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Pile of shit & the pissy pants


< Whispers of a bullet, the return>

KazeCarrendar: -Ah, they sent some form of big bird did they? The smirk on the number three’s face grew. His own scouts had reported a large force that had came to the north. The image of their twisted and skinned corpse was embedded into his mind as he slowly walks closer to the large object in the cave. His face turns towards it as his right en large power clawed hand , traced around the object. He would lead them into here. The other two “leaders” of this merry little band . Each one had a simple task. To make sure that the bulk of the army here, ha, this weak army was cut in three . It made so much fun hunting. He enjoyed such times before the calm as he looks backwards to the forces of his own. Foolish mortals, each one was already on the verge of falling more into his chosen god’s ways. But they had a long way to go. Four larger forms moves through the crowd, each shadow en gulfed the smaller “humans” as they coward away. They looked at the lesser forms here with a distaste for such weaklings. One unlucky human did not move fast enough. A sickening sound of metal slicing flesh flooded the cave. A short lived scream was followed as the dark forms chuckled. They enjoyed their foes to beg, but boredom was hitting them hard.-” Enough playing now, get the attack ready”-the number three snarled at them as his lust for battle was getting the better of him. The four snarled back but not risking to be attacked by this one. They would each wait to see if they can get the chance to finish this “leader” off themselves and prove more powerful. The time had come now. Scores of better armed and skilled fighters ,surged forwards from the cave, only around 600 , each armed with Las weapons. They split into three smaller teams, each one was to lure the north forces into that single cave for a reason. An other smaller force, 200 troops, raced towards and behind the cave itself. Going to the left side of it, the idea was to lure the army in, using the item to trap half in whilst the rest sprung their attack from behind. It would take a hour to get there, they was also tying and hunting down scouts of the planets army , making sure that the North had no idea what laid in wait-

ShioriSayaka: – Maylion flew through the air as a ballerina moving her chain sword with speed horizontally towards the metal sick being that had appeared and attacked. But just as she was about to strike hard and do some serious damage, one of the two wounded giants had already thrown some alien device towards the metal being. Maylion noticed it while swinging her chain sword from the left to the right to strike. She glanced sideways quickly to see the device land right under the metal being. There was no flash, there was no bang, there was no explosion, a light screen, nothing.. there was nothing except the fact that the metal being seem to dissolve and fall onto the ground disappearing in the nothing. The troops who were surrounding Maylion and the metal sick being held their aims until they were sure there was nothing left of the monster anymore. They lowered their bolt guns, and shoveled forwards through the snow which was hiding their feet. One of the troop members moved closer in on her as Maylion landed on both feet slamming the chain sword in the ground. Maylion growled softly while standing up again facing the giant with an annoyed face. This was the second time in a short period he had managed to kill her enemy’s faster than she could. She was longing for that sense of power again to kill someone on her own, especially a sick being which seemed to produce weapons from their body and fire rockets. The troop member walking in on her had planted his hand on her shoulder and asked her if ma’am was doing okay. Maylion turned her head around facing him now releasing the anger for that moment. (Maylion) “’ I’m great.. ‘’ She rolled her shoulder to get loose of the grip while passing him. On her way she grabbed the chain sword and pulled it upwards so it released the ground. As she placed the chain sword on her back again in its holster she mumbled something about being late for a tea party somewhere. The two giants apparently seemed to be K.O again by the rocket attack they had managed to survive earlier. Maylion folded her arms while staring at the two giants and the two medics Amanda left behind earlier (Maylion) ‘’ Get them the medic base in the north,.. they need to be threated . ‘’ As the medics were doing their best to lift the giants up with just the two of them Maylion turned around a few degrees to stare in the direction they would go to. What was their purpose here again?.. Scout around.. right.. Well ,.. That had been a succeeding plan. (Corporal) ‘’ Orders ma’am? ‘’ The Corporal had stepped forwards watching how Ma’am Maylion was being the bad mood bitch again, he had only met her since the war broke out, but he knew Maylion wasn’t the happy type at all, and probably nothing would satisfy her. Though even a person as Maylion should have a personal goal right?. Maylion moved forwards walking in the direction of the north base 5 miles away. (Maylion) ‘’ We’re moving.. 5 of you .. come with me.. 5 of you go east from here,.. and the other 5 go West from here. Scout the area. Combs are still down so we need to get creative.. ‘’ Maylion Walked towards the hanger they arrived with, in one of the weapon stacks she pulled 6 weapons that would shoot light bolls in the air (Forgot name). She turned around while throwing 2 at each group. (Maylion) ‘’ .. Only in emergency’s.. Shoot one, Don’t shoot one because you can’t find a decent pooping spot ‘’ .. Maylion sighed slightly while staring at the 5 men she would travel with. She nodded once at the other 2 groups of 5 while taking the lead in their marsh to the north. The two medics on the other hand were still busy trying to threat those giants on spot since they were to heavy to move somewhere else. –

Carrendar: Lunchbox stood at the foot on an embankment, and with his rocket launcher slung over his shoulder, and peering through binoculars at the group further down deeper into no man’s land he saw a group that were definately not Nemauens. (Commander Baldrick)”Fuck it…we can’t have this…not now. SEARGEANT!”- he would bellow, moving back towards the base. “I’m done fucking around, we are brining in martial law. ARREST ANYONE THAT IS NOT IN NEUMEAN UNIFORM…..YOU HEAR ME? I don’t want to have some tar and feather asshole poking his head up saying he is fighting for this country only to turn around and blow our mother fucking goddamn brains out.”- The Seargant ran up to where Baldrick was, and Baldrick tossed him the binoculars. “Round up a squad….now you look and see through those and tell me what you see?”- (Sgt Tonks)”There is a gathering…Sir, but they ain’t ours. *he would lower the binoculars and nod*…getting at team together now.”- He made a hand gesture to one of the lookouts, and a massive siren wailed alerting all available personnel to gather in a reindevu point, as Baldrick went back to resume his place on watch. Down further, the group of gunners and scouts assembled, all with las guns, and then under the orders of the Seargeant, they moved in on the gathered alien throng. Encircling them and using hand signs, since the comms were still down, they swooped from all directions, and apprehended the alien turds. (Sgt Tonks)”Under orders from Northern Command, you are al under arrest. MOVE MOVE!”- they would be trained on with the las rifles, and all would surrender, holding up their arms and be escorted to a waiting truck, that would take them for questioning in underground bunkers in Nixagris.

MageSkye: – Now with the new recruits that finally arrived in the medic center the first medics are taking the time to rest after tending so many wounded in the base, on this little time where there isn’t many slaughters happening it gives the medics quiet hours to focus on their work. Barbie being one of them hasn’t got the chance to see her dear friend Amanda but even if they would have the time to speak, there was something different going on with Amanda and her little team of medics as well. By time she is changing greatly which is noticed when she doesn’t sleep at all, she has lay down and rested together with her medic team but never really sleep. Sadly Barbie doesn’t get time to worry about it; she is all the time moving back and forward applying supplies to the medics that are working on the clock patient after patient. A few other recruits have cleaned up the mess of the one boy (This is from Kanko’s character, his character dropped a box of supplies on the floor when he didn’t liked it to work for the medics) whom dropped one of the supplies boxes and taken him away to be placed somewhere else in function because this isn’t his place to stay and they don’t need people who stands in the way. – (Amanda) – Amanda lays still at her bunker while her other two medic team mates are playing cards to pass the time, all of them still hold their weapons to their bodies and Amanda is close to some machinery feeling peace at mind while she holds it. This sitting down is nothing for her, she must get out on the action fighting with the others but her mind is going insane. Some say because she and her team mates are lacking of sleep but that’s the thing, they can’t go to sleep because slowly they feel to become insane. For some reason Amanda believes it is the red liquid they all had drank before but it’s been so many days ago it could be just a wild guess at it. – “That’s it! Let’s get out of here you guys!” – Amanda says standing up from her bunker; she is tired of sitting around fighting her insanity to hide it from the other soldiers. Time for action for Amanda as she gets the men ready to pack their stuff and head to the Leader of the Northern force, he might know where to place them for some action and to be useful in the end. On the way to the Commander she hears through the intercom that a small troop has arrive at the base with some more wounded people, once they mentioned two medics coming far from a scouting area. She remember that it’s the two medics she left with Maylion are returning, change of plans now that her team is complete again. She walks to them seeing those ninja aliens badly wounded just before they are taken away to another center of the base; Amanda simply ignores them as she needs to take the rest with her team mates back again. – (Amanda) “We are just planning to head out, are you able to go out again? – She asks them when they just have dropped their backpacks to the floor, but the men didn’t mind. They don’t show signs of being tired but more excited and want to keep going with their work to not get insane, it seems that not only Amanda has trouble with it but these two as well. – (Medic1) “Yes, let’s go now. We only need to refresh our packs and we are ready. By the way do you feel like becoming insane by the minute?” – The medic asks Amanda in return and with a silent nod she confirms what they all have been going through. – (Amanda) “Fine then, I be at the Commander for directions. I meet you in the bunker to pick you up.” – She says as her final word and then turns around to head to Commander Baldrick, once she finally is in a close distant with him she clicks her heels and salutes in front the Commander. – “Medic leader, Amanda reporting for duty Commander Baldrick. The medic center is rolling well, everything runs smoothly thanks to the new recruits and so I feel useless to stay. May this Medic scout with the other troops along with her medic team?” – She reports to the Commander –

xXSirenofMidnightXx: Maharet had been scouring the north looking for the one called Lunchbox she had killed a few more rebels that had gotten within her path. Looking ahead she could see someone screaming at a sergeant and ordering to arrest people. Watching many of the people arresting people she walked up to him her eyes glowing with the need to kill. (Maharet) “I’m looking for the commander of these parts you know where he is?” She looked towards who she thought would be the commander but she wasn’t sure. He was old and seemed to know what he was doing he was small so maybe that’s how he got his nickname lunch box. Just stood holding her sword and trying to keep her demonic form at bay, she needed that form much later when her strength and powers were really needed. It was only until after she spoken that she had spotted a medic walking up to the Commander and talking to him something appeared to be wrong with this medic. Maharet could sense something different and she wasn’t sure what the hell it was she just hoped in hell that this bad feeling was wrong and its was nothing and just her being over worked and hungry for a kill. But regardless she couldn’t ignore the feeling and just stood and stared at the young woman wondering what the hell was wrong with her.

ShioriSayaka: – Maylion and her small pack of troop members were heading north, shoveling through the snow and the cold environment of the north. Their bolt guns in their hands, their eyes focused on their surroundings. They were concentrated, walking a few meters away from each other, but always in sight. In the distance behind them they heard the words of men yelling about being under arrest. Maylion turned her head to stare behind her in the direction of the giants which seemed to be smaller now. K.O giants get arrested?.. She giggled softly suddenly, a weird giggle.. a giggle of pleasure. She wasn’t sure if the guards had already spotted the 3 groups Maylion had ordered to scout the area, they all worn their neumean uniforms, at least the winter edition. The logo was on her shoulder patch with the assigned rank of the day. That almost sounds like a restaurant meal. Maylion stopped and turned around fully placing two fingers in her mouth to blow a whistle towards the squad arresting the aliens. If they would turn around and spot Maylion and her 5 members they would notice the bolt guns, the caps of the members and perhaps if they looked through their telescope they would see the Logo. Maylion raised on hand in the air to make some hand signals. ‘’ We came in peace ‘’ Maylion rolled her eyes slowly and laughed at herself for the words that weren’t smart chosen, but they made her day. Maylion turned around again knowing they would get what she was saying, and that they are serving for Neameus. She hissed softly with a slight giggle in her voice (Maylion) ‘’ Let’s move ‘’. The small pack moved further away from the base and further into the massive surface of snow and mountains. As the snow fell from the sky creating a beautiful atmosphere in such a shitty time Maylion had a hard time to expand her sight on the complete surface. The other two groups had moved further to the west and east of the north and were scouting around. All of them were highly focused on every noise that was made. The small group in the west of the north had taken in positions to stay low for a few minutes. Every noise that was made and it didn’t matter what kind of noise would made them duck in the white snow or hide behind an object. They were scouting for a reason and they would take it serious. As two members were observing the area with a telescope the others would prepare their bolt guns to be aimed at whatever the ones with the telescope would mark. Meanwhile a the final aircraft landed on the spot where the aliens were being arrested, they were the last forces to be send to the north to scout around. Finally they had arrived. As the aircraft landed on the surface the hangar opened showing a large pack of troops and scouts ready to do their jobs. Their weapons are reloaded and ready to be used. The sergeant of the pack divided them in a few groups each of 8 persons. A large group would quickly be noticed, and since that was the last thing they want they were going to scout in small groups, each with one medic. The several groups moved into different directions. (Corporal) ‘’ Ma’am the last scouts have landed and are moving around the area. ‘’ Maylion sighed relieved while checking around her. (Maylion) ‘’ Keep scouting, merge with another small group.. I’m heading to the base in the north. Combs are appearantly still down.. damn.. keep the pistols.. we will keep in touch.. Understood? ‘’ The corporal nodded at her as confirm. Maylion quickly turned around quiet relieved she could head to the north base. Her bullet wound from earlier had began to sting and irritate, also her facial wounds needed the medic attention they deserved finally. The base wasn’t far away and she would reach it within 15 minutes of shoveling and running through the snow. As she finally reached the base she showed her logo on her shoulder patch a few times and was quickly recognized as one of them. Within a few seconds she reached the spot where the medics she ordered earlier to take care of those giants were, and Amanda.. the one who had left her on spot. And finally the Commander. Also another femalewas presence she recognized from the east power station situation in the west of the land. Maylion walked towards them and waited for the commander to have time, and for Amando to start licking Maylion’s wounds. –

GrayGooTheory: Even from the start all power had been devoted to primarily life support as well as cloaking devices. Orbit had been maintained naturally at a point that would prevent significant degredation for decades to come. Overall it had been a good vantage point with both visual and nonvisual scanners to scour the surface of the planet again and again and again. Not that there would be anything new to pop up on the screens or for the formal and monotone feminine voice to chime in with. It was simply the fact that the man sprawled out on a not-very-cushioned bench in the back had only been remotely comfortable staying on the planet for extended periods of time. This of course was no different. A short visit had been planned to a new area towards the north and the Adjutant had plotted the course and began auto-piloting. The small ship’s profile in the atmosphere during its descent from friction would have barely registered as anything larger than a shooting star. While not always a safe bet most people wouldn’t have bothered as something this size should have burned up long before reaching the ground. Fortunately for both prior to entry and afterwards the lensing field and various other bits of stealth based technology (including some psi based) would usually take care of detection. Or…so the occupant hoped. There hadn’t been any hitches so far. Thus the ship was aimed to find a spot mostly away from civilization but within a decent travel distance. The ideal place would have been in a heavy wilderness area with just barely enough room for the vessel to fit. It was only when the rumbling stopped (or got worse if detected) did the man roll off the side of the bench and into a half crouch that ultimately lead to a casual walk to an archaic (by his own standards) vehicle. One already prepped with the usual equipment as well as what he added to compliment the gear he currently wore. Nothing too fancy at a distance. Clothing stretched over top of a gray body suit with bits of metal armor and leather intermingling over top. Obvious weapons sitting on his upper thighs with the rifle situated on the vehicle itself. With a sound reminiscent of some older and less efficient internal combustion engines the Vulture roared to life. It parted from the metal of the hull and in a perfectly timed dash exitted the opening hatch to the area just outside. As soon as the hatch was secured and vacant it was already closing with the ship dissapearing from the visible light spectrum. Its owner already speeding across the ground (or tree cover or snow or wtfever?) at a comfortable pace towards the town.

Carrendar: Sgt Tonks directed the driver to the site where the captives were to be taken and thus interrogated for being in the locality of the strife in the war torn north, and thus allow the members of the Northern command post to get on with the job of treating the wounded and reinforcing the base, which had been rocked now for days. Lunchbox, took out a cigarette and lit it, blowing out in an exasperated sigh, looking over what was once a blessed snow covered landscape. Now, twisted hulks of tanks, jeeps, jets….with the snow tainted, its colour flush with red blots where men and beast had fallen under fire from both sides. Billowing smoke thick and hazy from where fuel fires refused to go out, did choke the very air, and here was Lunchbox smoking. Course it was due to a touch of nerves, some calming effect to hold something between his lips, much like a pacifier soothes a crying child. His heart did weep for those that so far had lost their lives in this terrible war, and more were to die, for he knew that the void and the heavens above would be standing room only with the cues of the spirits of the dead. Out of the corner of his eye, a private with his cap pulled down low would scurry into the main control tent, where efforts were being made, frantically to hook up comms. This war was something of a logistical nightmare, until they could reestablish contact with the rest of the nation. Sitting ducks really to whoever, was planning and working on this from afar. In a moment of madness, as if Lunchbox could express his inner feelings, he shook a fist at the heavens. “Forsaken us…ya bastard….I know why she adores you!…Damn you…damn you to hell.” Funnily, Kaze would probably enjoy that, but none the less it allowed Lunchbox, his moment. :: Inside the main control tent one man was busy working, welding small pieces of wire together, when the private came up behind him (Private X)”Heh…*sniff*..Pie wants to know if Pie will be able to reach those in the scouts…Pie…is eager you know, and in Pie’s army, we do as Pie ask.”- The man who was working had his back to the Private as the Private slowly reached in his pocket and pulled out a small revolver, bringing it to the back of the man’s head. (Worker)”I think…I think yes….I am about to hook us up…just one more…*BLAST!*…-the body slumps over the computer terminal, blood seeping through the keypad as the welding gun is now sizzling against his skin. (Private X)…”-sniff-…no..no no…not today…Pie…would not be ready….heh” :: Lunchbox is putting out his cigarette in the snow, when a young woman approaches wearing the symbol of the medical cross. “Medic leader, Amanda reporting for duty Commander Baldrick. The medic center is rolling well, everything runs smoothly thanks to the new recruits and so I feel useless to stay. May this Medic scout with the other troops along with her medic team?” – Lunchbox salutes the Medic leader, somewhat lazily, not the official style, but under the circumstances, it would have to do. (Lunchbox)”Aye, its good to have you and your team here, I fear many man has gone on to his maker…Yes, I think its a good idea, if you and your team head out after the scouting team, they will need medical attention if my thoughts on that cave are correct”- He looked at her with old eyes. “Do this nation proud, Lt Amanda. You may commence move out.”

MageSkye: – Ah the order to leave this base at last, it gave a warm and proud feeling when the Commander allows her to leave from the base to join the scouting teams. At least they can get out and do something instead of doing the same stuff every day over and over again, Amanda salutes back to the Commander in respects. – (Amanda) “Yes, Sir!” – She yelled from the top of her lungs proudly as a soldier before she clicks her heels to turn around and meet with her medic team, who also heard the news and are glad that are allowed to leave the base. Amanda needs to have the coordinates to find the scouting teams in the area, it wouldn’t be wise to run around outside blindly in the snow to be an easy target. She spots someone approaching them a weird looking woman(Mid’s character) who keeps staring down at her for a while which Amanda doesn’t like at all, it makes her frustrated in her head to think of multiple ways to kill her right on the spot with the most sickest way. But she can’t and lets her be, it isn’t long after she sees Maylion arriving with her little team. Man does she look like shit to Amanda, as if she has dived in a pool of broken glasses in some mud. She has a hard time holding in her laugh and her team mates have the same problem. – (Amanda) “So you come to have your wounds cleaned by me? Other medics not good enough?” – Amanda is mocking Maylion a little, heck she needs the little joke to distract herself from the crazy thoughts in her head that push her closer to insanity. – (Amanda) “I’m sorry, but I can’t attend your wounds now. Just got word to scout and getting coordinates, there has been a new fresh recruit of medics. Ask for soldier Barbie or Barbara and when you see her, tell I said hi and also –pretty white princess locked in hoohaa ville with chastity belt on- she will know what it means.” – Amanda finishes on what she has to say until something else came up in her mind, since that creepy woman (Mid’s character) is doing nothing and stealing a standing spot. Maybe she should become a bull’s eye statue for the enemy now, but Amanda has something for her now. – (Amanda) “Whoever you may be, Miss. In the Medic center is a good place where they might need you to do some chores, you be more useful there then standing here like a statue. – Amanda says when she turned her attention to that new female that is near them, if she has a tongue to answer that is unclear only that she is glaring down at Amanda with a deep look that she is feeling awkward by but luckily the woman (Mid’s character) has taken her order to head out to the medic center to where Barbie should be. Now that is done Amanda turns around and mumbles to herself some curse words, she begins to grow hate for everything or is it anger? She doesn’t know but her mind isn’t completely focused now on her duties to fulfill, her team mates have the same issue as her and it was best to have Maylion be treated by another medic instead of them simply because stabbing a knife in the open was just one of their sweet ways to torture people created by their growing insanity. The two other team mates from Amanda’s small medic team has finally joined them near the machinery base to gather coordinates but also some extra supplies before they would head out the scouting areas. Amanda goes inside the base and together they go further inside where they aren’t allowed to be in the first place, it’s where many machines are placed to regulate the lights, heat and electricity but also the defense and coordinates systems by the computers (-sucks at this shit-). They look with wide big eyes at the electronics and the power these machines hold working so hard to make this base so safe; here is where Amanda and her team feel their insanity starting to overcome their logical thinking. They all take a random computer and place their hands on the hard cold metal; Amanda starts to smile very wickedly when she lets her body to absorb the metal and other technological information in her body. Now she and her team will now where the biggest weapons are as they move out secretly through the defense systems that they have managed to shut down when they merged their hands with the computers, nothing could ever stand in the way if they weren’t followed maybe. Once they reached the heavy weaponry safe nothing would stop them only a small computer defense system again, but that doesn’t hold Amanda back now does it? It has become a mere toy for her to just inflict the system with the virus she holds in her body with a simple touch with her hand through the plugin system, once they are inside the safe many bazooka’s and other heavy weaponry is for them to grab. The whole team takes what they could and absorbs literally the entire weapon with their body it does hurt a lot but they try to limit screaming by holding their hands in front each other’s mouth. The skin of the bodies turn more metallic but as long they have their whole army suit fully on, no one would tell the difference. Seconds after raiding the weapon safe they are so not done now, Amanda wants to head closer near the mainstream of the computers and other systems that are still working on full speed. Of course she will not touch the computers that work for the Medic center, only that of the defenses and coordinates maybe. She sends out a much bigger virus through one of the cables where the computers are linked with each other, with her hand she really connects and absorbs it first to gather digital information just before she changes the digits linking it with a virus. After that she and her team head out the machinery base very quickly and one more stop at the bunker to check their supplies before they are going out. –

ShioriSayaka: – Maylion leaned against the wall in the shadows of the room with her arms folded watching how the young medic Amanda was talking to Baldrick, The nice gentleman who suddenly had to change pants last time she saw him. But this time, he was looking like a corpse. Baldrick’s appearance made her think of a very old man at the moment, Doomed and scarred by the war that was happening, as if his own life was ripped to pieces just because some idiot managed to fuck up this country very badly. His attitude and eyes betrayed his feelings, and the certain calmness he reflected the times she had met him seemed to be vanished. She kept her mouth shut for just a few moments, waiting for her chance to inform baldrick about the scouts, and for further orders.. Since there was no sight of Lord Kaze she had to go to someone ?. She could easily scout around. Go on a killing tour and hopefully survive, but her wounds were a bother, her left side was hit by a bullet, and the wound pretty much started to infect badly. But she couldn’t care that much like she should. And Unlike the medics she saw in the other room she showed no signs of lack of sleep, it was something she lived for that much she couldn’t risk closing her eyes and get some rest. Maylion coughed softly while glancing at Amanda’s and baldricks direction, as Amanda turned around and noticed Maylion. Her words were different from the pathetic being she had been showing first.. No this was a different Amanda.. The war perhaps changed her? Or was it something else? (Maylion) ‘’ Well actually Amanda,.. after you left me to pretty much get ra… – ‘’ She stopped in the middle of her sentence. Wait she wasn’t supposed to bring that attend rape situation up. She shook her head and continued speaking ( Maylion) ‘’ .. since you left me and the troops you might as well make it up and stitch me up. But since I see you and your pathetic team are almost falling asleep and need to do a afternoon nap.. I’ll let you rest for a while.. because.. OH you have so much HARD work to do right?.. I mean.. running off WHILE HAVING A BLOODY MISSION TO STICK WITH YOUR TEAM. Also .. Nice to see you’re doing fine Sir’. ‘’ She nodded at Baldrick as a greeting.. or should she say commander baldrick? .. She lets Amanda pass while glancing over her shoulder to give her one more look, that woman wasn’t done with her yet. She slowly walked towards them while grabbing her own pack of smokes. She pulled the package out of her chest pocket and grabbed one of the cigarettes. As she placed the cigarette between her lips and light it up she took a few inhales before speaking further. (Maylion) ‘’ Maylion Reporting in.. All the scout forces landed safely.. and all of them are scouting the Area. Since combs are down I requested them to use those weapons who shoot lightning bolls (still forgot name) if something goes wrong, or enemies are spotted. Re-enforcements of the other scout teams should be available right away. The scout teams are in several parts of the north,.. I’m hoping to join them again after Amanda there grabs her bandage box and fixed me up. At least.. if she’s not going to run off again. ‘’ Maylion smiled with a certain sarcasm knowing she would be offended or would get the joke, if she didn’t missed that comment. (Scout teams) Scout team A which was heading west were still in position waiting for an enemy to show up, but there was nothing, at least.. it seemed like there was nothing. The team of 8 were laying in the snow, two with their telescope scanning the area. What they didn’t know was that behind them Rebels were closing them in,. silently .. Their footsteps which always seemed to be heavy and noisy were now almost blending in with the natural sounds of the environment. The first thing they heard were also the last thing they would ever be hearing in their life. They didn’t had time to pull their bolt guns or to fire the alarm in the air to notify the other scout teams. It was too late. Las weapons were fired at the scouts ripping their bodies apart. Blood got spilled, painting the white snow pure red. The smell of iron lingered in the air. The motionless bodies of the scouts who were proudly serving neameus were no longer breathing. ( Base ) Maylion exhaled the smoke from her lungs while looking at Baldrick. She couldn’t help to ask. (Maylion) ‘’ .. How is Miss Charlotte doing?.. ‘’ –

GrayGooTheory: Assuming no complications the Vulture would have continued on its course. A HUD visible to the orange glowing synthetic eyes in both sockets had a scanned in map of the area overlayed with current data from the ship. It was very useful to say the least; even with the ship in standby mode. In fact it did little more than monitor for weather patterns more than anything else in its current power settings. Which was fine by this man’s standards; he liked a little bit of a mystery now and again. Modern day radars (not to say that’s what is being used) would have probably neglected to pick up the incoming Drystan. The Vulture was too small and terrain permitting hovering too close to the ground to provide a signal. That wasn’t to say it couldn’t be detected. It would appear as a huge blob on anything Infrared based and it sure as hell wasn’t silent. Still, the nostalgia of the Vulture and its availability were what prompted him to continue using the outdated vehicle. Goggles pulled up from their usual place around his neck offered minimal protection against the elements. Perpetually messy hair was thrown only further into a tumultuous state and flesh reddened by the nip in the air. Still there was a wide smile spread across the man’s face as he had finally broken free from the self instituted torture and boredom. So much that he almost seemed lackluster about the possibility of danger about wandering (or riding) into a warzone. Never mind the constant scanning of the horizon as needed. Glowing marbles offering night vision, infrared, a unique “HEAT” vision, and even zoom to the standard visible spectrum.

Carrendar: Lunchbox noticed Maylion out of the corner of his eye, after hearing her cough, yes that seemed like the moment when she could interject in the conversation between the Lieutenant and the Commander. He was really wishing he could light up another cigarette, but sadly as he took out the packet from his pocket, that was worn and crumpled, he gave a sigh, watching the Lieutenant go gather her forces. (Lunchbox)”In the snow of all places…my kingdom for a Camel” -he said, a joke, a bit off the cuff, but his humour was pretty much dry these days, no laughter had he enjoyed for a long time. A nod was all he got, after Maylion had more or less ripped the Lieutenant and her company a new one. Ah great just what he needed….another freaking shouting woman, yes, this took him back to all the shouting matches with Lorelei, course, that was so so long ago. Her tune changed on addressing him Also .. Nice to see you’re doing fine Sir’. ‘’ Maylion said, and Baldrick turned away from her to the side, placing one finger to the right side of his nose, and then blew hard, a large piece of blackened snot flying out and hitting the snow. (Lunchbox)”Likewise…” He really wasn’t in the mood for this, and inhaled deeply, the scent of death in the air quite sickening, but he was getting used to it. On the next question, (Maylion) ‘’ .. How is Miss Charlotte doing?.. ‘’ -Baldrick scoffed, and then let out a huge laugh. “Had her locked in a bunker last I heard, I bet I can hear the screams of anger from here, if I were to put my ear to the ground, fiesty youngster, chip off the block of her mother, if you ask me. Well, yells in the same pitch, anyways. *he then looked at her with no sign of emotion.*…”Where is Lord Kaze?…Or has he forsaken us ….yet again?”

Necroforce Whisper: -Garex sighed as he walked through the forest, the deep treads of his combat boots Digging into the soft ground as he carried his load of Jimanium towards the nearest military base. Perhaps he would be able to pick up some information there. He hoped so, he wore his Flak-vest which he’d had dyed a bright red by one of the many tailoring shops around the city. It wasn’t necessarily to camoflage him in flight so much as to draw the attention of the AA guns away from the other bombers so they would have an easier run at the base. He pushed on through the muddy lands as he came from an area between the Fjelding Mountains and Wyrmwood Forest. “One of these damn days…i’m going to get an anti-grav vehicle……This walking shit is for the fucking birds.” -Normally he could have taken to the sky, or hitched a ride from someone, though that wasn’t the case, especially with a large capacity pack filled with Jimanium. Though the cargo was light, Garex utterly despised walking as a primary mode of transportation and he was quite hesitant about unfurling his large wings to fly him anywhere. Rotating his arms a bit to stretch the muscles in his rotator cups, Garex pushed onward, until he saw the military instillation in sight. To be honest, Garex literally had no clue as to weither this base was friendly, hostile, or neutral, but he wore his Carrandarian bomber wing patch on the back of the flack-vest in between the slits for his wings. His fists clenched as he found himself moving towards snow covered lands. it wasn’t that he hated the snow, just the fact that his body had to adjust it’s heat dispersion in order to keep his internal organs running at 100% efficiency….it was just a tedious pain in the ass to the 11ft 455lb “SBME”. The only “weapon” he carried on his person right now was the pick-axe though he could throw it if the need arose. He sighed and shook his head as his optic-shifting eyes zoomed out again. “30 miles to go……..Fuck….me.” -his voice was obvious with anger…and dissatisfaction…though this was caused by a number of reasons…one of the largest being his own personal existance, or rather issues concerning it, the other big problem…charlotte seemed to be a wreck at the moment, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it-

ShioriSayaka : -Maylion raised one eyebrow by the very ‘’happy’’ greeting of Baldrick. Well well.. looks like even in time of war no smile was going to be given. Maylion folded her arms again while Baldrick turned away from her. The smoke was hanging between her lips in her mouth corner. She was immideatly affected by his horrible mood and grumbled something unhearable. She herself didn’t knew what she was saying, but it wasn’t positive. As she heard the piece of snot leaving his nose she got the chills for a moment. How gross was that.. With the cig still hanging between her lips she muttered softly to respond on his comments about Charlotte, and to give an answer about Lord Kaze. (Maylion) ‘’ Listen old man’.. even though you have had it with the war and all, and concerns are on your mind, you could at least show some damn power in this complete situation. You think being a commander and talking like an old man who can’t even take his own shit anymore really helps the nation? .. Look at yourself.. you’re drowning yourself in your own misery while there are brave men fighting outside for their lives, and the only thing you care about is empty your nose and stand here like a meatbag?!. ‘’ Maylions squeezed her eyes while staring at the back of baldricks head. This wasn’t the guy she knew, or at least .. the man she met before. (Maylion) ‘’ Lord kaze is last seen in the west,.. I don’t know where he is… ‘’ She rather didn’t thought about the fact that he might went missing again.. she felt helpless, and goalless when he wasn’t around, and that was something she couldn’t bare to feel at this point. As baldrick had turned around to face her with no emotions she continued her lecture. (Maylion) ‘’ .. Well at least sir.. at least Charlotte is screaming of anger, and has the WILL to save her country.. but you? .. get your damn act together. ‘’ She didn’t knew what it was to give a lecture to Baldrick, maybe she did carry some pride for this nation. Perhaps her time in this land did gave her warm feelings. Perhaps.. she did care about others. She made a fist out of her hand while staring at the area in front of them. The snow.. the mountains in the distance. (Maylion) ‘’ You better retreat.. or regain back your pride.. I don’t want to serve a man who apparently no longer cares. ‘’ She stepped forwards to take a spot next to him while inhaling the smoke of her cigarette. She reached for the package in her chest pocket and gently reached it to Baldrick in the hope he would accept a damn cigarette and got over himself.

Carrendar – : Well now, the young woman thought she could brow beat the old Commander, affectionately known as Lunchbox by Lord Kaze. Baldrick, who in his lifetime had served no less than four royal houses, one very powerful spider demon in the dead nation, seen and heard just about every pity story there was, watched on as a woman with spirit, and courage fell to the hands of a hunter that had no honour, and now….this…slip of a girl who had probably only fought for less than five years of her natural born life was giving him a lecture. The lines in Baldrick’s face creased as his lips pursed tighter, the crumpled packet that held his last cigarette scrunching up in his hand. “Meatbag?!….Can’t take my own shit! Damn you woman and all you stand for. HOW DARE YOU! I have lived a hundred lives compared to your pitiful existance, and dare I say you are barely off the breast compared to the soldiers I have seen lay down there lives…NOT JUST FOR THIS COUNTRY!..*his breath was laboured as he was now seething. The hair, what was left of it, was now raised on the back of his neck, and he stepped right into her face, bare inches, so she could smell his stinky breath. “I was there…when this very planet was on the verge of extinction…I watched the tell tale slaughter of women….children…old….sick…due to the plague of Lacardis so others may live….I STOOD ON THE BATTLE SHIP AS MY BELOVED MISTRESS FOUGHT FOR HER LIFE AND DIED FOR ANOTHER WORLD!!!….And you tell me….that I need to pull it together?! He pulled out his service revolver and then brought it round and pointed it squarely at her temple, his finger cocked on the trigger. “I don’t care for Lord Kaze…I don’t care if Charlotte be screaming…..I care about this country. This is no act…you insiginicant turd….I am together! I fight..for this country…FOR HER!”

Necroforce: -Garex continued to trudge through the snow-covered area. “Wonder what you can even use this stuff for.” -he said in his normal voice which rang out at 85 decibles, which was Garex’s normal voice level, He boosted the out-put of his heat dispersion causing his body to warm up and produce a visibile trail of steam that would leach upward from the ground as the snow and bits of ice melted beneith him. He had to keep his pace constantly moving otherwise he’d start sinking into the ground. Shifting the pack to the middle of his back again, the large Acerian mumbled to himself as his anger beganto build inside of himself. He wasn’t really angry at anything in particular…but for some undiscernable reason, Garex was already pissed and not in the mood for anyone’s bullshit. He ALMOST wished that someone would try to attack him, just so he could pumel the living AND the dead shit out of them. “Hope there’s a couple of scientists at this base, otherwise I gotta get it shipped back to Lorewall…or worse…carry this shit back myself.” -Thinking he was alone in the area, and not really caring about who or what knew of his location, Garex let out an agrevated Roar which echoed off of the mountains and through the valleys of the area as he kept walking along the beaten path towards the military installation. A gust of wind blew through and caused his progress to slow a bit as his torque based legs were able to maintain 95% of his speed despite the 20mph wind that was blowing directly against him- “oh great….now the wind is kicking up……Damn It.” -he said to himself as he let out a low growl and bared his fangs, pushing onward. Something had pissed him off but he had no idea what, so like whenever he was being stubborn he just decided to be pissed for a while..it had been too long since he pounded his emotions into a physical object to relieve his stress….The 800lbs of training weights brought him up to 2005lbs in total, just over a ton. This was to help him gain natural weight back and increase his muscle mass which would bolster his ability to soak up physical types of damage-

ShioriSayaka: – A smile appeared on Maylions face, a nice soft smile just appearing.. Her mouth corners gently got lifted upwards on both sides, her eyes narrowing only in the corners making not only her lips but also her eyes smile. Her appearance was calm untill he took a step to close. The moisture coming from his breath hit her face, a very awkward old people sent was being captured by her nose trills. His words first slow and angry, to complete anger and if she wasn’t mistaken,.. she could feel just a bit of hate against her. This poor fool thought she wasn’t alive for that long to know how the world was working mmhm? He didn’t thought she had seen war before? Or had life or death experiences? .. He thought she didn’t knew feelings of pain or sadness? She just made gave him the freedom to bark in her face, even though the smell of his breath was getting unbearable. The moment he flicks the revolver against her temple and cocking the trigger with his finger, she narrowed her eyes making the smile dissapear. She didn’t doubt that he would pull the trigger any time soon. Maylion just moved her right hand upwards grabbing his wrist of the hand in which he held the gun. If she managed to grab it she would simple twist his wrist in another direction so that the gun wouldn’t be aimed for her temple anymore, and his wrist would spray, or hurt at least. (Maylion) ‘’ Well’.. FIGHT THEN! .. ‘’ That’s the only thing she barked.. for a few moments. She looked him straight in the eye while unleashing her unbearable breath into his face. Her smoke was still hanging between her lips, almost burned down to the filter. She opened her mouth which made her cigarette drop on the ground. (Maylion) ‘’ You may think i haven’t seen things that are horrible, but i have seen them, perhaps not as much as you, perhaps not as long as you, perhaps i have seen shit compared to you, but that doesn’t fucking matter.. At least i am devoted to the nation, and to the wellness of Charlotte and the people who are living here.. And at least i am on the field scouting with a team, at least i am trying to work with damn aliens who appearantly only want to get laid.. AND WHAT ABOUT YOU?! .. YOu have any idea what your attitude is? .. I dont care about how much you have seen,.. but i walk in here, and you stand here like a pile of SHIT. That’s WHAT I AM SEEING. ‘’ Maylion straightened her back and lifting her head up a big higher in the air while staring at him. She didn’t meant to get killed today, but damn it felt good to yell at someone who didn’t power fist you in the stumach right away –

– CarrendarCarrendar Whisper: (Maylion) ‘’ Well’.. FIGHT THEN! .. ‘’ yes, you would think by gripping the old man’s wrist and twisting the gun hand away so it would not fire off into her head, would be a good trick, and yes, it did discharge firing into the snow, but…one thing about women, is, they never know when to shut the fuck up. The whole time that this abortion of a woman ranted, raved and stated how much she had seen and kept saying that he was a pile of shit, he had slipped his hand down and unzipped his pants slowly, as she had her eyes trained on his eyes the whole time. He released his saggy member, rather decripid looking by most standards, and his balls well they did near hang around his knees. (almost). He aimed his whizzer right at her pant leg and then he let out an enormous sigh of relief, as she screamed at him.” I dont care about how much you have seen,.. but i walk in here, and you stand here like a pile of SHIT. That’s WHAT I AM SEEING. ‘’ Baldrick tilted his head back and his eyes rolled back in the pleasure of releasing his bladder all over her pants. (Lunchbox)”I may look like shit…I may feel like shit….but girl…You smell like my piss.” and with that, he shook off the last drops, and headed to the command tent, stuffing his tiny weiner away, a loud zip would follow.

– ShioriSayaka: – As Maylion ended her words she felt the warm fluid that smelled like 3 day old urine on her pants. Her facial expressions stopped while looking downwards. The shot of the gun didn’t made any difference in her mood, his breath didn’t made any difference .. but this?.. She saw .. the most tiniest penis in the world.. and the most massive big balls of the damn universe. That picture didn’t seemed to be right. But she didn’t had time to think about it. as she released the wrist of the old man she hushed up only staring down at her now wet pants. She didn’t spoke a word didn’t cursed… didn’t even moved her body.. the only thing she moved was her eye, closing and opening as some neurotic tic. (LunchBox) ‘’ I may look like shit, I may feel like shit ,. But girl you smell like my piss. ‘’ as Baldrick walked towards the command tent Maylion raised her head. Softly she whispered (Maylion) ‘’ Goddammit.. that old.. .. plus hundred for respect.. ‘’ She gave a big sage nod in herself while stepping out of her combat boots. With a bit hesitation she grabbed her pants and pulled it as quick as possible down revealing her black underwear. She rushed out of the pants and grabbed it with one hand. As she moved her hand with the pants in it backwards she quickly aimed it for baldricks head. She moved her arm forwards and released the pants making it fly through the air landing exactly on top of baldricks head just before he walked in to the command tent. Now all she had to do.. was run.. and find a new pants –