concern to me. We need only to concern ourselves with the task that we have been sent here to undertake.” Viktor replied huskily. “They can see to their own matters.”

Mirrik nodded & watched as Slappy left to address the newcomer as he waited outside. Quietly, he rose to his feet & followed behind so as not to distract or disrupt Kinkaid as he went.

He stood listening to the exchange between the 2 men outside the monitoring center. He listened as the man spoke of the creatures infesting his home & attacking his people, & of his journey south to their present location.

Miirik stepped forward as they spoke. “I believe I may be able to provide some insight for you.” Turning his attention back to Kinkaid, “as for your current state of affairs, I believe we may be able to assist there as well. Perhaps we can sit down & discuss these matters?”

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November 18, 2013 04:38AM
Slappy listened to the electrified man & was about to respond when Miirik spoke from behind him. “Sneaking up on people around here is a good way to get yourself hurt pal. & just bad manners. Just a friendly heads up.” He snapped, startled at the sudden intrusion.

Slappy paused for a moment, regaining his composure. “My apologies, I don’t mean to be hostile. We are dealing with a very stressful matter, as I am sure you can see, & stress makes me irritable.” He said to them both. “Fine. We can discuss these matters soon. Go gather your friend,” Slappy said to Miirik, pointing back at the monitoring center, “& the 3 of you go wait in my office. Since you knew your way here, I presume you know your way there as well. I will be there shortly.”

Slappy then turned & walked back towards the monitoring center. As he went, he pulled his cell phone from his pocket, punched in a number, & listened to the monotone buzzing sound that indicates the phone on the other end of the line is ringing.

“Yeah?” He heard Jules say from the other end. “Get Cuthbert & the both of you meet me at my office. We have visitors who want to talk to us.” Slappy said. “Bout what?” replied Jules. “Apparently they need to ask us about our time with Roland. I don’t know much else than that, But I’m sure we will find out.”

He heard Jules groan. “Fine. We’ll be there in about an hour. This is some bullshit waking me up this early for this shit.”
“Tell me about it. We also need to prepare to make another trip over to Lisega. Some serious shit going on there. & this time, we’re gonna need some heavy artillery. We might be walking into a war zone”
“I’ll make the preparations, but you can go over on your own. I spent enough time there already.” Jules said. Slappy started to reply, but the line clicked as Jules ended the call.

“well fuck you too” Slappy muttered as he went back into the monitoring center.

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November 18, 2013 10:13AM

Ts-zak listened intently to them discuss matters of time with his acute awareness. He could hear all of it. Even from outside his hearing was highly acute. His perceptions had been much altered since the changes in him had taken place. He knew there was much more to know. Time being damaged? that was perhaps a explanation. If worlds were colliding, and this was the result what had come through the gate was something quite powerful and not of this world. He did know one thing. As he sat there he knew he could now draw a doorway with the power of the tattoo on his arm and enter their world. How he was not sure he could rightly explain. It was more like he could feel it. The power flowed through him like water does a stream.He did not feel for certain how to explain it to these men or whether it was going to help them. Time being damaged he felt there must be something done to repair it. But what? and how should it be done?
The man came towards him offering guidance. He spoke plainly.

” Perhaps this Doorway rune has something to do with it? It marked itself on me shortly after the incident and my powers manifested. I feel i can use it to open a door. The more I have gazed on it it the more I realize it will allow me to travel to where the dark beings came from. I just couldn’t when I began. My powers were beginning. They are too strong here so close to the source of the damage I think. Or maybe it is because of the anger I feel. The more angry I get the stronger my power becomes. I have to find calm to keep my power in check. I dont have all the answers either but those are my thoughts.”

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November 18, 2013 10:18PM
Monitoring Centre

Garrock seemed to be the only paying heed to Lukas’s ideas on what was really happening on the monitors. Slappy was outside, dealing with some others; probably outer worlders by the way they were dressed and the colour of their skin. Daneeka still seemed to be transfixed by the screen, and something about the constant image flicker to show the cyborg had her perplexed. Lukas watched her expression change, and then he too looked at the screen. He furrowed his brow, and then looked even closer, as the flickering kept changing back and forth, back and forth. The Russian stepped back, and then turned away from the screens, making her way to the back of the room, and Lukas did a double take, before following her. When she reached the very corner of the room, you could hear a quiet sob, and this made him raise his hand to her back, patting it lightly.

“It’s okay…you can talk to me, D”

“Noez…it’z notz okay.” She mumbled, wiping away a tear and hoping to God that Slappy and his crew couldn’t see. Lukas stepped around her and then faced her front on.

“You feel it too, don’t you?”

Slowly, Daneeka nodded and Lukas sighed outwardly. “I knew it as soon as I saw them and recognized it.”

For a moment the pair stood together, both looking at the flickering screen then back at each other.

“That’s us. Well, the other us.” Lukas said without a doubt in his mind. “Question is…how did they get you out of her?”Lukas asked, rubbing his temple, like this was starting to make him have a headache. Daneeka leaned back and then admitted the truth. “Zome how…dhe broke the cyborg, you could zay. But she obviously rebuilt.” This was true, and happened sometime ago. As for Lukas…how he came to be in this world and yet was from Lisega….was a mystery.

“It’s how I know you, D. Should we tell them?”

Stony faced, Daneeka shook her head. “No.”


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November 29, 2013 06:31PM
Slappy listened to Ts-Zak talking about his theory about his rune tattoos with a mix of confusion & skepticism. “So let me see if I am understanding you correctly.You are telling me that this tattoo drew itself on your arm, & that we are supposed to be able to travel to different worlds & such through a tattoo of a door… on your arm. right?” Slappy said to Ts-Zak. “That is just fascinating.” Slappy then opened the door back into the monitoring center & yelled in “HEY CAN WE GET A DRUG TEST KIT HERE? THIS GUY IS ON SOME SERIOUS SHIT!” HE laughed to himself then patted Ts-Zak on the arm. “Kidding pal. It’s a joke. Anyway, follow the other wierd looking dudes, we’ll talk in a bit.”

Slappy walked back into the monitoring center & plopped himself down in the chair which had previously been occupied by Mirrik, next to Viktor, He slouched tiredly in the chair, thinking to himself how nice a nap would be right about now.

“Your friend is outside waiting on you.” He said to Viktor, Jerking his thumb in the direction of the door. He then looked lazily over at the box that Miirik had brought with him. He reached over & picked one of the books out of the box & thumbed through it. The title of the book was “The Gunslinger”. He felt an odd sense of displacement as he thumbed through various pages of the book, realizing that the books within that box were a novelized retelling of some alternate version of Roland’s time in the Mohine Desert. This came as no real surprise to him, after all, he remembered seeing the same kind of book written by the same guy about Callahan back in that Calvin tower guy’s book collection. He laughed a bit as he remembered at how freaked out Callahan was by it.

The interesting thing was that Slappy wasn’t in this retelling. It was just Roland, up until the Way station, then just him & the boy Jake. & the events of the book seemed to differ quite a bit. For example, he didn’t remember Jake being so fucking morose. & it kept making references to Jake knowing that Roland would let him die. He read along towards the book’s epilogue, & felt a pang of anger as he read the retelling of Jake’s fate. No wonder the kid was so damn sad all the time. Apparently, without Slappy being there, Roland just left the kid to die. When Slappy thought back to his own memories of his experience with them,

He remembered the man in Black calling out to them at the end of that dark underground chasm & the railway tracks beginning to buckle. He remembered Jake falling & clinging to the rail calling out for help.

“Come now, gunslinger. Or catch me never!” The man in black said, mocking Roland. “Do I go?”

Slappy stood just out of reach of Jake, blocked off only by the gunslinger himself as he stood in indecision as to what his next move should be. “Are you fucking serious right now? either pull the kid up or move your stupid ass so I can.”

“Then I shall leave you.” Said the man in Black. “NO!” Roland yelled. The instant Roland went bounding off after the man in Black, Slappy lunged forward & clamped his hand on Jake’s forearm, clamping it in a vice-like grip & hauling him back on the tracks. “RUN KID!” Slappy yelled at Jake as they scrambled after the gunslinger.

Once they were outside the hole at the end, back in the open air, Slappy saw Roland staring off into space. Seething with anger, he walked over to where Roalnd stood & shoved him to the ground. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT SHIT HUH? WERE YOU SERIOUSLY GOING TO JUST LET THAT KID DIE?” Slappy roared at him. Slappy kicked Roland square in the stomach as he lay on the ground. Roland lost his breath in a whooshing grunt.
Slappy’s parent’s had always told him “never kick a man when he was down”, but in this case, he presumed an exception could be made. Roland curled into a fetal position holding his stomach.

Slappy walked a few steps away, panting from rage & exhaustion. He looked back at Roland who was starting to get his air back & was beginning to stand up. “If you ever pull shit like that again, I swear. I will bash your fucking skull in & make you eat what drips out. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?”

Roland just stared back at Slappy. “You best get your priorities straight real fucking fast old man,” Slappy said. “or I will straighten them for you.”

“So!” the man in black cried from down the hill. “Not an end, but the end of the beginning, eh? You progress, gunslinger! You progress! Oh, how I admire you!”

The gunslinger spun oh his heels & drew with blinding speed and fired twelve times. The gun-flashes dimmed the sun itself, and the pounding of the explosions slammed back from the rock-faced escarpments behind them.

Slappy smacked Roland in the back of the head as the gunslingers revolvers clicked empty. “Good job wasting ammo dumbass. You sure are a real thinker huh?”

Slappy began walking down the hill towards the man in Black. “Stop” the man said. “I told you earlier that I would only hold palavar with him.” he said, pointing to Roland.

“& I’m telling you that I don’t give a flying fuck what you said. His business is just as much our business. So your dealing with all three of us. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad”

The man in black stood with a shocked expression on his face for a moment. Then he smiled a sly grin. “Very well then, Come, come come.” He said as the three of them followed the man in Black to whatever meeting place he had arranged.”

Slappy closed the book & set it aside, disgusted. He sat wondering how many other variations of this story there might have been? & how varied the outcomes may have been.

“Mr. Kinkaid, Mr. Allgood & Mr. Winnfield are here.” the security guard said to him. He nodded as he stood up. “thanks” he said to the guard. Then turning his head towards where Daneeka & Garrock were still talking he yelled, “ROSTOV! We have a meeting to attend to. Let’s go!”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
December 06, 2013 04:35PM
Daneeka and Lukas held each other’s gaze a moment, locked in some silent agreement you could say. She was not prepared to explain to Slappy anything more about what she believed to be true. Lukas wasn’t so sure that was wise under the circumstance, but placed a hand on her arm, as though to offer her some comfort. Sighing, he lowered his hand, knowing that probably wouldn’t help her. She was such a cold fish at times. Like a square peg in a round hole. Purpose yet to be defined, and clearly even more lost now, knowing M.E.R.C.Y was down there on that world….but doing what? That remained to be seen.
Looking at the monitors flicker one last time, she rose from her chair, as Slappy now fixed his attention on them, and barked like some junk yard dog.

“ROSTOV! We have a meeting to attend to. Let’s go!”

“Comingz…” she said with lack of effort in her voice, almost lazily sauntering after him, with the young lad stealing one last donut and chasing after Daneeka. He was not going to be left behind…not now. For some strange reason he felt he needed to stay close to Daneeka. He was now a piece of the puzzle, both in this world and the other. But would anyone else care to notice the boy? No, the adults seemed to be concentrating on other things, not a donut stealing thief.

Heading out into the corridor, the flourescent hue of the lighting radiated off Daneeka’s skin, giving it an unnatural glow. Her body seemed to slouch in an unnatural way, and she shoved her hands in her pockets as she swaggered along. She gave the security guard a dirty look and pushed past him. Lukas held his hands up as though he didn’t want to suddenly get the blame and mouthed.

“Time of the month?” As a clue to her behavior.


Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
December 10, 2013 05:19PM
Garrock stood staring at the monitors as Daneeka & Lukas talked to each other. He also had noticed that they seemed to have doubles of some sort over on that other world. He wondered to himself if there were doubles of everyone in all different worlds & dimensions. Man that would be weird. Would be nice to have a double every now & then though. Just to do his job for a few weeks, so he can take a vacation without anybody else knowing. Man that would be sweeet.

His train of thought was disturbed as he saw Daneeka & Lukas walking away. “I wonder if they know that I could hear everything they were saying.” He said. Then he looked around & noticed that no one else was standing nearby to hear him. “Ah so I’m just talking to myself again. Go me.” He muttered.

He walked over to a soda vending machine & dropped in a couple of quarters. After punching a button & grabbing his carbonated beverage of choice, (which is being left vague because copyrights suck balls. FUCK YOU PEPSI & COKE!), & walked back over to where Jensen was standing. “So what do you make of this whole mes-” POW! The soda can exploded all over the place as he tried popping the tab at the top.


“SHUT UP!” Garrock yelled back. His phone then rang. He answered it & yelled “IT WASN’T MY WEINER!” There was a moment of silence from the other end, then Jules said. “Kay, good to know. Super awkward. Anyway, I just got off the phone with Slappy. He’s preparing a transport over to Lisega again. So you need to make sure the guys at the lab have their stuff ready to load set up.”

“Kay” Garrock said. He then hung up the phone & went on his way back to the bio-tech research facility.

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
December 20, 2013 12:18AM
Slappy waited in the hallway as Daneeka & her friend slowly strolled along after him. He had noticed that ever since she had shown up, she always seemed to have a real dour, depressed & oppositional attitude. To some degree he could understand why, She was completely uprooted from her home in Russia, & at a rather young age no less, just like he was pulled from his life. But at least he & the others that had lives of their own before they came here, they at least adapted to their new circumstances & made a new life for themselves.

“Ok, we need to talk real quick”. He said as she drew near. “What is the deal with you huh? Every time I see you, you’re always in a foul mood. I mean I don’t expect you to be cheerful & happy & shit all the time, but fuck man, you would think someone just died all the time with you. So what’s the deal?”

Re: RP : The Dark Tower.
January 01, 2014 02:24AM
“What if I was already deadz?” Daneeka said, as Lukas tried not to eaves drop and walked around them following Garrock to a point, then stopping and looking back at the blonde russian and Slappy. They were standing close to each other, as Slappy tried to get a clue in as to why Daneeka acted as she did.

Folding her arms defensively, her head cocked slightly to the right, she continued. “You pulled me outz of the machinez, Zlappy. Zurely you knew what I vas likez before?”But did he really? And how could he blame her, considering that her childhood ended prematurely so long ago. She shook her head, lowering it slightly.

“Ever vonder vhere ‘ome iz? Ever vonder aboutz family? Friendz…a life? I do notz callz thiz living. Itz a valking dead to mez.” The blonde russian said, as others passed them in the corridor.

“You bez ‘appy if I playz de fool. Smilez and laugh and be…er…’ow you zay…gay all dhe vucking time? Liez? Hmm?” She asked, her eyes drilling his now.